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  1. Azy

    [WBFS] Castle of Shikigami III NTSC

    Many thanks for your effort
  2. Azy

    [MEGA] Dragon's Lair Trilogy (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Many thanks for your effort
  3. Azy

    ExNihilo's NTSC Index Thread

    Many thanks for your effort Many thanks for your effort
  4. Many thanks for your effort
  5. Azy

    A few Wii games I didn't see on here

    Many thanks for your effort
  6. Azy

    Collection PC ISOS

    Many thanks
  7. Thanks will check this out.
  8. Thanks - anyway of getting this plugin to work with usb loader gx? I tried the games on the other thread with classic controller pro and nothing happens. Also for Mortal Kombat I tried pressing F10 from built in keyboard but nothing happens and can't start game. If MK is slow on wii then I won't bother but if it runs full speed then I am very interested in getting this up and running using CCPro. Many thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks a lot, heard good things about this.