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  1. g12345567

    [Wii] Neek2o for Mega Noobs

    Thanks ABZ excelent post. Been trying for a week to get WiiWare games running on a USB Loader GX/Neek2o setup using ModMii. With most of the games crashing and not working. After downloading your 4.3U Uneek+di rev 96 setup. Uusing Showmiiwads to install all the Virtual Console and WiiWare games. Then coping the new nand over to the USB drive I was able to get all the NTSC-U Virtual Console and WiiWare games up and running using the emulated nand on my PAL Wii console without any problems. Recomment using the latest Showmiiwads to install Wad files to the downloaded nand. This mod v1.0 beta is actually v1.5. Also you don't want to overload your nand with too many titles. EG. installed the complete NTSC-U WiiWare and Virtual Console collection into the emulated nand (810 titles). Other than being alot slower to boot nand it would freeze after about 10 seconds after starting . What I did was create multiple nands. EG one for NTSC-U WiiWare and another for PAL Virtual Console. Store each in the NAND folder on the USB or SD. Then switch between each nand by booting a neek nad then pressing 2 on the controller from the Wii system menu and scrolling down to current nand and selectingf a different nand to load on next neek boot.
  2. g12345567

    [WBFS] Kidz Sports Crazy Mini Golf PAL

    Not languages: EN DE IT FR ES . Only the German/Netherlands version (R3GXUG) [Hidden Content] Dissapointed. Was looking for the English version of game.
  3. Can you fix/update the download for "The Chronicles Of Narnia : Prince Caspian" Links to NTSC-U diownload which is actually the PAL German/Italian release. [Hidden Content] Shame. Looking for ENGLISH version of game can't find anywhere.
  4. The link on page 1 isn't the NTSC-U version. Its the PAL German/Italian release. [Hidden Content]
  5. g12345567

    Xenoblade Chronicles X EUR WiiU ABSTRAKT

  6. g12345567

    [MEGA] Maximum Racing: Sprint Cars (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.
  7. g12345567

    [MEGA] Help Wanted - 50 Wacky Jobs (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.
  8. g12345567

    [MEGA] Geon Cube (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.
  9. g12345567

    [MEGA] Furu Furu Park (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.
  10. g12345567

    [MEGA] Domino Rally (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.
  11. g12345567

    [MEGA] Death Jr. : Root of Evil (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thanks for this game.