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  1. Keil000

    [Request] Axiom Verge NSP

    Hey guys, I can't find the nsp for this game anywhere and would love anyone who could direct me to a GD link to it forever! I currently lack the equipment to rip my keys in order to convert the xci version so I am stuck seeking nsps for this game and Xenoblade 2, Skyrim etc. Although Axiom Verge is my priority. Any info would be appreciated keil000
  2. Does anyone know where I could find Bayonetta 1 in Wup format, exactly as it is here except not in side a .rar file? I'm sure that's an unreasonable thing to request to most people but I don't own a PC and thus can't grab MEGA files larger than 4gb or my puny little android shits it's pants on me lol I was able to download XBCX from MEGA at a whopping 22gb simply because it wasn't compressed and my device was able to grab each piece of the game separately. Since then I've just found incredible collections of .Rar folders, any of which exceeding 4gb (so basically all of them) are out of bounds for me to use I know it would be asking too much for too little to ask the OP to unzip the game and re-up it to MEGA so I fully expect to be reemed for this, but if anyone else just happened to download this .Rar version and unzipped it to install.....and just feels like re-upping the uncompressed Install folder to MEGA? Or just knows of where to find that kind of link; I'd be your slave for a month I've had Bayonetta 2 downloaded since Monday and have just been itching to play it, but since I have yet to play the original it would be unwise to touch the sequel until I do, a sentiment that I'm sure won't be lost on you lovely people, no one likes spoilers after all lol. Anywho, if you read this far, thank you for your attention, I'm most grateful and hope to hear from anyone with any info on this matter sooner rather than later if Luck be a Lady P.p.s Incase it seems like I didn't do my due diligance, I have looked through other threads to no avail and have also used a few different strings in the forum search bar. USB Helper was the first place I tried, and both the US and European versions of Bayonetta seem to inexplicably hang at 57% which is perplexing, but I have tried and tried these two more times than was probably needed since monday to no avail. This game is proving to be really tricky to get in a format that doesn't require personal tweaking or conversion to run on my console :/ there are a plethora or Loadiine ready iterations but as previously mentioned, my lack of a PC means this is a no go. Lost faith in getting it without resorting to borrowing a computer somehow round dinnertime yesterday, but posting this is a sort of last resort, because I didn't want to be a burden on this forum, it's already been extremely helpful thus far and I feel like I can't give anything and only take :/ I mean that is true, and it's also true that I can't help that given my current living situation.....but still, I feel kinda like I bought a pro, and didn't pay her what she earned in a way lol apologies if that's crass.
  3. Keil000

    Game Request

    Hiya all, I hate to be a bother but I've been searching for a few days now and can't find any MEGA links for Bayonetta 1 *Not* in a rar or zip i.e. just the install folder uploaded as is in order to prevent the 4gb ceiling if downloading on older tablets (because I don't own a computer and can't d/l a 12 gb Rar file, and also can't use a script to convert a loadiine version to WUP) So I was just hoping to post here as a last resort to see if anyone has access to this particular form of the game? I don't want to be a bother so please don't go out of your way to help, I won't hold it against anyone but if you do happen to know how to help please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys and happy gaming P.s. The Usb Helper app was the first port and call as you would expect, but Bayonetta (Eur and Usa) both hang inexplicably at 57%, which is both very odd, and oddly interesting lol alas, Usb Helper for as great an app as that is, won't help me as far as the Umbra Witch is concerned. It's a major bummer as I've never completed the game personally, and now I've had the sequel sitting on a drive 3 days today waiting to be played.....I figured the first one would be if anything, easier to get than the sequel.....boy was I wrong haha. But yeah If you're reading this I've taken too much of your time already, so I'll end this post by saying have a nice day gang
  4. Hello, thanks for the efficient response but I hate to say I am not having the same experience on my end :/ I have installed and played games on this thread like Sonic Colors, Free Running etc. and all worked with the gamepad lickety split. DBZ however won't for some reason, I install it using Wup Installer just like the others and it appears to run smooth as butter just like the others, it even asks me if I want to use the gamepad before starting so it all seems well, it just doesn't work lol. It doesn't even let me hard reset the console, I have to unplug it at the mains, which is an extreme I've yet to come across even with games that crash instead of loading lol. I'm sure that if you say you've tested it then it must work, but I can't think of what I should be doing differently with it if it works for you but not for me, I mean the process is foolproof for literally every other game I played lol this one is just giving me hassle
  5. Heya fellow wii lovers, I need help lol I installed and can run Budokai Tenkaichi 3 but O can't get my gamepad to work on it at all? Am I wrong or are all these games supposed to be patched to work with the gamepad? Or is there a patch I need to do personally? If so thats fine but the rest of the games I got from this thread didn't need more than just to be installed so Im confused? If you need to patch dbz personally then I dno why it's been uploaded amongst these titles as I could just use a stock wii iso if that were the case? Any info would be greatly appreciated, tenkaichi 2 is my fav dbz game and since I can't find it anywhere, 3 would be the next best thing bt I can't play it as of time of posting and It's a real bummer lol. Thanks in advance