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  1. mightymuffy

    PSX emulator on Wii U

    Oooh, well like GetHypeDude also said, the WiiU version of Wiisx, overclocked, is meant to be really nice so there's that. I DO actually play my PSX games using a Pi3, and can recommend it, but only with the right TV and joypad. Any recent TV with game mode should be fine, but avoid using the PS3 pad either wires or wireless as lag is pretty rough (I have a 8bitdo pad, and play with it wired, very little lag, but in the past tried playing Super Mario World on an older LCD TV while using a PS3 pad on the same Pi and the lag was laughable) I'd try Wiisx via WiiU first as it's been getting plenty thumbs up, but for PSX I'm happy enough with my Pi to not bother trying WiiSXR.....
  2. mightymuffy

    PSX emulator on Wii U

    Frankly, it's not worth the effort. Unplayable slow, and that's IF you get anything working... A much better option would be to get WiiSXR up and running, which is a PSX emulator on the Wii (that can now be injected as a Wii U channel (and support the gamepad)) - Howto for that will be on gbatemp (sorry, haven't tried it myself) The Core you mention on RA WiiU might get an improvement sometime, but at the moment it's basically unplayable/unusable.
  3. mightymuffy

    [MF] F-Zero AX - DiscEx Format

  4. mightymuffy

    [MF] F_GOD's Injects

    - and PAL too!