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    Somewhere in USA
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    I love arts, in fact i draw not pro but i love drawing. I play Rpgs, Online games. But i will like to experience any other type of games shooting and horror. Love food and cooking. also like language so i hope i can learn few languages to communicate with ppl i met around!!

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  1. Jessive

    [MEGA] CSI : Hard Evidence (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for the upload
  2. Jessive

    [MEGA] Goosebumps - HorrorLand (WBFS NTSC-U)

    thanks for the upload
  3. Jessive

    [MEGA] Around The World in 50 Games (WBFS NTSC-U)

    thanks for the game
  4. Jessive

    [MEGA] Rango (WBFS NTSC-U)

  5. Jessive

    [MEGA] Rio (WBFS NTSC-U)