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  1. 31/08/16 Currently reuploading on UploadBoy will do mirrors later UploadBoy Folder (Currently Uploading) [Hidden Content] Password: BlueDiskHaven * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Please check out my blog to support me, Thank you Quote [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 18 Vip Mix (Vip) I may consider to adapt into newer since i have made special tilesets for something else which can be used in this too So there would be a bit more interest then but not holding any promises or saying when [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 17 Bowser's Last Laugh *BETA PACK - RIIVOLUTION ONLY* [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 16 Revelations *Beta* wbfs + Riivolution Beta Pack [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 15 A New World [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 14 Project Mario *BETA PACK - RIIVOLUTION + WBFS* [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 13 Shadow Zero Escape (wrath of shadow bowser + epic bowser world + extra) [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 12 Sunshine Paradise (NSMBW Summer Sunshine + Koopa Country) [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 11 American Revolution Remake of Legends Demo World 1 (Now most of it is snow) + other *BETA PACK - RIIVOLUTION ONLY* + WBFS BETA [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 10 The Journey [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 9 Virtue (Remake of Curse Of The Black Toad) Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros. Wii 8 Omega (XMAS REMIX) Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros. Wii 7 Retro Heaven Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros. Wii 6 The Other P Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Five Spica Edition (Remake of Another Super Mario Bros) Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros. Wii 4 Arcadia Another Ride (Remake Of Arcadia) Download: [Hidden Content] - NSMB Retro Remix (Retro Remix Team) *Levels Edited By Me* Download: [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 Reggie [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Revolution Download: [Hidden Content] - Zero Series - New Super Mario Bros 0-6 Radiance [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros 0-5 Evolution [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros 0-4 D.I.Y. [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros 0-3 Madness Returns (Remake of NSMB Hellboy Edition) Download: [Hidden Content] - Newer Super Mario Bros Wii 0-2 Next Generation Levels [Hidden Content] - New Super Mario Bros Wii 0 Where It All Began *Remake Of Scooby Doo Bros Adventure* Download: [Hidden Content] - Spin Offs - Scooby Doo The Bros Adventure Download: [Hidden Content] DU Super Wario Bros Wii [Hidden Content] - New Super Metroid Bros Wii [Hidden Content]
  2. 1- Introduction Hosts: UPLOD.WS or [Hidden Content] Click on a link Untick "Download our offers" then click on the download button just above *ignore other download buttons if there are* then click on "Click here to download" and you download should start [Hidden Content] Click on a link Click on "Free Slow Download" or "Premium Fast Download" depending on the account that you have / want Enter captcha if required then click "Create Download Link" Click on the link generated and your download should start Download Newer Super Mario Bros Wii + Script *You'll need this for the mods or other mods* Password: BlueDiskHaven [hide][Hidden Content]] or [hide][Hidden Content]] - How to compile a mod *Requires Wiims ISO Tool v2.40a* Before we begin download and install download link: [hide][Hidden Content]] alternative link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Step 1- Download Newer Super Mario Bros Wii + Script and one of the mods packages or other mods Step 2- Extract Newer Super Mario Bros Wii + Script into a folder then Extract one of the mods and overwrite all files of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii + Script Step 3- Run the bat file included in one of the mod packages Build_IMAGE_*IDOFXMOD*.bat Step 4- Go through the options selecting your preferred file format wbfs or iso Step 5- Let it compile after its done enjoy the mod! Notes: I advise to keep a backup of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii + Script package somewhere as you will require it as a base to build any mod in this thread 2- Mods [Hidden Content] 3- Other Mods [Hidden Content] 4- About Right now initially this will be more experimental to see how things go To see if people are interested in customs being updated and revamped, initial release of revolution as a demonstration I may fully revamp revolution and other customs if this goes well but if not i may still continue but just without as many improvements or editing (bare bones). In case if people want to help out to edit other customs contact me via pm or in the dev section forum Releasing this now to see how people like the way I release the files and see how everyone adapts to it and if improvements can be made. Please note that there may be issues since this is an initial release and also that I only use dolphin on pc again this is mostly to get feedback for now.
