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Everything posted by ScottyTheVideoGamer

  1. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

    10. Assassin's Creed Revelations Everything was done well for Ezio's sendoff 9. Mirror's Edge Staying alive 8. Alice Madness Returns Don't we all like a little bit of madness? 7. Final Fantasy VII One winged angel 6. Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Always remember the intro song before playing the game. 5. Deus Ex Human Revolution Loved the soundtrack for this game fitted in very well. 4. Kingdom Hearts Utada Hikaru was already a fan before I played Kingdom Hearts 3. Super Mario Bros. The original mario tune so addicting. 2. Alan Wake To add to the atmosphere of the game but also the ending credit song to each chapter. 1. Life Is Strange Loved the sound track really easy to listen to. Nice mix of indie folk and a tiny bit of rock too. Honorable Mentions: Ghostbusters Bioshock Infinite Uncharted
  2. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 Mario Games Of All Time

    10. Mario Tennis (GameBoy Color) Honestly it's still my favorite mario tennis game to date. It much closer to actual tennis rather than all these power ups in newer mario tennis game. RPG elements mini games to train up earn exp etc... It's simple but fun. 9. Mario Kart 64 Still a very fun game if your playing local co op with 4 controllers all sitting on the couch, its still a blast. From the regular grand prix which for never old when playing with friends and family. But also battle mode which nintendo has never really done it right since this game. Sadly not much for single player but with friends it is something special. 8. Super Mario 64 This one holds dear to me as I remember getting this game with the console as a kid on a treasure hunt ( damn I feel old now XD ) Anyways it is still a very fun game to play even today. I really wish for nintendo to port the ds version for the switch that would be awesome. 7. Super Mario Maker Loads of fun and challenge to be had with 4 style to either play for create. What is there not to love. Nintendo made a really smart move with this as the 2d was sort of going out of fashion From having not been overly impressed with new super mario bros. u. But with this brings infinite posibilities and I can't wait for super mario maker 2 for the switch. 6. Super Mario Galaxy Fun game something different, plenty of unique levels and also great visual looking. 5. New Super Mario Bros Wii This brought a new era to the 2d mario, when it came out it felt fresh it was awesome. And thats not all but there were many mods for this which was awseome. 4. Super Mario 3D World Awesome mario game. Again many unique levels. It bright and a lovely visual looking game. Great fun with friends or family as it is up to 4 players. Good amount of levels to complete and things to collect. CAT SUIT! what else do I have to say? 3. Super Mario Odyssey 3d mario games I dont know how nintendo does it. they always find a way to have unique levels with every 3d mario game. This game is epic went up to the next level visually the sound too. gameplay also with many stars to collect from the very easy ones to the tough ones and the cap was fun to use as well. 2. Super Mario Sunshine I really loved this game, as I felt like it brought something different to mario games. It was not the typical peach gets captured go save her as per usual. Here it felt like there was some kind of a story. I liked the level designs, reasonably good challenge as well and it still really holds up. A really good fun solid mario game. Something in my opinion is a bit underappreciated. 1. Super Mario Bros 3. It was the mario game which was in my 10 top games list of all time, so of course it was going to be number one here. I just like the simple pick up and play arcade retro style game and I just love this game. And it is always the one mario which I go back to regularly hence why its number one for me.
  3. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Prosecutor Princess

    What I didn't like Ma Sang Tae is a murderer even though it wasn't intentional but he framed Seo's Father and that was intentional and Seo died in prison so isn't a Sang still a murderer since he knew he was inisent and that? I think so So I disliked that part My Score: 8/10 I think its great drama although its a bit confusing and maybe takes 10 eps to see what's actually going on It can be confusing and you asking what why etc... even though you can think and probably guess some of it maybe that it was revenge But you wouldn't know until ep 10-11 I think it maybe should've revealed some things earlier It's like your in Hye Mi's shoes during the drama
  4. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Personal Taste

