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  1. I have noticed that there’s no thread that talks about our crazy pets at home so I decided to make one. I guess there’s nothing wrong if we take some break from playing games. Feel free to talk about your home buddy here. This is Copper, the crazy Pomeranian. He loves to sneak out using the dog door located in the kitchen. He will play like a lunatic in the backyard, then go back inside to ask for water. He will then rest for like an hour, then do it all over again.
  2. justmarga

    What Are You Listening To?

    I love We The Kings, this is not my favorite yet I am experiencing last song syndrome.
  3. justmarga


    Tell us a bit about yourself Jake. Welcome to the community!
  4. justmarga


    Welcome to the forum, so what type of game do you play?
  5. justmarga

    Sony Soon to Release PS5

    Attention gamers, Sony is about to take the competition into a higher level as they create PS5. [Hidden Content]
  6. Taylor Swift has changed for better.
  7. justmarga


    Ciao, just like him, I am also a newbie to this community.