  3. Credit to various users from everywhere [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Here I release Project Zero Maiden Of Black Water in English / PAL By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven - Project Zero Maiden Of Black Water PAL (Loadiine Ready) Password: BlueDiskHaven Release Name: [BDH] Project Zero Maiden Of Black Water By BlueDiskHaven Notes: - Simply extract the wiiu folder to the root of your sd card - Works, Game tested by me Loadiine 3.0 with SSBU Disc - Mii Maker Mode Doesn't work, Only SSBU Disc Mode Works - Loading times are slow 2mins approx although not too bad - Don't know if the game requires spoof? It did for me for dumping the game but don't know for loadiine. Note to all users: Please Do Not Re-upload this anywhere! I got this game and decided to dump it so everyone can enjoy it as its hard to get. I'm open to getting more unreleased games but it's important that my links do well. Your welcome to share my links anywhere on other forums, I'll provide some mirrors. If you can buy the game at a good price then please do so to support the devs. Thanks For Reading & Understanding! By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven Download Links: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: BlueDiskHaven Edit: Just to update here apparently loading can be improved if you have the sd card formatted in 64kb allocation size It does seem to affect loading times as originally had mine in 32kb loading times were 2 mins but 64kb takes it to 30 secs or less, so keep note of that also with the huge amount of people interested remember to click the like button
  5. Games Uploaded: 1 *Mirror Links Will Come Later For Now Only Mega* Password For Downloads If Needed: BlueDiskHaven Just Cause Game ID: NPED00074 Game: [hide][Hidden Content]] Rap: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. I will provide some mirrors 2 or 3 alternative links (for all games) tomorrow just used uploadso because it was the fastest for me and its late so tomorrow ill update or later on today since its past midnight! (I have 10 games total although some i may not be able to dump) I will be uploading all the games I have if possibile 【Gravity Rush】【PCSF00024】【LANG: EN / Multi ?】【REGION:EU / PAL】[Dumped With Vitamin v2-0] 【Uncharted】【PCSF00012】【LANG: EN / Multi ?】【REGION:EU / PAL】【Dumped with: Vitamin v2.0】 Part1 Part2 Part3 or Part1 Part2 Part3 【Virtue's Last Reward】【PCSE00085】【LANG: EN / Multi ?】【REGION:NA / NTSC】[Dumped With Vitamin v2-0] 【Wipeout 2048】【PCSF00007】【LANG: EN / Multi ?】【REGION:EU / PAL】[Dumped With Vitamin Omega / Leak] or Password for all downloads are: BlueDiskHaven
  7. IMPORTANT Firmware Update 3.61 has been released. Do NOT update to 3.61 or anything above 3.60 if you want to keep HENkaku! Vitamin, a tool for dumps games has been officially released by hacker TheFloW This now means that everyonehas the means to make and play game backups on their PS Vita. *Requires a PS Vita on 3.60*Henkaku has been released for firmware 3.60. Visit the following link below in the internet browser application on the ps vita to install the hack. You should either see an error or the "welcome to HENkaku" alert screen. (The odd time it may give an error if so just keep trying) After when you have successfully installed HENkaku you will have a new bubble on your Vita home screen called "molecularShell", start it With "molecularShell" you are able to browse through the storage on your Vita and it also has a built-in FTP server which you can use by pressing Select (while in molecularShell). Games and other homebrew apps are in .vpk format which you can install in "molecularShell". So you will have to transfer the files to your PS Vita via FTP or QCMA and then install them inmolecularShell. You need to transfer them any folder in "ux0:" for example I made a folder called "packages" and I just put the vpk files I wanted to install there. Download any ftp client on and for your pc for example winscp 1) Make sure you install a suitable FTP manager on your PC/Android device. (I'm gonna leave iOS out for the simple reason of that I have little-to-no experience with iPhone FTP apps) I highly recommend WinSCP for PC, and TurboFTP for your Android device, as they work with almost no fuss or fiddling around with settings! I will leave it up to you to configure the site for connecting to your Vita. (Just press select on your Vita while in VitaShell and it will tell you the IP address and port to set up the site to connect to!) 2) After you have set up your respective FTP manager, connect to your Vita (make sure to stay on the "now running FTP server" screen, or press X to have it run in the background) and the FTP manager on your PC/Android device should display all the main partitions within the Vita. 3) [OPTIONAL] Navigate to ux0: in the manager, and create a folder (preferably called "VPK") to store all of your incoming VPK files in. 4) Back on the PC/Android device, send over your downloaded VPK file of choice to the desired location on your Vita. Then close the FTP window on your Vita, and navigate to the folder you placed the VPK into. 5) Press X on the VPK file, and X again to confirm the installation. If you get a window saying "This app will gain higher priveliges and may be dangerous", think twice about what you just downloaded/transferred, and hit X once again to really confirm the installation. 6) When the installation is successful, your app should now show up in the LiveArea with no errors. If you encountered an error while installing the VPK, something is wrong with your file and should try to investigate the issue the best you can, because it could simply be anything... And that is how you install a VPK with ease!
