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  1. the game requires fw 8 and keys 8 and can be installed normally on firmware 8. The update requires fw 9 and keys 8, and can be installed on fw 8 with tinfoil's "ignore firmware" option.
  2. @TurboSnail Is it possible to find the commentary packet in Italian? Unfortunately an initial screen tells me that for my language the commentary in Italian is available on Nintendo eShop but I cannot access it because I am banned. All the languages except Italian are available in the commentary settings. What a bad luck! 😩
  3. @SoftcobrawebThanks, it's a scene release? XCI is converted or original? EDIT: The release doesn't look like EUR but US, am I right?
  4. AngelDavil88

    Assassin's Creed Audio Pack

  5. The game requires an audio package for other languages that can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop, currently it is only compatible with English audio and I am Italian. I'm talking only about the content "Assassin's creed III", as for "Liberation" there are no problems. Solutions?
  6. I see! But I don't understand that if I had to patch everything to such a low firmware when the cfw is running on the latest firmware. However, great work for your releases, everything works beautifully. Thanks for all the work you do! Edit: @TurboSnailxci is a nsp converted?
  7. Switch backup manager, but I know that the program has not been updated for some time so I checked it with the latest version of nx game info and nsc builder, both say the same thing: firmware and masterkey 0, and source xci. I downloaded another update from another post and the info is correct: firmware 8 and masterkey 7. I used the latter instead of yours because being on firmware 8 I don't need patched updates. I just wanted to point out to you that the update doesn't seem to be patched correctly but it may work the same.
  8. AngelDavil88

    Resident Evil 0 + biohazard 0 (XCI + NSP)

    ok, thanks. However I have just tried it and it works great even on fw 8.0.1 and sx os 2.7.1
  9. AngelDavil88

    Resident Evil 0 + biohazard 0 (XCI + NSP)

    Ok, can I know exactly what you changed? it's just curiosity, thanks
  10. Does the update come from an xci and has masterkey 0? How is it possible?
  11. AngelDavil88

    Resident Evil 0 + biohazard 0 (XCI + NSP)

    XCI is a original scene release or modified release?
  12. AngelDavil88

    [Zippy] NES Online Mod - ROM Pack for 4.0.0c + HIDE Mod

    zyppyshare link for pack roms are offline. Help, please! Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian! PS: Out update 2.5.0. I'm waiting rom pack and hide ui for update 2.5.0