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  1. strule

    Metroid Prime HD Texture

    Emulation only, it requires a power the Wii doesn't have
  2. strule

    Metroid Prime HD Texture

    Hey y'all, I reuploaded the "Collige" HD Texture pack for metroid prime powered by an ESRGAN-like AI technique to Google Drive so you don't need a MEGA premium account [Hidden Content]
  3. HDD Ready gives me "Bad Password"
  4. I`m uploading some games to my google drive account. The list so far: VPK Alone With You(USA) Severed(USA) Gravity Rush(USA) Dragon's Crown(USA) NoNPDRM Hotline Miami(USA) [hide][Hidden Content]] Accept Requests
  5. strule

    RetroArch Core Package

    Hey y'all, I found this package of RetroArch cores for NS. Hope it gets you interested. [hide ] [Hidden Content] [/hide ] let me know if you're having some problem