  8. The guide is a bit outdated now i will try to update soon I'll be adding more parts to the guide Also ordered myself a ps tv and it is possibile to use a usb hdd on a ps tv so im very excited for that
  9. Info: Download:
  10. New Update Released 17/01/16! Please do not reupload this anywhere Por favor, no resubir esto en cualquier lugar Bitte nicht diese überall laden *Visit My Blog* Original Release Date (End For Now): 03/01/2014 New Update (First Haven) Release Date: 17/01/2016 Formerly known as NSMBW 20 The End For Now Soundtrack: Different Tracks + Shadow Hearts Currently Recruiting: [Hidden Content]? About the custom: Credits: OST: [Hidden Content] Game: v2.00 Download: Password: BlueDiskHaven Changelog 2.00: - Project rernamed to First Haven - 4+ Levels of World 6 [Time3] (up to tower) - 1+ Level of World B [Darkumbra Zone] (First level just to show an example / idea concept etc...) - 1+ Level of World C [Hyper World] (May change name if I think of something better) (Like before it's to show the concept etc...) - More levels added (But cant remember exactly where and a few which cant be accessed yet) - New Backgrounds (Some used in older levels) (Others for new ones) (Extras unused for future versions via patch) - New Music (For new levels) (Extras unused for future versions via patch) - New Tilesets (For new levels) (Some Slightly Edited either added objects or slightly changed color etc...) (Extras unused for future versions via patch) - Fixes Improvements & Changes to different levels (Can't remember everything exactly) Biggest changes differences as follows: - Re-Organized Tilesets - Some levels using different tilesets - Edited current tilesets added extra things etc... (Including a bridge for levels in world 1 levels) (World 1 levels slightly edited very minor just some polishing) - Edited Levels - Added a few new levels - Fixed the thunder coming out from Thundercloud (you can now see it in the levels which I used him in) - Added Podouble bosses in World 5 - Added Samurai Shy Guy bosses in World 4 - Retexture Samurai Shy Guy to black/grey colour to make it sort of look like the foot from tmnt - Added a few other re-textures like arrow, midway flag, crow (black), I may also do a few more - Edited the layouts menus (recoloured etc...) - Added a music house in 1-41 aka Yoshi's house go in the door to view the soundtrack - Edited levels in world 2 (mostly minor edits its more about polishing and star coins) - Edited level 4-1 used a pipe tileset for the sewer segments as a background, also swapped a level around in world 4 (6 with 7) - Added backgrounds and tilesets (for future purpose if needed) - Added a few new soundtracks - And other minor edits - And more! Changelog 1.02: - Fixed Pipes in A-2 "Needed for secret exit" - Fixed A-Castle "Fixed & Requires you to have unlocked the yellow bricks, secret exit in 01-08" - New tileset for A-Castle "By FGR aka me just to make the opening part look a bit better" - Edited a few tilesets and a few other minor changes - Swapped Level A-3 with A-A Changelog 1.01: - Fixed Pipe in 0A-01 - Fixed Black Screen in 01-04 - Added Secret Exit in A-2 which unlocks another level - Fixed a few tiles in smw retro part (Level was still possibile to complete but it looks better now) - Edited a few tilesets plus added a new one to work better with (01-06) - Placed missing star coins in world 1 - Added secret exit in world 1 to unlock the yellow switch (not required but makes it easier to get a few star coins) - Few other minor edits Password: BLUEDISKHAVEN MD5 Checksums: Screenshots (Minor Spoilers): [Hidden Content] Secret Exits (SPOILERS): [Hidden Content] SaveGames: [Hidden Content] Videos: [Hidden Content] Click the like button! Please do not reupload this anywhere
