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  1. R-Studio Emergency Network GUI | TUI 8.8.0670 | File size: 139.29 MB R-Studio Emergency runs from a set of floppy disks, CD / DVDs or removable disks, when you need to restore data from a computer that does not boot Windows due to the corruption of the boot partition or system files. There are two versions of R-Studio Emergency: R-Studio Emergency TUI (Text User Interface) and R-Studio Emergency GUI (Graphical User Interface). R-Studio Emergency Startup Media Creator is installed on Windows and creates such bootable R-Studio Emergency devices (TUI or GUI), as a set of floppy disks and removable drives. An ISO image can also be created for the R-Studio Emergency bootable CD / DVD program (you can download the already created R-Studio Emergency ISO image directly from our website, see below). Features: Standard user interface "Windows Explorer" Recovering data over a network Supported file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS / HFS +, Little and Big Endian variants of UFS1 / UFS2 and Ext2FS / Ext3FS Recognition and analysis of Dynamic, Basic and BSD (UNIX) partitions, as well as Apple partition diagrams Support for dynamic partitions on GPT, as well as for MBR Reconstruction of damaged disk arrays (RAID) Creating an IMAGE FILE for a whole Physical Disk (HD), Partition or part of it Data recovery from damaged or deleted partitions, encrypted files (NTFS5), alternative data streams (NTFS, NTFS5) Data recovery after the launch of FDISK or similar utilities Data recovery after a virus attack; FAT damage; destruction of MBR Localized name recognition The recovered files can be saved to any, including network, disk accessible by the local operating system The files or contents of the disc can be viewed and edited with the built-in hexadecimal editor R-Studio recovers files: - Deleted outside the Recycle Bin or when the Trash was cleaned - Removed by a virus attack or computer power failure - After the partition with the files was reformatted, even in a partition with a different file system - When the partition structure on the hard disk was changed or damaged - From hard disks, which have a large number of bad sectors Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. kalpatru

    HT Parental Controls 14.7.6

    HT Parental Controls 14.7.6 | Languages: English | File Size: 5.97 MB Install HT Parental Controls and protect all your family members, both when online and offline. With plenty of features ranging from website blocking and time controls to screen capture and email reporting the program will be your reliable assistant. Keep your kids safe on the Internet. Filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental Controls. Unlike other programs, we didn't stop at blocking but supplied our program with every possible monitoring feature giving you full access to what's going on your computer. Website Monitoring and Blocking The software monitors all traffic and filter Internet content. Use our predefined content categories lists of allowed and banned websites and keywords to establish what is allowed on the Web and what is not. Set up time limits and off-limits hours for certain sites to limit the time your kids can spend on time-wasters like social networks, Facebook or YouTube, video games, chats, etc. HT Parental Controls records all traffic, providing you with detailed reports of each visited website. The feature works on all popular browsers independently of browser history. Having a log of visited websites allows you to be sure that inappropriate content does not reach your child and lets you know what additional sites you may wish to block. Application Monitoring and Blocking View a log of all launched applications. HT Parental Controls provides detailed reports how many hours were spent on each program, history of usage and much more. In such a way, you can easily learn what your children are doing on the computer. Use this function to block IMs, games and any unwanted software. Choose programs to block from the list of popular applications or add a custom application located on your PC. Selected programs will be completely blocked while others can be used without restrictions. Keystroke Monitoring Parents need to protect their child from all dangers. All typed keystrokes are recorded to protect your child from the negative impact of communication with potentially dangerous strangers. Our keylogger works quietly in the background without being detected. Unlike other software that simply dumps all of the data into a messy file, HT Parental Controls provides a clean interface for viewing a keystroke log along with other useful data. Time Controls With our parental time control software, you can easily control how much time your child can spend on the computer. Maybe you prefer that your children can be on the computer only before bedtime. Maybe you want to lock users out after 9 pm. Whatever the case may be, you can do it with time controls. You can set up daily and weekly limits, limits for each day of the week or a limit on the maximum number of hours. Once the allowed time is reached, HT Parental Controls automatically turns off the PC. The software prevents users from time and date changes, so you can rest assured the computer is only allowed when you say so. Screenshot Capturing When