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  1. [MEGA] Ultimate Wiiware / VC Wad Collection

    Cannot see the full list of titles. Does this include Back to Nature (E) ? Thanks !
  2. [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    Beat the Intro looks like it doesn't exist for the Wii. I managed to find Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, I will try to upload it somewhere as soon as I have it. Also any chance to reupload the dead links above ? thanks
  3. [Wii] [PAL] Futbolin [exNihilo]

    This is a spanish game released by 505 games, which exists, can be bought at ebay, and used to be uploaded to another site which unfortunately its links are now offline. Thanks !
  4. Agent Hugo : Hula Holiday (WBFS PAL)

    Thanks, just what I was looking for