  11. Vidzi *I'll hopefully be adding games everyday will be uploading every rom I have* Note most roms that can be trimmed are trimmed All downloads are .3ds (not packed in rar or anything) (With most of the roms being trimmed anyways) I've tested all roms with my gateway (So make sure the your downloads go properly) Region For Games is whatever is released first or the region that matches released dlc AVGN Adventures Beyond The Labyrinth [ENG PATCHED v1.0] Bravely Default Donkey.Kong.Country.Returns.3D Etrian Mystery Dungeon Fantasy Life Fire Emblem Awakening Harmo Knight Heroes.of.Ruin IRONFALL Invasion Liberation Maiden Luigi's Mansion Mario_and_Donkey_Kong_Minis_on_the_Move Mario Golf World Tour Mario Kart 7 Mario Party Island Tour Mario Photo Might Gunvolt v2-0 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate NCIS 3D New Super Mario Bros 2 Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth Pilot Wings Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Pokemon_Art_Academy Project_X_Zone Pushmo Puzzle and Dragons Z plus Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS-VENOM Shin_Megami_Tensei_Devil_Summoner_Soul_Hackers Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Shin_Megami_Tensei_Devil_Survivor_2_Record_Breaker Shovel Knight Steamworld Dig Super Smash Bros Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon Show) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Movie) Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask Tomodachi Life Ultimate NES Remix Yoshi's New Island
  12. TheRapide Mirror
  13. Password For All Downloads: BlueDiskHaven slot0x25KeyX decTitleKeys
  14. ------- Credit to AIDA for translation ● Can extract/decrypt games and updates (Both physical and digital) ● Can extract the updates by themselves (Both physical and digital) ● Can install the games to your VITA directly, instead of dumping to a VPK. ● Can decrypt and load games that use the sce_modules ● Automatically loads all plugins in ux0:/plugins/ ● Saves the original eboot to mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin ● Does not support grw games (With updates built into the cart) ● Does not support some of the rare self loading games (Uncharted: Golden Abyss) ● If the game can not be normal operation of the solution (in two attempts) The eboot.bin replaced mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin Deletion two reserved sce_module / libc.suprx and sce_module / libfios2.suprx with _m of (???) ● This version does not support DLC, this will likely be added in the next version. (If there is a next version!) ● When dumping a game, the user can choose to install it to their VITA directly from the game, or pack it into a compressed VPK (Because the latter takes a while) ● PLEASE do not let the screen lock, as this will fail the dumping process. ● This tool is for educational and research purposes only! Please delete it within 24 hours, and do NOT use it for commercial use. The underlined ones either made no sense, or talk about something I have no knowledge of.