capturing keyboard is not enough, screenshots will make everything clear. We understand that a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand keystrokes. This is why screenshot capturing is so important. The program silently captures the screen once per minute, allowing you to view the history of screenshots in thumbnails or full-screen mode. Individual User Settings The software allows you to set different control levels for certain users. You can enable monitoring, website and application filters, time controls, and windows security permissions on an individual basis to tailor restrictions. Create unique security settings that are age-appropriate for each child in your family. Remote Reporting With this unique feature, you can get email reports with logs as frequently as every hour. It is not necessary to have physical access to the monitored computers. Whether you are far away from home or simply want to monitor your kids from another PC, remote reporting will allow you to monitor the computer from anywhere. Strong Protection We paid extra attention to protection in our software. With built-in password protection, stealth mode, and user access permissions, HT Parental Controls is fortified against bypassing. The software allows you to prevent access to certain Windows functions, such as Control Panel, Registry Editor, and other system tools to add an extra layer of protection. The app lets you restrict even users with administrative rights. Stealth Mode Designed to run silently in background HT Parental Controls protects but does not disturb. Running in stealth mode HT Parental Controls silently works without being detected. This is not only an excellent way to hide the software but also serves as an excellent means of security. Since users cannot detect that they are being monitored, they will not try to circumvent the parental controls. Easy to Install and Use HT Parental Controls is very easy for parents to install and configure. We design the software in a way that less computer experienced parents will find easy to understand. The software can be installed in less than a minute and has an easy, intuitive interface. Release Notes: - May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Parental Controls 14.7.6.rar
  3. kalpatru

    Soft Organizer Pro 7.28

    Soft Organizer Pro 7.28 | File size: 10 MB A common problem we often face with, when uninstalling unnecessary software, is various traces left in the system: unneeded files or folders on a disk, registry entries and so on. This can happen even if an application was removed correctly with its own uninstaller a special program provided by a vendor to uninstall the application. Soft Organizer is a professional application designed to uninstall unnecessary applications from your system. The main function of the tool is the complete removing of programs from your computer. Soft Organizer monitors all changes made to the system during the setup process of a certain application. You can easily learn what file or registry entries were modified during the installation. Using these data, Soft Organizer completely removes an application when you order it to. The program performs much faster than many competing solutions. This is because Soft Organizer analyzes changes on disks in real time while tracking the modifications installation procedures have made, instead of taking a long time saving info about all files before and after installation. Such an approach saves much time compared to other utilities. You can setup Soft Organizer so that all applications installed in your system will be accessible with a single click of the notification area icon. Another click, and you can immediately remove an unnecessary program without opening the standard Programs and Features tool or searching for a built-in uninstaller. Whats New [Hidden Content] Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. kalpatru

    Ariolic Active SMART

    Ariolic Active SMART | Languages: English, Russian | File Size: 8.11 MB Find out what happen to your hard drives. In real time. Normally, the hard disk errors happen unexpectedly. How much would the hard disk information loss cost you? Your documents, family photos and music? How do you know if your hard disk drive is fit and healthy or is your hard drive is slow and the disk space is low? Install ActiveSMART and it will take care about your hard drives and all your data on your disk. It checks the hard drive health and status, runs background diagnostic, monitors disk temperature, checks your free and used disk space and many more. And it will immediately warns you about any problem with your hard disks. Even potential problems, because it uses special algorithms to estimate failures. Easy trace the disk space usage on your PC/notebook with disk space analyzer Another powerful feature of ActiveSMART – Disk Space Usage Analyzer. It quickly scans the hard drive and show a graphical overview of disk space usage, using TreeMap technology. Now you can see how files and folders use the disk space and which of them are space wasters. Easily find out which files and directories using up all your hard drive space. Discover where all your disk space is going with built in folder size utility. Automatic disk check-up and hdd temperature monitor Active SMART supports automatic disk check-up on