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  1. mmajunkie77


  2. Says the "uploader" who's stolen nearly everything, without crediting until recently lol. But I agree with you, I was rushing and that's my mistake. Fixed
  3. mmajunkie77

    [GD/1F/Zippy] NBA 2K19 [Update+XCI+NSP]

    You don't NEED cdnsp. You can install updates and firmware strictly offline.
  4. mmajunkie77

    [SO] de Blob 2 NSW - HR

    Literally the worst, slowest fucking thing to upload on lol. Rather you just not upload at all versus using SO. Fucking terrible man.
  5. mmajunkie77

    Google Drive XCI split into "parts"

    Oh don't get me wrong, I usually torrent from private sites. But when I'm at home, I prefer to take the safer route (not using a vpn at the moment). Jdownloader was just too slow for me, for some reason. So if a larger dump releases (when I'm at home) I don't mind downloading into parts, especially if it's faster for me.