  15. Password if needed: BlueDiskHaven Shin.Megami.Tensei.Devil.Survivor.2.Record.Breaker.Update.v1-1.US.BlueDiskHaven Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask Update v1-1 EUR Super Smash Bros Update v1.0.7 EUR Xenoblade Update v1-1 EUR Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate v1-1 EUR Pokemon Alpha Sapphire v1.4 Region Free Pokemon Omega Ruby v1.4 Region Free Pokemon X v1.5 Region Free Pokemon Y v1.5 Region Free Mario.and.Luigi.Dream.Team.Bros.Update.Data.1.1.EUR.3DSWare.3DS-BigBlueBox Mario.Kart.7.Update.Data.1.1.EUR.3DSWare.3DS-BigBlueBox Shin.Megami.Tensei.Devil.Survivor.Overclocked.Update.Data.1.1.EUR.3DSWare.3DS-BigBlueBox Pokemon Art Academy 1.1
  16. Password: BlueDiskHaven Super Smash Bros (EUR) - Mewtwo And Mii Outfits NSMB 2 (EUR) Fantasy Life (EUR) IronFall Invasion DLC Mighty Gunvolt DLC Theatrhythm FInal Fantasy (E) [DLC] Fire Emblem Awakening ALL DLC [uS] *: You must delete CTR-M-AFEE with devmenu if you have previously purchased DLC or installed a FE DLC cia* Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies DLC (EUR Region Locked) Mario Golf World Tour [uS] [ALL DLC] Shin Megami Tensei IV [uS] [ALL DLC]
  17. FGR's : Legendary Channels/Forwarders ArchiveAll Channels Based on Official CFG Loader Forwarder Source or Official Forwarder Source Last Update, 19/09/11:Genesis Plus GXSavegame Manager GXUSB Loader GXUpdate History: All Channels Have been testedAll Channels Based on Official Configurable USB Loader Forwarder Source or Official Forwarder SourceHow to Install Wad Files: Mediafire Download Folder:[Hidden Content]- Genesis Plus GX Forwarder ChannelDownload Link:v11:Info: Path : SD: apps/genplus-gx/ USB: apps/genplus-gx/boot.dol Banner : Wii Theme Team Icon : CountZeroWad - Savegame Manager GXDownload Link:Official (v7): Forwarder Source: Official v7 Banner : Same (Unchanged) Icon : Same (Unchanged) Sound : Same just Converted To BNS Forwarder Paths : Same As Official - USB Loader GXDownload Link:Official (v4): Forwarder Source: Official v4 Banner : (Same) BG to RGB565 and Logo to RGB5A3 Icon : (Same) BG to RGB565 and Logo to RGB5A3 Sound : Same just Converted To BNS Forwarder Paths : Same As Official - YAWMM (Yet Another Wad Manager Mod)Download Link:v11: Forwarder Source: v11 Base Wad: Pepxl Black Edition Forwarder Banner : Edited From Background Of YAWMM (source) Icon : Official Logo App Sound : Flash Kit Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/yawmm/boot.dol USB: apps/yawmm/boot.dol SD: apps/yetanotherwadmanagermod/boot.dol USB: apps/yetanotherwadmanagermod/boot.dol - MultiMod ManagerDownload Link:v11: Forwarder Source: v11 Base Wad: Wiiflow Banner : Logo used from channel icw35 Icon : Logo Found On Google Images Sound : Flash Kit Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/MMM/boot.dol USB: apps/MMM/boot.dol SD: apps/MultiModManager/boot.dol USB: apps/MultiModManager/boot.dol - Mighty ChannelsDownload Link:v11: Forwarder Source: v11 Banner/Icon: Me Faith Genesis Raven (Banner) Official App (Icon) Icon : Official logo app background edited official theme of mighty channels Sound : Flash Kit ??? Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/mighty_channels/boot.dol USB: apps/mighty_channels/boot.dol - CFG USB LoaderDownload Link :Info : Forwarder Source: Official v11 Channel edit Credits : abdias Banner/Icon: Banner used xenoblade custom wad as base, Edited Icon same but it's now animated Sound : New sound added Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/USBLoader/boot.dol USB: apps/USBLoader/boot.dol - NeoGammaDownload Link:v1: Forwarder Source: v1 Banner/Icon: Finished Banner (Edited Images) Icon Used the static base wad Icon : Wilsoff background Wilsoff Sound : Flash Kit Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/neogamma/boot.dol USB: apps/neogamma/boot.dol - Wii64Download Link:v11:Info: Path : SD/USB: apps/wii64 Banner : CountZeroWad Icon : Wii Theme Team - SNES9xGXDownload Link :Info : Forwarder Source: Tantric Fowarder source ios 58 mod by narolez Banner : snes9xgx top secret level (customizemii) (I changed logo) Icon : Snes9xgx Official Channel v0.52 (wilsoff) (I Edited Background and koopa to Mario) Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol USB: apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol - Wiiflow Starnight *New Splash Screen*Download Link :Info : Forwarder Source: Tantric Fowarder source ios 58 mod by narolez Splash Screen : Starnight theme background + wiiflow logo + loading screen Banner/Icon: Nothing Changed Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/wiiflow/boot.dol USB: apps/wiiflow/boot.dol - Fceu GX *Added Splash Screen same in vid**Not my video but same channel*Download Link :Info : Forwarder Source: Tantric Fowarder source ios 58 mod by narolez Splash Screen : Splash Screen By wilsoff Banner/Icon: Nothing Changed Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/fceu_gx/boot.dol USB: apps/fceu_gx/boot.dol - WiiMC *Old Video same channel just with new dol*Download Link :Info : Forwarder Source: Fix94 v7 based on cfg Banner: Person66 Icon: Official WiiMC Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/wiimc/boot.dol USB: apps/wiimc/boot.dol - MPlayer CEDownload Link :Info : Forwarder Dol : MPlayer CE Official forwarder source (6/12/10) Channel By : spayrosam Changes : Sound and added the dol Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/mplayer_ce/boot.dol USB: apps/mplayer_ce/boot.dol - SMS Plus GX Animated SD-Forwarder ChannelDownload Link:Info : Forwarder Dol : sd customizemii simplex forwarder (6/12/10) Banner : troy the zombie Icon : ??? Changes : Sound and logos Forwarder Paths : SD: apps/smsplus/boot.dol - In Progress:WiiSXMPlayer_CE (New Sound)Sms Plus GX (Editing Icon and maybe even a new sound)NeoGamma (Editing Icon Hopefully able to get it animated)PriiloaderBootmii
  18. All links are Loadus or Backup links *Please download from loadus links to support but if by any chance they are down then use the backup link* - 300 - Aedis Eclipse Generation Of Chaos - Assassin Creed Bloodlines - Astonisha Stories - Blade Dancer - Brave Story - Breath Of Fire III - Dead Of Alive Paradise - Disgaea - Dissidia 012 - Dragoneers Aria - Dungeon Explorer - Dungeon Maker 2 - Fate Extra - Family Guy - Final Fantasy 1+2 - Final Fantasy IV Complete Edition - God Eater Burst - Jeanne D'Arc - Legend Of Heroes Tear Of Vermillion - Mana Khemia Student Alliance - Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner - Naruto Kizuna Drive - Persona 2 - Popolocrois - Riviera - Sonic Rivals 2 - Spectral Souls Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empires - Star Ocean First Departure - Star Ocean Second Evolution - Tales Of Eternia (JAP) - Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology The 3rd Birthday - Tron - Undead Knights - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - Vallaha Knights - Yggdra - Ys The Ark Of Napishtim - WWE All Stars - Wild Arms XF
  19. Loadiine GX v0.2 Beta - Homebrew Launcher Method Package to Extract To Root Of PC HardDrive: - Self Host Package to Extract To Root Of SD Card: - (Use only this package if your loading the homebrew launcher off a site or both for self hosting) Loadiine GX v0.1 Beta - Self Host Method Package to Extract To Root Of PC HardDrive: I will provide different style of packages bit by bit
  20. *In Progress* Requirements: - Micro SD (32gb recommended) Downloads: Libreelec [Hidden Content] Intro: This Guide will take you through the steps on how to install libreelec on a micro sd This is best way to do so because 1 its safe as its on the micro sd and 2 you still have android on the minix u1 You can install libreelec on a usb but I dont recommend it as the performance at least for me isnt as good as a micro sd Also DO NOT INSTALL to nand as it may damage your system where as if you mess up on your micro sd just format it then use rufus to install a new image Guide - Libreelec Download All the needed files first After downloading the device tree: gxbb_p200_2G_minix_neo_u1.dtb rename it to: dtb.img Download and install rufus (or just run the portable program) Run the program and make sure you select the right external device I recommend having only your micro sd plugged in (dont have other devices plugged in just incase) Under format options in the second box select the image type DD Image then browse for your libreelec image do not change other options then click start and then yes wait until it completes after its done the micro