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  1. elwooha6

    PS3 ISO Games Collection [1Fichier]

    Everything is working great Alvro, thanks for the tip :D
  2. elwooha6

    PS3 ISO Games Collection [1Fichier]

    Ok, I'll try just grabbing the whole folder then and pick what I want that way. Thanks AlvRo.
  3. elwooha6

    PS3 ISO Games Collection [1Fichier]

    @AlvRo Just a heads up, your collections don't seem to be downloading properly with jDownloader anymore. When I try to download the files I just get a file with a random name and no known file size. If I try to download the files without jDownloader I just get stuck in a loop, when I click Download it just reloads the download page and no download starts. Also thanks for uploading all this stuff, I've been leeching off your collections for almost a year and I'm always impressed that you have everything I'm looking for