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  1. XXmodded

    [UPTOBOX] - GameCube ReDump Collection

    How come the roms are .exe files?
  2. XXmodded

    Homebrew Channel

    Glad you got it working! Happy Thanksgiving ...Gobble Gobble
  3. XXmodded

    Homebrew Channel

    I am new ti Wii modding, so I don't have a specific answer for you at this point, but I would suspect that doing a system reset was not the way to go to start from scratch (from what I read). Unfortunately, you will have to wait for somebody else to respond. I would have just wiped the SD clean and started there and not done anything with a system reset and then update the IOS via wad's and then update apps as needed. Not sure that is the right way to do it, but that is what I have been doing during my trial and error process of getting certain things going ...like WiiFlow and emunand. Soon I may have to ask for help. The rest I have going nice and smooth, but this last thing is a pain in the arse. After jumping on IRC...looks like that topic is not to be discussed for legal reasons. If you can't get them going, you probably could find a console for under $30 and get going again and then have a side project Good luck and if there is something more that I find out, I will update the post! I would definitely look over the guide I posted in post #4 ...a lot of info there too! Look at the process below: [Hidden Content]
  4. XXmodded

    Homebrew Channel

    If you were able to download a Letterbox file, then it is online. The exploit is executed without any need for internet access. -This is the website: [Hidden Content] Make sure you have a check mark by the "bundle the HackMii installer for me" I would reformat the SD card and start from scratch -->Do not do a quick format; instead, perform a FULL Format! What is the history of the Wii? -Can you access the system menu and does it load games from a disk? -Are you using a SD card or a SDHC/SDXC? -Are you on version 4.3? ...here is a guide that I read over along with a few in the forums before I did my first SoftMod: [Hidden Content] AND You might want to try Modmii too, but you will need to update a few things that you can find on the Wiki's or forums. [Hidden Content] OR [Hidden Content] Also, do a syscheck once you get it going.
  5. XXmodded

    Homebrew Channel

    Verify: 1-That your SD Card is Formatted to Fat32 2-Region/Version is correct 3-MAC Address is correct 4-Date and Time are correct 5-That you are looking at today and the previous days ...if all of that is correct, just put the contents of LetterBomb on the SD Root and it should work. GL!