    It just got really heavy in the last half of the series It was as if it changed genre from romantic comedy to romantic drama Which was actually a bit disappointing because I was really enjoying the comedy side of the drama Was laughing a lot in the first half of the series, even though it was still good in the last half of the series but it just wasnt the same I missed the comedy it had My Score 8.5/10
  5. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] City Hunter

    City Hunter K-Drama Review Synopsis Source: wiki.d-addicts The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and becomes a "City Hunter." This was the second k-drama that I ever watched and I want to have my input into it If you do any amount of research on this drama you'll know that it's gonna be good and that its awesome That's why I watched it because it was on top of everybody's list Its even on netflix Anyways lets get to it What I like the most about this series is almost everything - Its a full package, there's everything from a serious interesting story, there's action romance comedy - Quality of the fights and the quality overall, Its just top class and pure awesomeness, everything looks amazing scenery - Soundtrack was great too but it was nothing that stood out for me like from other dramas or games etc... - The cast was fantastic also they all done a great job - Twists and story telling its epic maybe it takes an ep or 2 to explain things but its still very good and after that its awesome its simply a masterpiece So after a near perfect drama there was one thing that really annoyed me The ending..... the ending.... (minor spoilers) It was one of the most lazy assed endings I've ever seen, a real let down as I would've said that this was one of the best no actually the best k-drama or even best series overall that I've ever seen if it wasn't for the ending Not because that there was plot holes or that it didn't make sense it was just lazy I actually liked the end game it was great it wasn't like how it ended but it was just the final scene The worst case of slow-motion staring at each other awkwardly.... "Couldn't they come up with something better...." I just don't understand how someone can make a fantastic series but then do such a lazy final scene.... I just don't get it My score : 9/10 Even though a part of me wanted to give it less like a 8 or 8.5 but in the end I couldn't do it because the rest of it is a masterpiece that you should watch and I would still recommend it despite the most lazy final scene ever
  6. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [XBOX 360 Review] Alan Wake

    My favourite part of the game was the ambience everything in it from surroundings soundtrack to the narrative and the story line was perfect My favourite xbox 360 My Score : 9.0+/10 LEGEND WAIT FOR IT DARY STATUS! This game is Legendary!
  7. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [XBOX 360 Review] Alice Madness Returns

    - Alice Madness Returns Great artwork, great story, good game and its decent length only thing that it lacks is variety I would've liked more worlds/areas, as I think the world designs are awesome but I would've preferred 11 worlds that are shorter than the 6 worlds in alice but have more variety but saying that its a great game unique game which is a must play. Brand new is good value for money as it has an online code to get the prequel for free and its great because you can use your controller to play My Score : 8+/10
  8. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [3DS Review] Lego City The Chase Begins

    It's a Lego game, I have to say Lego games are becoming better and better and Lego City is definitely a more unique one Graphics are good in this game even impressive at times Although vehicles and people can disappear and appear like magic just a small bit in front of you Maybe its kinda expected, its not that annoying but it can become so at times.... Even though the story has good humour but with very few voiced cut scenes there's no life in the ones that don't have voices in them which is a bit disappointing Because I wished that there was more, I think everyone would've enjoyed this game more The ending came kinda quick like as soon Rex Fury pops up it was like the final 3 missions I had only 20 something % completed it was kind of an illusion so game is like 7 hours There's loads of stuff to collect but I wasn't bothered with it this time Like it wasn't anything mega new compared to other Lego games I wished there was like side-quests or mini games in between missions Like stopping random crimes now that would've been awesome and I feel like it was a missed chance for them My Score : 7+/10 I'll say if you played the wiiu game of Lego city then yeah get this game But if you haven't I think its passable
  9. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed

    Akiba strip, sorry... I mean Akiba's Trip Undead And Undressed... That might as well made it Strip instead Although this game isn't actually bad it's actually good but not great or wonderful It's like a lower quality anime version of Yakuza & that to win the fights you need to strip the enemies clothes off.... This game isn't just a anime girl chick flick, its actually a pretty deep game How I came across this game well main reason really because there wasn't much else released around the time when it came out, Saw the cover thought it looked cool so I gave it a shot. Story wise nothing special most of the time its a bit silly but it was still fun which is the main thing Graphics again nothing overly special here You can customize your character with different equipment weapons clothes it also changes the appearance which is neat. From items you pick up from defeated foes, shops or rewards from missions etc... Soundtrack I thought was really good probably one of the best parts of the game Can't say the same about the voice actors they're.... ott typical from import games You might aswell change the voice to japanese which you can and it was nice to have this option without having to download anything unlike Drakengard 3 for example Sadly there's no anime cut scene's other than the one before the title screen It would've been nice if there were a few throughout the game NPC's pop out most of the time late which is a bit annoying when you just exit an area then see someone you would like to talk to for a sidequest or to collect something, when i had find defeat people can be a bit fustrating Other than the very first side mission the rest does not give you exact pointers on where to go would've been nice if there was red pointers for side mission Luckily you can see where the sidequests are on the map and you can transport to any area of the city which is very neat once you've visited that area, but with the npc pop issue more indiction on where to go exactly would've been nice Wished the combat was slightly better the controls they're almost good but not quite there Also would've like a preview system for shops so you can see what your buying Weapons.... some are great to control and others annoying Really like the almuniun bat felt probably the best from what I've tried But then there's others that are slow or aim weird which leaves you vunerable Combat can be annoying when you loose your top or bottom and became freaked out now most of time probably not too much of an issue but it's very annoying when facing lots of enemies like the idol side quest I lost my top freaked out got surrounded and attacked and lost all of the hp for bottoms 2000+ which is quite a lot to loose in a few seconds Every scene is voiced except that the main character you control doesnt have one Although This game is full of ad's and commercials of games or anime during loading screens or you see a poster or on a big tv screen on a building which is actually in some ways cool like even some of the equipment too are from other games etc... If I could fix one thing in this game what would I fix? Probably the slow NPC's appearing it's the most frustrating especially if involved in a quest Like I said this is actually a good game but not a wonderful game If you can find this game at a reasonable price then I would say go for it You may have a good time playing this game My Score: 7/10 Only if there was a bit more quality in certain areas this could have been a really good game It does a lot of good things but sadly with its flaws, it holds it back from it could've been. ScottyTheVideoGamer
  10. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

    From watching Forbidden Love I became quite interested in the gumiho (nine tailed fox) mythology. So when this k-drama came out I was very interested in watching it. Story The start was very mysterious and funny especially in the second episode and I thought wow this is really good and it convinced me to show and end up watching the rest of it with my friends it was that good. Sadly in the last few eps things for me started to get a little bit boring and repetitive It felt a bit teenage-y. Cast / Acting Everything was great, this drama had a very good cast and everyone played their roles really well and a real standout performance by Shin Min Ah who played the role of the gumiho. Music Good solid soundtrack with a few memorable ones that fits this drama well nothing amazing but good ones none the less. dippy dippy wa ah! XD Overall 8.5/10 I really enjoyed the start of this drama but I have to say that I was happy when it finished because it wasn't as interesting (and kinda lost its charm) compared to the 1st half of the series which is a bit disappointing but I still wanted to finish watching it to find out what happens and the ending does make up for it a bit so I would still recommend it but it could have been better if it was shorter like 12 eps.
  11. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Lie To Me

