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  1. DarkMoe

    [Wii] Quiz Party (english version)

    Hi, I managed to find Quiz Party german and french versions. English PAL version seems to be undumped. Game id code is SQUPX3 Thanks,
  2. Hi, looking for this 4 impossible to find titles: Successfully Learning English: Year 2 Successfully Learning English: Year 3 Successfully Learning English: Year 4 Successfully Learning English: Year 5 These are almost the last to get the complete set before the wii shop closes =(
  3. DarkMoe

    [ REQUEST ] Wii Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars

    Confirmed cancelled
  4. DarkMoe

    [Wii] Germany's Next Top Model 2009 PAL

    Managed to find it !
  5. DarkMoe

    [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    I have Kid Paddle, took me a lot to find. And I think I finished the entire Wii set. 4 months of work
  6. I don't know what happened, but yesterday I noticed that all Wii contributions uploaded through FileCrypt don't work anymore. The real links are probably in there, but are unreachable. Anyone else having this issue ?
  7. DarkMoe

    [WBFS] Mein Baby und ich PAL

    Dead links =(
  8. DarkMoe

    [SO][WBFS] Rugby League 3

    Link is down =( Still thanks for your awesome uploads
  9. DarkMoe

    [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    Yeah I know what you mean, but the weird part is that I contacted 505 games, and they insisted that the game was released "in very small quantities". They could still be wrong, but sounds weird
  10. DarkMoe

    [WBFS] The Voice of Germany Vol 2 PAL

    Dead links =(
  11. DarkMoe

    (Wii) Dalmatians 4 (Pal)

    Apparently only released in UK, probably the rarest Wii title ever released. Here's more info: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Any additional info is appreciated
  12. DarkMoe

    (Wii) Kitty Luv

    Hi, This is a title that according to gamefaqs was released in 2008 in USA. But apart from that, there's no more info, so was it really released ? Thanks
  13. DarkMoe

    Titeuf le Film [STIFKM] - PAL-F (French)

    Wrong link ! still thanks !
  14. DarkMoe

    (WiiWare) Back to Nature (PAL)

    Hi, this is a rare WiiWare PAL exclusive title, that according to most sources, cost 500 points at the shop. However, no one has the .wad Thanks !
  15. DarkMoe

    (WII) B-Truppe: Baut uns eine Stadt

    I'm creating this here in case anyone know about this very rare wii title. B-Truppe: Baut uns eine Stadt Apparently this was released on Germany (english name for: B-Units: Build it)