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  1. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    I gave up on wiiflow, it just kept crashing. Eventually I got USB Loader GX to work, so I'll stick with that! Have a good one!
  2. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    I cheered too early... Since the SD card is not working, I'm using the USB to install wad's. But as soon as I unplug the USB thumbdrive after installing wiiflow, and I plug in the USB HDD with the games on it, wiiflow crashes once I click on a game. It is as if wiiflow is running from the USB thumbdrive. What's the fix for that? Thanks
  3. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    Eureka, I've got it working. Wiiflow is installed and the kids are happy. Summary of what happened; - after modding the wii a while ago, I decided to do a factory reset - wii would not get the letterbomb, to get HBC installed - restored a old nand, which basically (soft)bricked the wii - did a recovery with ohneswazenegger, still no luck on letterbomb - tried my old nand one more time, with a different sd card - Succes; got my HBC back - Installed Wiiflow and we're good to go! Conclusion: make sure you have bootmii installed and you have a nand backup!!!! (I think there's an issue with my sd card reader and luckily with HBC I was able to use USB) Hope this helps someone some day! And thanks XXmodded for taking the time to reply!!!
  4. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    OK... probably against all "rules" I tried to restore my old nand backup again, but this time with succes. Got my homebrew cannel back and it actually works too, so that's cool. How do I proceed from here? Install CIO's? wadmanager? I have a feeling I'm almost there...
  5. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    When I go to the SD storage menu, and insert an SD card, it tells me "the device inserted in the SD Card Slot cannot be used". I've tried 3 cards now. The last one I tried is a Sandisk 2GB SD card. I'm at a loss here... I've tried formatting FAT and FAT32
  6. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    I have softmodded the wii before, but wanted to do a reset and start over. Did a factory reset, which went well, but letterbomb didn't work after the reset. Tried a nand restore, but that basically bricked the wii; after the initial start-up screen, the screen went black after pressing "A". Did a recovery with ohneswazenegger. That revived the wii and I can get into the normal wii menu, but still no letterbomb It's running 4.3U and I'm using a normal SD card. I think the card that I'm using, and has worked before, might be broken. Going to get a different one and try again.
  7. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    Verified all those steps and no luck... Could letterbomb be "offline"?
  8. dB79

    Homebrew Channel

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't see the issue mentioned anywhere... I'm trying to softmod a wii and install Homebrew Chanel. For some reason letterbomb is not working and also wilbrand launcher does not give me an exploit. Tried two different SD cards with letterbomb (of which, one I have used before on a wii), but no luck. Any tips are very welcome!!!