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    [MEGA] Monster Hunter Tri (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Game has the Monster Hunter Tri buzz 🤔 unsure how to fix atn ( W.I.P)

    3ds Friend Codes here!

    Hey there Gamers I don't have anything cool like r4 or powersaves (;_:) *cries* But It is cool I can respect how you game Im AWESOME (YEA JUST LIKE THIS OR IT WIL BE INVALID) 0791 5251 9023 Iv got Pokemon Sun, Animal Crossing New Leaf Weclcome Amibo, Luigi Haunted Caste Dark Moon, Fantasy Life (DLC, and Monster Hunter Stories, Disney Magical World (DLC), Story of Season Trio of Town (DLC) oh and i haven't unlocked the multiplayer to Harvest moon A New begging Yet two days ago i just discovered I had zelda a link in time so if it has multiplayer idk about it ;-/ Later Gamer I just joined discod ;-/
  3. Are all these game PAL for loadiine I don't know how to do WUP yet?

    [Wii U] How to Inject Virtual Console Games

    does this add home brew on the wii U with out server-sided or is this something else (?_?) I heard it could be done (<_<)