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  1. [MF] Japanese GameCube .ISO's

    Checking this out.
  2. [UL] Nintendont for Wii U and Wii

    Checking out a link in this thread. Don't mind me.
  3. [MF] Youtube Channel - That's right!!!!

    Checking this out.
  4. [MF] Kirby TV Channel (Europe?)

    Guessing this channel doesn't work anymore. Might as well try it though.
  5. RiiConnect24 - Use Wii Channels Again

    Does this work with both Dolphin and real Wiis?
  6. [MF] F-Zero AX - DiscEx Format

  7. [MF] Mario Kart Arcade GP

  8. [MEGA][PC] Super Mario 64 HD

    I did you one better and found the webplayer version and the source code. The source code came from the original link Roystan Ross posted. (It's the only link that isn't copyright claimed for whatever reason.) The webplayer version came from the archive of it on archive.org. I've added everything to one big zip in the OP.
  9. The european version of Luigi's Mansion. The european version has an improved Hidden Mansion mode. Everything is mirrored left to right, it's much darker in contrast rather than the main mode, some ghosts that appear later in the game will appear earlier in the game now, Boos have more health and are more difficult to be sucked up by the Poltergust, enemies and bosses have generally been made harder: Chauncey's rocking horses are harder to avoid, since they are larger, zig-zag towards Luigi and travel faster than in the normal mansion. In the Bogmire battle, when he appears you get a shorter time to capture him before he disappears. During the Boolossus battle, when trying to 'pop' him, there is a small cutscene where Luigi hops on the Poltergust and you must ride around on it, making controlling Luigi harder. In the King Boo & Bowser battle, Bowsers bombs have a shorter fuse. PM me if the download goes down. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] The PAL version of this only supports a 50hz display mode normally. You can use one of the following AR codes to start it in progressive scan mode (60hz): Enable 50/60Hz Mode Option [Ralf] (Removes the "Press Start!" message from the tite screen and displays the progressive scan dialog) KCED-BMQJ-0BFCT EY89-PWYK-HMDDT CBQC-XMBA-WK2XW Enable 50/60Hz Mode Option v2 [Ralf] (Adds the progressive scan dialog while preserving the "Press Start!" message.) YC41-F9NQ-WJM6M Z0TX-BQ6D-JHEYB 5Y1G-D553-7K9KR
  10. Thank you Larsenv for creating the Gametdb page and adding the cover. This is the japanese version of Sonic Gems Collection that features Bonanza Bros. and Bare Knuckle 1 through 3 as unlockable games. There are probably more differences. PM me if the download goes down. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. [MF] Mario Kart Arcade GP2

    This looks really cool. Thanks for the upload.
  12. [MEGA][PC] Super Mario 64 HD

    Roystan Ross, the creator of this recreation of the first level of Super Mario 64 recieved a copyright infringement notice from Nintendo. Since he stopped working on this project and had to take down the download here's a copy from my harddrive. Contains the Windows, Mac, Linux and web player versions alongside the source code. PM me if the link goes down. Download: (Thank you Larsenv for finding the Mac and Linux versions.) [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirror by Larsenv: (Missing webplayer version and source code) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. The Deal Or No Deal game made by Global Star Software and Cat Daddy Games. The download contains a single installer. PM me if the link goes down. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]
  14. Stalin vs. Martians Manual The original installers for Stalin vs. Martians and Stalin vs. Martians Patch 01. Extract the iso or mount it to install the game. Afterwards, install the patch to the same location. I've also included a .rtf file containing the offical patch notes. Also, the patch seems to have trouble starting from anything that's not your primary drive. It can be installed to any location just fine though. PM me if the link goes down or if you want the extracted patch files. Download link: [hide][Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]