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  1. Thanks a lot ! Is the base game EUR or USA ? Because I got EUR DLC
  2. Wii VC Neo Geo titles

    Hi, I'd like to get all the NeoGeo VC wads for Wii, because I really don't like the NeoGeo emulator available on Wii. I can't find a full set anywhere on the web. PAL wads would be better but I'd be fine with NTSC as well. Can someone help me please ?
  3. Hi ! I would like to get a Wiiflow forwarder for Wii U mode, so I don't have to get to Homebrew Channel and don't have to turn the wiimote on to play my retro games. I searched everywhere (I think) on the web but didn't find anything, except for a little oscure thread on GBAtemp which didn't enlighten me. Since I have CBHC on my console, I want to be 100% sure of what I'm doing to not screw up. Can someone help me please ? I almost forgot, I don't want a generic Haxchi channel, I'd like an actual Wiiflow channel, with an appropriate icon (I can make it myself if you tell me how to insert it).
  4. Thank you !! I can't make neogeo roms work properly via Wiiflow, I hope this is gonna help
  5. Custom 3D Covers

    Really ? Looks fine to me
  6. Interesting post ! Thanks a lot, I'm gonna try this
  7. Custom 3D Covers

    Thanks ! Added cover for Breath of the Wild
  8. Custom 3D Covers

    Thanks, I added some. Don't know why these two covers appear again in the end, I deleted them several times.
  9. Custom 3D Covers

    Hi, as I'm making some custom covers for my personal use, I thought I might as well share them in case anyone likes them. I use different box colors for each original system : blue for Wii U, green for SNES, red for NES, purple for GB/GBC/GBA, black for NDS, yellow for N64, white for Wii. Most of the artwork I do myself using official artwork and logos, but sometimes I use stuff I find on the net. The artworks are guaranteed strech-free ! I hate covers made with streched artwork and I like to make them look as official as I can. Sometimes I make covers of games that don't currently work, just in case... and because I enjoy it. I also use my own game codes, check if they match your games first. Covers will be added from time to time [Hidden Content]