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  1. is your micro sd a proper legit micro sd card? only ever time i had that error (personally for me when using gateway) i later found out it was a fake micro sd and when after i went over a certain amount of memory maybe try h2testw program to test the micro sd card or something it can maybe be another issue maybe bad download / extract / copy or something else maybe try other rips for games and lastly are you using cfw, gateway or other?
  2. for a hard drive a y cable is recommended if its a portable hard drive i dont think that you would need one if it has a external power supply plug if im not mistaken it doesnt matter if its 3.0 or not i dont think theres any benefit for wiiu but i could be wrong main thing is to go for a suitable hard drive for you and make sure its 2.0 compatible
  3. main things are not to link/chain multiple ad links together and to make sure the ads do not contain any inappropriate content other than those 2 things your good to go
  4. I've decided to merge my new thread with the old one due to people being somehow still attracted to this thread receiving likes and replies regularly and also that I have 0 intention of reuploading the old ones because i dont have the old versions anymore on my hdd and i do go through periods where the old ones dont get any downloads / ends up being deleted so this is for the best anyways enjoy will do an update soon
  5. Try miyamoto editor only found about it today seems to have some features which will makes things easier have not tried it out properly but it should help you
  6. Updated I have added soundtracks for all the customs for now only on uplod but mirror will follow soon and i will switch hosts soon but i just wanted to get to the last payout before doing soon but levels are needed to be edited im trying to figure out a fast way to do this
  7. So my question is, is there any Fast / Auto way to change music in NSMBW levels from new to newer? Basically recently Ive been adapting my customs and mods etc... to newer and more was able to do most things quite quickly but this is the only thing im having trouble with of course can do it manually but then for every zone area level that would take ages its a bit confusing to try and do it in a batch auto because levels saved in different versions of reggie will have different hex code which was the way i was hoping to do this quickly but sadly i dont think i can any help / advice would be appreciated thanks
  8. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. The issue is that rip of the game had the the normal tracks replaced because back at a certain time that was the only method for playing the dlc tracks but now that isnt as much needed solution is to copy the original tracks over them or just download a new rip of mario kart 8 one which your sure that is not modified @ other people whose posting here this is a help section not download section if your not going to help then please dont post here
  10. If anyone would like to help out on any of the customs please contact me thanks Any help would be appreciated Just to say I have updated the thread and added all customs although please note that this is early stages the customs do not yet take advantage / dont have any real addition feature except for revolution atm It is nice to see this thread picking up a bit although i do hope the downloads will aswell because how much progress i will make will either depend on the amount of downloads or if people help out I would also appreciate some feedback and opinions on like: - What to do with the bonus world 9? was not really sure what to do I have been thinking of just splitting up world nine and putting 2 levels in some of the bonus worlds in newer then just remove the slots which arent needed and it would also mean that you need to find the secret exit rather than getting all gold star coins to access which may be good - Should I put the ambush levels as like mini boss fights in? - compiling the file, do you like the method? any ideas on to improve it (if needed)? dont think there is anything that i can really do, only real improvements i can do may be a bit time consuming so not really worth it
  11. MEGA

  12. Updated the guide a bit but still more needed to be done
  13. The guide is a bit outdated now i will try to update soon I'll be adding more parts to the guide Also ordered myself a ps tv and it is possibile to use a usb hdd on a ps tv so im very excited for that
  14. *In Progress* Requirements: - Micro SD (32gb recommended) Downloads: Libreelec [Hidden Content] Intro: This Guide will take you through the steps on how to install libreelec on a micro sd This is best way to do so because 1 its safe as its on the micro sd and 2 you still have android on the minix u1 You can install libreelec on a usb but I dont recommend it as the performance at least for me isnt as good as a micro sd Also DO NOT INSTALL to nand as it may damage your system where as if you mess up on your micro sd just format it then use rufus to install a new image Guide - Libreelec Download All the needed files first After downloading the device tree: gxbb_p200_2G_minix_neo_u1.dtb rename it to: dtb.img Download and install rufus (or just run the portable program) Run the program and make sure you select the right external device I recommend having only your micro sd plugged in (dont have other devices plugged in just incase) Under format options in the second box select the image type DD Image then browse for your libreelec image do not change other options then click start and then yes wait until it completes after its done the micro sd card should now be 511mb this is normal because it reserves the rest in another partition for all your libreelec data copy dtb.img to the root of your micro sd card Next iinsert your micro sd card into the minix u1 system make sure its in and turn it on and hold the power button for about 6 seconds It should start you should see a minix screen then a librelec screen first time running it will take longer as it is setting up After you will be in libreelec and you'll go through the first time setup to configure some settings etc... After that your ready to go!!! Updating LibreELEC using Samba Best way to do so (especially windows) is to use samba due to the partition being hidden from windows and by this way you keep the micro sd card in the minix u1 and just need internet and your computer Power on your minix u1 device and computer First we will need to get your minix u1 ip address then we will need to make sure that samba is enabled Username: root Password: libreelec