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  1. ballbreaker88

    3+hrs and still cant get boxart working on wiiflow

    @mastershoes thanks all sorted out everything i was looking at was pointing to WiiFlow/boxcovers/cps1 or boxcovers/cps1 thank you very much for your help i would have never figured this out.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently working on a Wii arcade machine project ATM and I am almost complete with the Wii's side of things except that I'm stuck with getting the coverart to load. I am using wiiflow 4.2.3 mastermod pack, everything is running as needed, but can't get box covers working at all "except Wii and GC".. I have read through pages of forums have watched videos on YouTube and still can't prevail on this issue I have made sure the png's have .Zip at the end made sure the .Ini files are pointing in the right direction.. And still Wiiflow will not find the box art. I have put them in the boxcover folder I have put them in the root, so many different places i have lost count current .ini file [PLUGIN] displayname=FBA CPS1 magic=43505331 coverfolder=WiiFlow/boxcovers/cps1 ?? etc neogeo... mame...cps2 " i have tried lowercase wiiflow" dolfile=wiiflow/fba_cores_cps1.dol romdir=fba_alpha/roms/CPS1 filetypes=.zip consolecoverid= covercolor=ffffff bannersound=CPS1.ogg arguments={device}:/{path}/|{name} Any help will be amazing