system loading, constant tracking of the disks state with an interval varying from 1 minute to 99 hours, as well as performing a quick scan of the disks, in order to save the resources of the weaker machines. Emergency system shutdown in case of hard drive overheating Active SMART will suspend (using Hibernate mode) your PC automatically if the hard drive becomes too hot. This saves your important data and prevents the hard drive possible failure. And even more features included - Secure file shredder using military grade algorithms allows deleting files and folders without any traces. - See at a glance Performance, Health, Temperature and Free Space of all your hard drives. - Check the hard drive age. - Check amount of bad and reallocated blocks on the hard drives. - See if the disk has unstable sectors that going to fail. - S.M.A.R.T. attributes and hard drive temperature lifetime chart. - Email notifications about hard drive status and more features. HARD DRIVE HEALTH CHECK ActiveSMART not only the harddrive tester, but constantly monitors the disk status using S.M.A.R.T. system and various diagnostic algorithms. DISK SPACE MONITOR Find out what’s using up all your hard drive space in just one click. Built-it disk audit tool shows all files and folders and disk space they are using. Powerful folder size utility built in. Monitoring the hard drive space is never been so easy. SECURE FILE DELETE TOOL Built-in file and folders shredder tool wipes files and folders permanently using special, industry grade file shredding algorithms. ActiveSMART enables you to securely erase your sensitive data. DISK TEMPERATURE MONITOR Prevent your hard drives overheating using built-in Hard Drive Temperature Monitor. Flexible disk temperature alarms, temperature history and current disk temperature included. OPTIMIZED FOR LAPTOPS ActiveSMART is carefully optimized to use as low as possible resources on laptops. Special energy saving mode is automatically activated when notebook is running on battery. SUPPORT FOR SATA, SSD and NAND drives ActiveSMART supports wide range of internal and external hard drives – internal and external ATA and SATA drives, Solid State Drives (SSD), and NAND drives connected internally or via USB. Release Notes: - Major improvements for drives, connected through USB (WD My Passport, WD Elements, Seagate Backup and others) - UI related fixes - Fixed S.M.A.R.T. attribute raw data intepretation for Seagate drives - Add check mark for selected drive Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. PixelPlanet PdfEditor Professional | Windows x86 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 56.25 MB PdfEditor 4 Professional - The perfect software to edit PDF files. Simply open PDF documents in PdfEditor and carry out the desired changes. Furthermore, PdfEditor allows you to create new PDF files. Begin with a blank PDF document or create a PDF file from existing files (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Different files can be combined or existing PDFs can be supplemented with other documents (e.g., Word). Edit PDFs Edit PDFs directly in the editor. Change text, images or other objects… Delete content Delete data, text and metadata permanently from PDFs (redaction)… Merge PDFs Merge multiple PDF files or Office documents into one brand new PDF document… PDF forms Edit and create PDF forms that can be filled in directly in the Reader… Highlight text Highlight text as if using a real highlighter pen or add comments… Split PDFs Split multi-page PDFs into single pages or delete from the document… Change and edit PDFs You can now finally take charge of your PDFs. Regardless of whether you want to change, delete or simply rearrange text, with the PdfEditor you can make all changes directly in the PDF. It’s almost like standard word processing, so it goes without saying that you can also edit graphics and even vectors. And filling in forms is naturally also not a problem. PDF Hyperlinks Set and edit links (email, web) and labels in PDFs… PDF stationery Add your company stationery to the background of PDF documents…. PDF watermarks Watermark PDFs, e.g. to mark their confidentiality… Delete content (Redaction) For the professional editing of PDFs, security is, naturally, a must. In the PdfEditor you can redact any comment. What’s more, to even better effect than some secret services. Version 4 also offers a search & redact function. Search for any text in the PDF and delete it permanently and irrevocably from the document. After saving, all the text which has been blacked out is permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved. Annotate and highlight Changes to PDFs are one thing, but what if you just want to add your thoughts to the comments of a colleague spread over several pages? With PdfEditor this couldn’t be simpler. Add your comments or highlight text as if using a highlighter. In addition to yellow, you can of course also select other colours. Merge PDF documents Your colleague sends you documents almost every day and you are starting to lose track of things? This isn’t a problem, simply merge all the documents into a single PDF. What’s more, PdfEditor is not even particularly picky. If in addition to PDFs, it’s also possible to add Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Text recognition for scanned PDFs (OCR) Sometimes