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  1. yeah mybe some bug.. no problem bro... take your time.. thanks anyway for japanese audio and thank you for your hardwork uploading cool game and DLC.
  2. Thank you for japanese audio pack DLC turbo ... Mission pack still uploading ? i can't see on Gdrive
  3. yea, i have link account and didn't connect to internet before, i always stuck on udating data, i don't want take risk of ban, so i make my own DNS first to block everting from ns server and use stleah mode to connect the internet. i dont trust 99 DNS.
  4. xig

    (Google Drive) Resident Evil 0 XCI

    i didn't upgrade my google drive storage.. same as you 15gb storage
  5. xig

    (Google Drive) Resident Evil 0 XCI

    check your google drive storage empty space, need 15gb to make copy of this file if your storage was full , make another one or delete everything on your storage until 15gb free
  6. i get it now, need connect to the internet... use incognito or sxos stealh mode and i use my own DNS to block NS sever.. no stuck on updating data again, thank you for information tubro.
  7. xig

    (Google Drive) Resident Evil 0 XCI

    thank you insonmiac... game works perfect if you get trouble with google quota exceeded, add this file to your google drive and makes copy of it.
  8. Wow, thank you insomniac... This is a great game.. Already try and works perfect.. . Once again thanks insomniac 😁👍
  9. xig

    Panty Party + Update v1.0.2

    thank you turbo... i love panty... its funny games
  10. No problem bro.. I wish i have a knowledge to create a cheat code. Sorry if i share your code in here without your permission. Those code was made from @BlackDeath.
  11. 🙄 Im not capable to create a cheat. I don't know how to do it, i dont have a knowledge .. I just share those cheat in here from u on gbatemp. It's your code ☺️.