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  1. S34PKM - Let's Sing 2018 [WBFS]

    change to cios wth base ios 57
  2. S34SKM - Let's Sing 10 - Version Espanola Features – Latest hits: New hits included in a total of 35 songs. – New design: A new design complete with new animations and a performance-optimized, which makes it the best experience Let s Sing up to the date. – Multiplayer: Sing with your friends, or against them. Up to 2 players can have fun using the microphone of USB. Game modes – Solo: we Sing your songs favotiras only and improve your skills in Karaoke! – Battle: you Compete against your friends and gánales getting the best score! – Co-op: team work is the key! Take your best performance together with your friends! – Duet: o Sing and share the song with your friends! – Of Memory & A Capella: Part of the letter will be disappearing and in A Cappella music will stop playing. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. S32PJW - The Voice [WBFS]

    S32PJW - The Voice The most popular music show in the world is coming to your living room. Sing and sway to the official music videos of your favourite artists, including Justin Bieber, Olly Murs, Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, Queen and many more. Demonstrate your talent to the coaches and rock the audience. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. S34PKM - Let's Sing 2018 Features – Latest Chart Hits: Up to date track list: Exclusively chosen tracklist with 30 international top chart hits. – New Look: A complete new in-game design, new animations and an optimized performance let’s you experience the best Let’s Sing ever made! – Multiplayer: Sing as a team or against each other. Up to 2 players are able to join the fun by using USB microphones. Game Modes – Solo: Sing your favorite songs solo and train your Karaoke skills! – Battle: Compete against your friends and beat them by getting the highest score! – Co-op: Teamwork is the key! Deliver the best performance with your friends! – Duet: Sing and share a song with your friends! * By Heart & A Capella: Some of the lyrics will disappear during the round. In A Capella the music will be off additionally! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. S34DKM - Let's Sing 2018 - Mit Deutschen Hits! S34PKM - Let's Sing 2018
  6. S34DKM - Let's Sing 2018 - Mit Deutschen Hits! - TOP CHARTS-SONGS: Exclusive to the Let's Sing Playlist, 10 German and 25 international hits from the charts were selected. - NEW LOOK: Let's Sing has a new design, a newly optimized performance as well as reworked animations and even more sophisticated language recognition for the best player experience so far. - MULTIPLAYER: Playing in a team or against each other is not a problem. Up to 2 players can sing with each other. Game Modes - Solo: Sing a song alone, improve your skills and be the star at the next karaoke party. - Battle: Who makes the right sounds? Play against your friends and win by winning the most points. - Co-op: Teamwork is the key. Sing together your favorite song and deliver the best performance with your friends. - Duet: Together is the most beautiful: sing along with your friends. - From the Head & A Capella: Do you know your favorite song in and out? Then prove it: In these game modes a part of the lyrics disappears and will be completely blown out during the course of the round. In the "A-Cappella" mode, the music also comes to a halt. [Hidden Content]
  7. Thanks Nihilo
  8. Just Dance 2017 [SZ7E41] - NTSC-U

    thx u
  9. [ Request ] [ Wii ] [Pal ] Imagine Fashion Idol

    just uploaded [Hidden Content]- wbfs150-gb/
  10. Imagine Fashion Idol - RFZP41 (WBFS/1.50 GB) Star in a reality TV show and compete through a series of challenges to show the world that you are the best young fashion designer! Play with a friend and design glamorous fashions on gorgeous models. Then show off your designs in front of the judges in a hot runway competition! [hide][Hidden Content]]