PDFs are created directly from scans (PdfEditor can also do that by the way). It’s such a shame that this isn’t a proper PDF, but rather an image camouflaged as a PDF. But help is now at hand. With the integrated optical character recognition (OCR), it is possible to enable scanned texts to be searched in. All in all, a true makeover. Most Important Features: - Editing of text directly in the PDF - Editing of graphics and images - Elimination of content by redaction - Highlighting of text as if using a highlighter pen - Creation and entering of PDF forms - Merge several documents to form a PDF - Split multi-page PDFs - Headers and footers including date function and page numbering - Add stationery, graphic or watermark to your PDF - Enabling searches to be made in scanned PDFs per OCR - Creation of PDFs from every printable application Release Notes: - Fixed: Signing documents - English translation updated Requirements: For Windows 10, 8, 7, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, Vista, 2003 or XP (SP3) Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. kalpatru

    Axon Test

    Axon Test | File size: 74.1 MB Axon Test is a reliable application that offers you a comprehensive working space, for test simulating several types of networking devices. The software can help you test the signal strength and the trace received by the device, as well as analyze the master-slave relations between certain components. Test simulator and protocol analysis Axon Test is a simple to use, lightweight application that you can use in order to test the functions of IEDs, networking devices, servers and data exchange tools. You may easily test the connections and signal received by the device in a certain network, in order to establish the most suitable configuration. The software also works as a protocol simulator and allows you to test and analyze several IEDs or control centers. The supported protocols for analysis are DNP3 LAN/WAN (Master/Slave), DNP3 serial (Master/Slave), IEC 60870-5-104 (Master/Slave), IEC 60870-5-101 (Master/Slave) and Modbus (Master/Slave). It allows you to analyze the source of the signal received and filter the range, in order to obtain the exact location. A reliable assistant for simulations, test, commands Axon Test allows you to easily separate connections for both master and slave devices, establish the hierarchy between the multiple elements contained in the protocol or simulate the incoming signal. You can simulate the signal, since you do not need to create a real one in order to run the IED tests. The software displays the tree-like structure of the selected device, on the left and allows you to select each node, then thoroughly analyze it. You can view Traces and run different commands, whether they are present or configured on the spot. Preset commands are displayed in the first tab, while the Advanced Commands tab allows you to create a new type of command. Easy to use program, with readable output Axon Test allows you to save your current simulation as a project file, that you can open at a later time, but you may also save logs, traces, signal reports or errors to RTF files. The software is simple to use and allows you to pin several editing areas to the main window. Thus, you may pin or hide the project explorer, node properties editor or the log viewer. Features: Allows export data of the tests. Contains different filters to the location of the signals. Simulation of multiple IEDs simultaneously. Mimic Animation Tool. Protocols: DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101 / 103/104 and Modbus. Autosimulación signal in slave devices. Cloning devices. Trace: Allows rapid diagnosis of communication networks Viewer: Deploy data easily with time stamp, name, description and quality. Command: set previously commands to perform tests faster. IPScan Tool: Search Ip address devices on the network. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. Apeaksoft MobieTrans 1.0.6 Multilingual | File size: 57.6 MB Professional iOS file transfer software which can safely and easily transfer photos, contacts, etc. Between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer, also between iOS devices. As we all know, it seems extremely complicated to transfer data between iOS device and computer via iTunes. It always takes so much time to sync the data with your iPhone/iPad/iPod, even the result is not as expetced. That the reason why we develop MobieTrans which enables you to transfer any data like photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer without iTunes, it can also transfer data between iOS devices. Edit iOS Files DeleteDelete You can delete data such as photos, music, videos, contacts, etc. you want to delete in one click via MobieTrans. You can select one or more items you want to delete. And that's much easier than deleting on iPhone one by one. RenameRename MobieTrans enables you to rename your photos, photo albums, contacts, music, videos, etc. on your computer. After renaming, you can find the file you want through the name quickly. That will also make your files look clearer. De-duplicate (Contacts)De-duplicate (Contacts) It is an annoying problem when you find your contacts are duplicated. MobieTrans can solve this problem for you. It can scan your iPhone/iPad/iPod and find out the duplicated contacts, then