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  1. Bayonetta EUR MULTi5 WiiU ABSTRAKT

  2. Bayonetta 2 USA WiiU Extracted

    As far as I know the EU Bayonetta 2 ripped by Abstract is actually Bayonetta 1 inside, there hasn't been a proper rip of Bayonetta 2 yet there must of been a mix up in the ripping part. So in theory this should be Bayonetta 1, unpacked and loaded for loadiine, that's if this rip is not a private dump of Bayonetta 2, which I think its not. This has been known and floating around for a while now with the Abstract rip by a few people, I'm not sure why no one has changed it as yet and not picked it up! Edit: If this is Bayonetta 2 as sneakysam mentions up above, then hopefully just put the correct files into the correct folders and then I suggest use UWizard to download and decrypt the latest updates to complete anything that is missing, should work all ok then. There is not update to Bayonetta 2 and I'm thinking there are files missing form this?
  3. [Multi] Project Zero Maiden Of Black Water PAL (Loadiine Ready)

    Thank you Edit: sorry links are fine I was just hitting them too quick I was to ahead of the site, its OK
  4. Stop using these stupid linked Premium sites, your annoying people and filling DU full of them. 24 links that you have to wait and wait! Do you get paid or something to push these sites? why do you not use Mega like any normal person would? Either change from now or just don't bother. 24 - 45 links is not worth anyone downloading them. They wont pay for your sites, the reason being they download these game for free in the first place, "FREE" they don't want to be paying for rip off fees for better access on you silly sites!!! For god sakes fix up man before this site and others get full of them! Think about what people may want, not what you want, its selfish!
  5. [MEGA] Game & Wario (NTSC-U)

  6. [Mega] Nano Assault Neo [Wii U][NTSC]

  7. Yoshi's Woolly World EUR WiiU VENOM

  8. [MEGA] Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric US [Loadiine Ready]

    thanks Mr Hammer thanks Mr Hammer