sd card should now be 511mb this is normal because it reserves the rest in another partition for all your libreelec data copy dtb.img to the root of your micro sd card Next iinsert your micro sd card into the minix u1 system make sure its in and turn it on and hold the power button for about 6 seconds It should start you should see a minix screen then a librelec screen first time running it will take longer as it is setting up After you will be in libreelec and you'll go through the first time setup to configure some settings etc... After that your ready to go!!! Updating LibreELEC using Samba Best way to do so (especially windows) is to use samba due to the partition being hidden from windows and by this way you keep the micro sd card in the minix u1 and just need internet and your computer Power on your minix u1 device and computer First we will need to get your minix u1 ip address then we will need to make sure that samba is enabled Username: root Password: libreelec
  21. Vidzi Credit to the Original Uploader and Cracker that Fixed this DLC. Instructions: Simply Download, Extract And Install the pkg files on your ps3 unless otherwise stated ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON USA & EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30613 & BLES01392) OFFICIAL PATCH 1.13 USA & EUR (BLUS30613 & BLES01392) ALL DLC PACK FIX AGE OF BOOTY USA PSN GAME + PATCH 1.02 FIX CFW 4.XX + ALL DLC PACK FIX (NPUB30033) PSN GAME FIX + PATCH 1.02 FIX CFW 4.XX + ALL DLC PACK FIX USA (NPUB30033) AKIBA'S TRIP 2 UNDEAD & UNDRESSED USA, EUR , & JPN ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS31425, NPUB31475, BLES02097, NPEB02125, BLJM61105, & NPJB00348) OFFICIAL GAME UPDATE 1.03 JPN (BLJM61105, & NPJB00348) ALL DLC PACK FIX USA, EUR, & JPM (BLUS31425, NPUB31475, BLES02097, NPEB02125, BLJM61105, & NPJB00348) ALICE MADNESS RETURNS USA & EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30607 & BLES01265) AMERICAN MCGEES ALICE DLC PACK USA (BLUS30607) ALL DLC PACK FIX USA & EUR (BLUS30607 & BLES01265) The Instructions (BLES01265) are: - Install [AMERICAN MCGEES ALICE DLC PACK USA (BLUS30607).pkg]; - Install [ALICE MADNESS RETURNS EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLES01265).pkg]; - With Multiman, go to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30607/USRDIR; - Move and replace USRDIR Folder from that place to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01265/USRDIR; - Install [ALICE MADNESS RETURNS EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLES01265).pkg] again; - Finally, you can enjoy the New Updates and DLC. ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES USA & EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30862 & BLES01770) OFFICIAL PATCH 1.05 USA & EUR (BLUS30862 & BLES01770) ALL DLC PACK FIX USA (BLUS30862) The Instructions (BLES01770) are: - Install [OFFICIAL PATCH 1.05 EUR (BLES01770).pkg]; - Install [ALL DLC PACK LIST USA (BLUS30862).pkg]; - Install [ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES USA ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30862).pkg]; - With Multiman, go to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30862/USRDIR; - Move and replace USRDIR Folder from that place to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01770/USRDIR; - Finally, you can enjoy the New Updates and DLC. ALIEN: ISOLATION USA & EUR ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30832 & BLES01697) OFFICIAL GAME UPDATE 1.01-1.02 USA & EUR (BLUS30832 & BLES01697) ALL DLC PACK LIST EUR (BLES01697) ALL DLC PACK FIX USA & EUR (BLUS30832 & BLES01697) The Instructions (BLUS30832) are: - Install [OFFICIAL PATCH 1.01-1.02 USA (BLUS30832).pkg]; - Install [ALL DLC PACK LIST EUR (BLES01697).pkg]; - With Multiman, go to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01697/USRDIR; - Move and replace USRDIR Folder from that place to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30832/USRDIR; - Install [ALIEN ISOLATION USA ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30832).pkg]; - Finally, you can enjoy the New Updates and DLC. ANARCHY REIGNS USA, EUR, & JPN ALL DLC PACK FIX (BLUS30632, BLES01232, & BLJM60305) ALL DLC PACK FIX
  22. Very handy tool for making ISO's v2.1