you can select all of them or some of them to delete. You can also merge them into one contact. Other Features: Make iPhone Ringtone The ringtone maker function will help you extract any part from a video/audio file and set it as your ringtone. The built-in conversion and transfer function allow you to make ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone in one click. Preview before transfer MobieTrans allows you to preview the file in different categories in order to make sure you selected the right one. You can play the video/music/ringtone or preview the photos/contacts/messages before you start to transfer. Convert HEIC photos HEIC converter function enables you to convert HEIC to photos to JPG/JPEG/PNG format in batch. Then you can view the photos on any device without limitation, even if it's not running on iOS 12. 1-click Backup & Restore Backup all your contacts to PC in just one click. Whenever you need, you can also restore them to your iPhone, in one click too. It works for other file types. It will save you so much time to manage your iOS files. 1-click Transfer Anywhere you want to transfer your iOS files, you can finish the transfer in just one click without hassle. Super fast and super easy. You are not provided with too many options. Easy to Use Anyone will how to use it at first sight. Connect – Check – Transfer. Just as simple as ABC. We are aiming at provide simple but powerful products to any common user. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] 1.0.6.rar
  8. PTC Mathcad Prime (x64) Multilingual | File size: 888 MB PTC Mathcad is Engineering Math Software That Allows You to Perform, Analyze, and Share Your Most Vital Calculations. Calculations are the heart of your engineering information. You and your team must be able to find, reuse, and share this important intellectual property. But how often have you been forced to hunt through a collection of spreadsheets, code, and notebooks to uncover what you need - and then schedule more time to have someone explain it? Assuming that employee is still with the company. PTC Mathcad has all your engineering notebook’s ease-of-use and familiarity - combined with live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities. This engineering math software allows you to present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document. Nobody needs specialized skills to understand PTC Mathcad data, and now that your intellectual property has been preserved, you can leverage it for other projects. Engineering Solutions: Civil and Structural Engineering Solutions for Civil and Structural Engineering Calculations Electrical Engineering Industrial IoT Platform thatvdelivers tools and technologies that allow you to rapidly develop and deploy powerful IoT applications and AR experiences. Mechanical Engineering Build immersive Augmented Reality experiences without programming expertise. Whats New [Hidden Content] Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. EZ CD Audio Converter Multilingual | File size: 59 MB EZ CD Audio Converter is CD Ripper, Audio Converter, Metadata Editor and Disc Burner. Rip audio CDs, make copies of discs, convert mp3, convert audio files, and burn audio CDs, MP3 CDs, and data discs. EZ CD Audio Converter is easy to use, fast, and has best audio quality. CD Ripper - Copy audio CDs to audio files. Audio Converter - Convert audio files between formats. Metadata Editor - Edit metadata of existing audio files. Disc Burner - Burn audio CDs, and data discs. Features: - Easy to use, reliable, accurate - Best audio quality - All audio codecs are included - Accurate CD ripping with error detection - Converts between all audio formats with full metadata preservation - Burn audio CDs, mp3 discs, and data discs - High-quality metadata retrieval - Convert audio from video files - Creates 1:1 copies of CDs and DVDs - Automatic updates (free lifetime updates included) - Fast! Converts up to 8 files in parallel - Full metadata support - Download metadata with cover art from multiple services - Gapless audio conversion and sample rate conversion - Full Cue Sheet (.cue) support - Full ReplayGain support - CD-Text, HTOA, ISRC, pre-gap, and pre-emphasis detection - Optimized performance for multi-core CPUs and for SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, AVX, AVX2 Whats New: Operation Systems: - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. kalpatru

    NCH RecordPad 7.09 Beta

    NCH RecordPad 7.09 Beta | File size: 1.4 MB RecordPad is a useful sound recording application for Windows PCs. Using RecordPad you can quickly and easily record audio notes, messages, or annoucements in either WAV of MP3. RecordPad is designed to be very easy and intuitive to use. Within minutes you will be able to start a recording, save it, and replay the file. Here are some key features of "RecordPad": Record voice, notes, music on any other audio. Saves recordings in wav or mp3. Records files in the background while running other programs. Fully integrates with WavePad Professional Sound Editing Software to edit recording and Express Scribe, Player for Typists to assist transcription of voice recordings. Wav files can be saved to hard disk and burnt to CD using Express Burn software to create an audio CD. MPEG Layer-3 encoding offers content of variable bit rates from 8 to 320kbps with optional crc error checking and joint stereo modes. Wave encoding at sample rates between 6000 and 196000Hz in PCM or many other codecs and bits. Can be automated and integrated to run from other programs with powerful command line options. Designed to be simple and robust for professional and corporate recording applications. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. kalpatru

