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  1. GD, MEGA, 1F, Zippy all are fine. SO and others like them are cancer. So is having to jump thru 500 capchas and popunders to get to a link. No excuse for that garbage, I vote ban 'em.
  2. Thanks, best thread here, I'm glad you're uploading the xcis to 1fichier instead of that lousy ShareOnline... it's really appreciated!
  3. KhenemetHeru

    Amiibo Collection

  4. KhenemetHeru

    ESPN Sports Connection USA WiiU FAKE - WUD

    thank you!
  5. KhenemetHeru

    Wii Fit U USA WiiU RETRiBUTiON - WUD

    Thank you!
  6. KhenemetHeru

    Sonic Lost World USA WiiU PoWeRUp - WUD

  7. KhenemetHeru

    Tank! Tank! Tank! USA WiiU FAKE - WUD

    Thank you!
  8. KhenemetHeru

    Hello Kitty Kruisers USA WiiU VENOM - WUD

  9. KhenemetHeru

    [Mega] Taiko No Tatsujin Wii U Loadiine ready

    Thank you!
  10. KhenemetHeru

    [UL] Nintendont for Wii U and Wii