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  1. MrsPoelmans

    Sailor Moon Crystal animated theme

  2. Can someone please make me a sailor moon crystal animated theme with if possible the star locket theme song. thank you very much
  3. MrsPoelmans

    HRT shop - a mod for hbgshop that adds first party games

    unfortunately i believe it is.
  4. MrsPoelmans

    HRT shop - a mod for hbgshop that adds first party games

    dont know what youre talking about as it worked great for me i got the pokemon games mario games and zelda games just by adding this link to my switch. it worked great on mine.
  5. MrsPoelmans

    Otome games in English

    use hbg shop the app has them both on there and can play them in english just gotta choose it in english when you run the game
  6. Thank you so much my son is so excited to play this game 2 days early best reward for his report card ever he said before end of the school year. so thank you like i said earlier youre a hero to many on this site with all of your downloads you post.
  7. dude the guy who posted this is a moderator and youre really calling it fishy lol. i dont think a moderator would put a fake link to troll or a virus link as some of those on this site have done before. Should look at the names and underneath their profile picture what their account says about membership and then decide whether its suspicious or not lol. this guy has posted tons of things i have downloaded all safely i might add this guy is a hero among many on this site for his fast postings of games etc.
  8. MrsPoelmans

    Terraria request

    This is supposed to be in the requests section NOT the games section
  9. MrsPoelmans

    HRT shop - a mod for hbgshop that adds first party games

    thanks it worked great on my switch and now i get to play my pokemon games again without having to reformat my micro sd card to be able to transfer big files to it and can download it to the switch directly instead.
  10. MrsPoelmans

    Gamecube NSP

    now incorrect they have fixed up lakka for the nintendo switch which runs gamecube games etc really well now still issues here and there but i play lots of gamecube games at full speed no crashing on my nintendo switch
  11. MrsPoelmans

    upsizing the nitendo switch internal memory

    awesome as it is i think i would rather buy a 256gb micro sd card then risk opening my switch and doing this.
  12. MrsPoelmans

    Harvest Moon Light of hope cheats

  13. MrsPoelmans

    N64 Dynarec Beta Released

    Look up JasonL on youtube he does amazing tutorials for retroarch and playing n64 games etc on your switch. he is also one of the guys who works on fixing up retroarch for people and testing before its released to public.Plus a great guy
  14. MrsPoelmans


    As of february 12th there is no known cfw available for 7,0 fixed to work with the 7.0 nintendo switch firmware so stay away from updating still until this update has a new hack available for it. thank you have a great day
  15. MrsPoelmans

    Harvest Moon Light of hope cheats