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  1. Personally I used wii u usb helper to download the dlc of mario kart 8 etc... then use rednand to install and play mario kart 8 from usb etc... its quite easy i know maybe bit off topic but i never tried dlc with loadiine but all i can say is i use dlc in rednand without any issue
  2. What are you playing it on dolphin pc or wii ? on dolphin pc most likely settings as i searched on google and there are people with the same issue but i would also try updating dolphin to latest version build Also maybe try redownloading the game from a different person but with the same game id just incase but unlikely if its your wii try using a different backup manager etc...
  3. Hey, yeah it has been too long, tags can be a tricky thing the odd time! Yeah I was hoping to make one and i actually did make 2 levels which are in the dev section but its just very awkward right now due to the lack of proper tools its very difficult to make nsmbu levels due to issues of current editor reggie wiiu and also lacks features to what wii customs can do right now my idea was to do a re-design of one of my old customs but much more expanded version of retro heaven - a mixture of retro remake levels mashed in together there is an editor called satoru editor in the makes but still no public release seeing different things from its still buggy or it wont be released till after newer u is. i do hope it will be released soon because wii customs are pretty much dead as there is very little hype or interest lots of people moved to super mario maker (great game but it is a shame because there is a difference since it lacks custom music tilesets etc...) and with the nintendo switch being not too far away people could be not as interested in nsmbu customs before they even arrive especially if nintendo does something
  4. Updated the guide a bit going to start focusing on LibreELEC as I recently I tried the latest version and it was great because when I first got the mk808b plus I was using android more but recent months other than kodi/spmc i dont use anything else anymore on the device so LibreELEC is now more ideal for me because its aimed for kodi/spmc its boots straight in much quicker aswell very fast which impressed me and overall performance seems to be better too probably because LibreELEC just for kodi whereas before with finless it was running an android os then running kodi/spmc in that
  5. you should have either wud file or the game extracted you may need the title key for it sorry have not used cemu that much personally
  6. a bit confused because usbloader gx is for wii games etc... loadiine for wiiu have you got the two mixed up or something? because your question is quite confusing
  7. sorry for late reply but there is now a pretty good tutorial in the nintendo tutorial section for wii u hopefully you already have solved if not let me know and ill try to help out
  8. I know... but it is something i have suggested for the search bar to be moved because moving even just one space down hides the search but how do people mistake the chat for search since it says send and above that is people's various comments
  9. sorry for late reply did you follow the steps properly? try checking out this guide and follow the steps there
  10. moved to requests
  11. so your saying it crashes when loading loadiine/homebrew? not during when loading the exploit? bit strange personally have not tried those files but no one else seems to be having issue in the thread not really sure what it could be
  12. Look in sadly cant help anymore than that as i used to have many channels including genesis which i created but dont have them on my pc, my wii is in a different country, mega account got closed anways check out that wii channels section and see if you can find anything moved to requests section since its not a help thread
  13. Moved to help section Anyways dont fully understand what is it that you want to do specifically? do you mean riivolution? what mods were you wanting to use? if so a lot of game mods exist in iso or wbfs like mario customs, fatal frame translation patch etc...
  14. Great job on the guide currently installing rednand myself sticky and featured the thread just to say i put some links in hide tags the one to your guide was already in hide but other links at the bottom of the post was not
  15. you cant play wii u games in dolphin you need to use cemu either games in loadiine ready2play or wud should do but note some you may either require key or the game itself may not work