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  1. (Wii) Kitty Luv

    Hi, This is a title that according to gamefaqs was released in 2008 in USA. But apart from that, there's no more info, so was it really released ? Thanks
  2. Awesome, been looking for these series for ages, now to get version 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 =)
  3. Titeuf le Film [STIFKM] - PAL-F (French)

    Wrong link ! still thanks !
  4. (WiiWare) Back to Nature (PAL)

    Hi, this is a rare WiiWare PAL exclusive title, that according to most sources, cost 500 points at the shop. However, no one has the .wad Thanks !
  5. (WII) B-Truppe: Baut uns eine Stadt

    I'm creating this here in case anyone know about this very rare wii title. B-Truppe: Baut uns eine Stadt Apparently this was released on Germany (english name for: B-Units: Build it)
  6. [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    I've got info that this was only released on Germany under title: B-Truppe: Baut uns eine Stadt However I couldn't confirm it by myself, again, any info is appreciated
  7. [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    What do you mean no images ? [Hidden Content] Here there's the Wii cover, and some screenshots from the game. Confirmed to exist so far, but so rare that no one actually dumped it
  8. [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    Ok guys, I spoke with a 505 games representative, and I can confirm that B-Units: Build it! was released in very limited quantities, I assume that in Europe. This has become the holy grail of the Wii, no one has ever saw it at least. Good luck hunting it !
  9. This was shared before, but links are offline unfortunately. Thanks !
  10. [SO][WBFS] Germanys Next Top Model 2009 PAL

    Link is down
  11. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    Great finding. Thanks ! Any clue on how to unify those 2 files ? I'm guessing it's a 2 part wbfs, but never seen it like that before.
  12. [Wii] [PAL] Futbolin [exNihilo]

    I'm 99% sure that the game is spanish, from Spain, not mexican. Futbolin is only used in Spain, it's also an alternate for one of those Foosball games, so not interested anymore on getting it.
  13. [Wii] Just Dance 2018 (NTSC-U)

    Trying to find it, but it last Wii game released on my country is from 2012
  14. Hi ! Requesting an old upload with now dead links. Thanks !
  15. [SO][Z][WBFS] Der total verrückte Gartenspaß PAL

    Links are dead, any chance of reuploading please ?