    App Builder 2018.113 Multilingual

    App Builder 2018.113 Multilingual | File Size: 15.1 MB Complete suite to create HTML5 and hybrid mobile applications. Visual designer App Builder provide us with dozens of visual and non visual controls we can simply drop it in the application's designer. Timers, HTTP Clients, Text Inputs, Push Buttons and many more controls ready to use. Based in actions You no need to know Javascript to create applications. App Builder scripting is based in visual assisted actions that we can use to do whatever we wanted. Hundreds of actions are available out of the box. Fully extensible App Builders applications can be extended in many ways. We can use Javascript in addition to the actions based script. We can develop and use third party App Builder's Javascript plugins and also Apache Cordova plugins. Whats New: * Detect possible syntax error when use multiline comments in the code editor. Multiline comments must start with /* in a new line and end with */ in a new line. In other some unexpected behaviours can be found, so the AB compiler try to detect this situations to avoid it. Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium | Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 586.96 MB Movie Edit Pro Premium turns your camera footage into high-quality movies. And with access to the best tools and features money can buy, you can edit and optimize your videos with confidence whether you're a pro or just getting started. One of a kind. Fast. Featuring a range of automatic program wizards Import, optimize, edit — the fastest way to start making your own movies. Generate movies automatically or manually create your own. High-speed results, each and every time. One of a kind. Easy. Bring your vision to life Set the order you want your footage to appear in and keep only the best scenes. With storyboard or timeline mode. One of a kind. Deluxe. With up to 1,500 effects The right effects for every occasion, from family party videos to travel vlogs. High-quality effects designed to bring out the best in your movies. Special effects Put your videos in the spotlight with a selection of impressive lens flares and lighting effects. Plus effects package Get access to the latest effects in the Movie Edit Pro store and keep your footage on the cutting edge. Image stabilization Easily turn even the shakiest of footage into perfectly stable shots. With proDAD Mercalli V2 image stabilization. Smooth proxy editing Easily edit high-resolution footage up to 4K with super smooth proxy editing. Multicam editing Edit footage using up to 4 different camera angles to ensure you capture the best side of each shot. Now featuring simultaneous editing. Shot match Apply the look of your best scenes to all your footage for an automatic visual upgrade. Fully automatic functionality with a single click. Release Notes: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium - New Features [Hidden Content] System Requirements: - You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems: - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 - Processor: 2.4 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better recommended*) - RAM: 2 GB or higher (8 GB recommended*) - Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280x768. (Dedicated, at least 512 MB VRAM recommended) - Hard drive space: 2 GB for program installation Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Premium
  13. Apowersoft ApowerEdit 1.2.9 (Build 08/17/2018) Multilingual | File Size: 66.1MB ApowerEdit makes it a breeze to create your own professional videos or entertaining home movies of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. Videos created with this tool can be used for teaching, presentation, sharing and just plain fun. It takes a pinch of fantasy to trim, cut, split, merge, rotate, mix video clips, apply stylish video effects, accelerate/slow down your video speed, and many more. Transform Your Everyday Videos/Photos into Final Creation What you can see is what you can create. This video editing program facilitates you to import any media files from PC disk or videos shot by camcorders, DV cameras, vidicons, webcams, cell phones, etc. That being said, every element in your daily life can be turned into the personal masterpiece. Those fantastic and memorable moments will be recorded frame by frame. Make Your Own Edits with Fantasy, Make Magic Add clarity and style to your story with vivid titles. Simply make text animations, choose cool text background, set stylish fonts, rotate captions and much more as per your need. Bring Your Personal Creation to Life This movie editor allows you to create video contents for different situations. You are free to make education content, software program overviews, class training material, publicity film, marketing videos and more. Simply choose from classic and creative visual effects to apply color and motion filters to your video. Show off