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  1. Goldleaf 0.7.3, from the SD card.
  2. Nope, never mind, wasn't CFW/OFW, don't know what it was, but installing again from SD card did the trick. Apparently Quark + Goldleaf screwed it up. I think it helps that I was already on 9.0.0 and just updated to 9.0.1.
  3. Managed to get through the garbage ads and download this, but I'm getting an error code 2155-8007 when I try to start the game. It says, "Checking if the software can be played..." I'm on the latest firmware and there's no updates to this game yet, so what's the issue?
  4. Thanks so much! I gotta see if I can somehow get my saves from the Android version working with DQIII. Otherwise I guess I'll be starting over.
  5. My antivirus is blocking the link forwarder you used.
  6. GuyInDogSuit

    [REQUEST] RemiLore Suxxors Updates

    I'm looking for the latest, too.