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  1. Yaddos

    how do you play DSiWare .nds?

    hello! I'm sorry if its not the right place but I have no idea where to post. I finally got a .nds rom of a DSiWare game, alpha bounce and I've been waiting reaaally reaally long to play it. But now I have no idea how to do it or what I need. Should I buy a DSi with some sort of modification? Or is there any emulator which could do it? I tried in no$gba but no luck, or maybe I did something wrong Would be very grateful if anyone could help me, that game was my childhood, thank you
  2. heeeyy thanks! I've been looking forward so muchh to get a copy of alpha bounce could anyone please let me know what I need to get to play it? like I'd guess a DSi and some sort of modification?? thank you