Your Masterpiece to Friends, Family, World After you finish editing videos, you can create and share your video masterpieces with all your family and friends. Simply let them feel what it was like to be in life. The video editing software offers the option to export the edited movie to any format so as to be played in iPhone 7s, iPhone 7, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC or other devices. You can also burn videos to DVD or directly upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.0.3 Multilingual | File Size: 22.9 MB EmEditor Professional - professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Editor features such as search and replace in files using regular expressions, auto-detection coding, highlighting the links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure the button bar, menu, font and color elements. For each language, you can create a separate configuration. The program also has the support of powerful macros written in javascript or VBScript, allowing you to capture virtually any action, used often or occasionally. This editor is an ideal tool for editing HTML, PHP, JSP and XML files. When you specify a web browser as an external application, you will be able to view HTML files during editing. Supports syntax highlighting ASP, C #, C, CSS, HTML, Java, javascript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other programming languages, function Drag & Drop, opening files size up to 248 GB the possibility of connecting additional external applications and plug-ins. In addition, the program allows to work with macros written in javascript or VBScript, and based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, allows you to automate virtually any action. Adjustable backlight HTML and scripting languages makes it easy to detect spelling errors and typos. Features: Support for file sizes up to 248 GB Edit binary files Optimized search and relocation Improved design plug-ins Ability to display panel functions Optimized speed when each row has a greater length Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel Supports Drag and drop Specify the temporary folder in the program settings Import INI files in the registry Unicode Syntax highlighting for ASP, C, CSS, HTML, javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other User-friendly interface with customizable toolbar EmEditor Professional Features List: * Large File Support * Unicode Support * Macros * Vertical Selection Editing * Tabbed Windows, Drag and Drop * Lightweight Design * Regular Expressions * Binary Editing * Crash Recovery * Grab Text Whats New [Hidden Content] Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. GridinSoft Anti-Malware Multilingual | File size: 72 MB GridinSoft Anti-Malware (formerly Trojan Killer) is an excellent anti-malware solution. It fast, effective and reliable. GridinSoft Anti-Malware has been developed specifically for automatic removal of viruses, bots, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, scareware and rootkits without the need to manually edit system files or registry. This ultimate removal tool with awesome features that leaves no chance for any sneakiest malware. GridinSoft Anti-Malware additionally fixes system modifications that were introduced by malware and which, regretfully, are often ignored by some popular antivirus scanners. The program scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. GridinSoft Anti-Malware provides the high-speed system scan. No slowdowns in your system in proactive mode. The program has user-friendly and simple interface and defeats malwares within few clicks instead of long-lasting boring manual procedures. Timely updated database protects your PC from trojans and other malware applications. The hourly updates keep GridinSoft Anti-Malware updated each time you need it. GridinSoft Anti-Malware helps in cases where well-known and complicated antivirus products get stuck. Once malware is detected, it is added to GridinSoft database in 2-12 hours. Up-to-date databases and smart algorithms give your PC maximum possible level of security. Slow computers are really annoying, as well as the programs. This is not the case with GridinSoft Anti-Malware. It will fix your PC within few minutes, effectively and convincingly. The program immediately reacts after detecting threats and prevents all attempts to damage your data. GridinSoft Anti-Malware operates in the field of protecting system from malicious software in order to render security for computer systems. It can assist you in removal of annoying advertisement modules, spyware and other malicious instruments developed by hackers. Without a doubt, it is of utmost importance to restore control over your infected computer as soon as possible, without giving anybody a chance to use your personal information for lucrative purposes. Whats New: -task to bring all Dialog Windows in Protection Log to the same view has been finished; -serious trouble with incorrect PUP detection for Tasks and Services has been fixed; -Shortcut on the desktop is removing correctly after uninstall process; -UI bugs was detected while working on Windows XP. Fixed now; -In some cases there were noticed wrong amount of detects and scanned files if custom scan is paused. Corrected now. Homepage [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]