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  1. Hi, I'd like to get all the NeoGeo VC wads for Wii, because I really don't like the NeoGeo emulator available on Wii. I can't find a full set anywhere on the web. PAL wads would be better but I'd be fine with NTSC as well. Can someone help me please ?
  2. Hi ! I would like to get a Wiiflow forwarder for Wii U mode, so I don't have to get to Homebrew Channel and don't have to turn the wiimote on to play my retro games. I searched everywhere (I think) on the web but didn't find anything, except for a little oscure thread on GBAtemp which didn't enlighten me. Since I have CBHC on my console, I want to be 100% sure of what I'm doing to not screw up. Can someone help me please ? I almost forgot, I don't want a generic Haxchi channel, I'd like an actual Wiiflow channel, with an appropriate icon (I can make it myself if you tell me how to insert it).
  3. Thank you !! I can't make neogeo roms work properly via Wiiflow, I hope this is gonna help
  4. Really ? Looks fine to me
  5. Interesting post ! Thanks a lot, I'm gonna try this
  6. Thanks ! Added cover for Breath of the Wild
  7. Thank you very much !
  8. Thanks ! My vWii is already hacked actually, and I have a USB drive packed with games. I just wanted to be able to load the Wii VC games without having to load vWii first. So no biggie here I downloaded on a thread here a patched version of Loadiine which is supposed to handle other people's DLCs, but it didn't work with Fast Racing. Nevermind, I guess I'll just make the jump to USB eventually... thanks a lot for your help anyway !
  9. The two games I tested were Super Mario Galaxy and Fast Racing NEO (with update and DLC). I know the 6 letters thing convention, actually it doesn't really matters much which letters you put, as far as I can tell. It mostly matters if you want to be able to download the cover via Loadiine. Anyway, what I did with Fast Racing was overwrite the game's content with the update and DLC stuff when asked to. Maybe that was not the thing to do. I'll try again with some other games and see
  10. Thanks, I added some. Don't know why these two covers appear again in the end, I deleted them several times.