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  1. The Wii had little to no 3rd party support and it spanked the other 2, why should the WiiU be any different? When you're the only console sporting Zelda titles who needs 3rd party games?
  2. Macs suck balls. PC FTW!!
  3. For the spin thing, I think if you look in the bylt folder "my_IplTop_d_FocusOff.brlan" and "my_IplTop_d_FocusOn.brlan" is what controls it, the easiest way is to take those from a theme that has them and drop them into the theme you want.
  4. What are the sources for this?
  5. frylok

    Rumor: Next PlayStation coming in 2013

    microsoft is rumored to be doing the same thing why is nobody up in arms about them doin it?
  6. frylok

    Value My PC!

    1.8 dual core with 2g of ram is kinda old, around here you'd be lucky to get $200 for it, but in yugoslavia values are different so I'd say its worth 30,000 yugoslavian dollars
  7. frylok

    Post your Internet connections!

    I was downloading porn when i did the test so it may not be 100% accurate Edit: paused the porn and got this:
  8. frylok

    What is you worst nightmare?!?!

    The fryman doesnt have nightmares. but i gotta ask, what is with you and people trying to eat you dude? is cannibalism really that prominent in Yugoslavia?
  9. frylok

    [MF] FGOD's Wii Themes

    Great work dude, thanks for sharing
  10. frylok

    [MF] Bj4e2's Ulitmate 4.X Theme Thread

    I dont get it...
  11. frylok

    [MF] Dark Umbra Wii Theme

    yes it is
  12. frylok

    What is your best talent?

    i cant post mine here, its a family board
  13. frylok

    [MF] Bj4e2's Ulitmate 4.X Theme Thread

    nice, dude, legobatman is awesome
  14. frylok

    [MF] Dark Umbra Wii Theme

    Thanks dude. the spinning boarders are easy enough to remove, if ya wanna remove em let me know and i'll show ya how to do it.
  15. frylok

    Can Anyone Help Me Please?

    best i can remember back in the day there was a version of mymenu that caused u8 errors for no reason, the older versions and new versions all worked fine, I'd suggest grabbing thememii and using it. does the same thing as mymenu but i just like it better