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  1. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night [v65536] (patched) Added
  2. Summer Pockets [010043A00CA3A000] [JAP] [XCI] (7.4GB) Release Date : 20/06/2019 Genres : Adventure, Visual Novel Mode : Single Player Languages : JAP [Hidden Content]
  3. For those who's get a corrupted data when start a game like me, just try to do this 1.convert this nsp to xci change fw required to 7-8 don't forget your key.txt patch with this 2.convert back to nsp if you on atmosphere same don't forget your key. txt patch with 3.install by gold leat, gold three 0.5 I don't have much experience about this console but this method work on my console Fw 8.0.1 Atmosphere 0.8.10 Hope fully this help those who's get corrupted when start a game Sorry for my poor English. By supattrachai
  4. Mortal Kombat 11 New Update [v1.0.6] [v393216] and New DLC Unlocker Added
  5. No english patch available at this moment. Wait for a us release