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  1. mmajunkie77

    Google Drive XCI split into "parts"

    Oh don't get me wrong, I usually torrent from private sites. But when I'm at home, I prefer to take the safer route (not using a vpn at the moment). Jdownloader was just too slow for me, for some reason. So if a larger dump releases (when I'm at home) I don't mind downloading into parts, especially if it's faster for me.
  2. mmajunkie77

    Google Drive XCI split into "parts"

    Yeah I know that. I'm looking for a site with the dumps split into parts, instead of one full, single file. They used to have them on here, but the full downloads/torrents took over. Btw, I don't use JDownloader. I find downloading them individually through Google drive is much faster.
  3. mmajunkie77

    Google Drive XCI split into "parts"

    It looks like the single file/torrent xci downloads have taken oven. My ISP (AT&T) isn't the best, and the full downloads sometimes fail, especially with larger files. So I was curious if anybody could point me to a direction where there are Google Drive xci's that are split into parts? (part1, part2, part3, ect ect) Preferably the newer uploads. I remember they used to be on here, but are not available anymore unfortunately. Any help is always appreciated!
  4. It can be used. Just not yet. It's a "card2" type game. TX has to release another update for their OS fixing games that are card2. Currently there are only 6 games like this, Fallen Legion being one of them.
  5. It's on the other Google drive link that there are two MHXX. Not the single file xci Google drive link. Thanks for the updated added files though!
  6. Just a heads up, OP.. Monster Jam Crush It contains the Monster Hunter XX download on Google Drive. So there are duplicates of Monster Hunter XX.
  7. I honestly just started downloading them individually, or a few at a time through Firefox. I find it to be much quicker than JDownloader. I've never received that error of exceeding any downloads though.
  8. I can also confirm that all FTP server downloads are locked. Google drive downloads are fine. Couple of them missing though.
  9. Quick question OP.. Will you be taking over and uploading new content? I'm sure you would make alot of people here happy, including myself!
  10. mmajunkie77

    [REQ] Little Nightmares [GDrive]

    I haven't seen a GDrive link yet, but do you torrent? If you don't mind torrenting, check out torrentseeds.org. There's a NSW section.
  11. When I use JDownloader, it gives me that extraction error too, and I'm on the latest version of Winrar. Just go to where you had the downloads directed to, and extract as you usually would. It gives an error, but nothing is wrong.
  12. mmajunkie77

    [GOOGLE-DRIVE] [130 games] [XCI] Games Collection ...

    I messaged him myself asking what went wrong. No response yet. That thread was easily the most detailed and best I've come across yet. I'm sure most of us prefer Google drive over these premium links/sites. Hope he comes back!