    Well I watched this after watching Coffee Prince because of Go Eun Chan, so is it good? read my review to find out! Story The drama is fun and silly it has likeable characters, at times it did have to rely on them as the story can be a bit repetitive but the chemistry between the leads was fantastic. Which certainly helps this drama. One thing I did really like was that it still managed to keep its comedy side so that deserves brownie points because in some dramas it gets too serious and heavy, even though of course there are serious and heavy moments here but there's still plenty of comedy which is great. The one thing that really bothered me was just after halfway in ep 9 quite a few things were different and most of them not explained, from little things like the guitar girl hardly ever playing again but more importantly Sang Hee had changed from his hair style but also a bit of his personality. That plus more made me from loving the drama to liking it. Luckily I still really like the two main characters and they definitely held things together. Acting / Cast Liked mentioned, I watched this because of Go Eun Chan, her along with Hyun Ki Joon is why you should watch the drama. Their chemistry together was awesome which makes this a drama that you should watch at some point as if it was not for them it could have been one to be dropped. Music Nothing overly memorable or stand out, but does it job fine not much else to say. Overall The chemistry of Go Eun Chan and Hyun Ki Joon saves this from being a train wreck. with multiple memorable you may get a bit frustrated but once I finished it I felt like it was worth it especially if you liked Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince or any of the other cast. My Score: 8.5/10
  12. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Coffee Prince

    Story Really good story and strong and likeable characters and done the tomboy is mistaken for a young man really well. Although I have to admit it was a little bit confusing at first on figuring who's who's and what's going on but after the 2nd episode, It started off from there it was simply brilliantThere's nothing bad I can say about the story only one minor thing is that the main character's sister can get a bit boring and repetitive but luckily she is not exactly on that much and its part of the character too but it doesn't change the fact she is annoying. Acting / Cast Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Gyul do I have to say anything more? This is probably both of their best drama and performance and I have to say the acting overall is top notch and the unit in the coffee shop is great although sometimes they don't get enough of their own screen time. And I also liked Choi Han Seong and Han Yoo Joo they done wonderfully as well. Music Soundtrack fits well with the drama it has some different style here and there although nothing that stands out and ones I really remember and would play often but it does the job it needed to do by complementing the drama. Overall This was the first drama where I thought WOW! I want more of this and for so long it was my number one its amazing now even though it is no longer in my top 10 but it still holds a dear place in my heart. My Score : 9.5/10 This is legendary except for the annoying sister but other than that it is LEGENDARY. *Please note that the review was originally written quite a few years ago now but I edited the Overall part to reflect my feelings of it now.
  13. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Catherine

    - Catherine Introduction Catherine is a puzzle platformer video game developed by Atlus. The game was released by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan and North America in 2011, in PAL regions by Deep Silver in 2012. This is certainly an interesting game and you can definitely feel the typical atlus style in this game and some more! Graphics/Sound Liked mentioned it feels like an atlus game with many of their cutscenes feels like persona style. Here characters are a bit more realistic still anime though. But more importantly the cut scenes are done amazingly well and there are plenty of them throughout the game. And in game graphics are fantastic as well, it make you feel as if you were playing an anime. Soundtrack is great also to fit the quirky tone of the game Gameplay Catherine is a puzzle platformer game, the goal is to reach the top and pulling out different blocks to climb on to do so to escape the dream. The challenge is that your escaping from a monster each and every time so it can get intense or fast pace as you cant take your time on make decisions on which block to pull out. That brings the fun and challenge but it can also get frustrating at times but the game as a whole is that good so you will not want to stop even during those times. Story Story is probably a bit no it actually a lot out there but it is awesome! The art style adds to the experience plenty of cut scenes and dialogue but more importantly you actually get choices throughout the game and it actually affects the ending which is nice. At times I just felt so sorry for Vince for the mess he was getting himself into and it gets really funny when the worst thing that could happen happens. Overall great story and it really picks up after chapter 4 where it became hard to stop playing! Play Time/Replayability Liked mentioned in Story you have choices which can get you various endings from so that adds for a bit of replay value but also that you earn medals from each stage so if you want to get gold then you can keep trying. So there are plenty of stuff to do here it just depends on what you want, how much you like the gameplay and how much you want to see the alternative endings. Final Recommendation Even if your not super into puzzle games like I am but with this game being so unique with its core gameplay and also the story and art style which if you like anime then this will be for you. My Score for Catherine is a 10/10 It is certainly an interesting experience
  14. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Deadly Premonition Directors Cut

    This review will more focus on directors cut changes rather than the game itself "FK in the coffee!" "I knew I can count on you it never fails!" The main thing is that the Controls have really improved When i was playing the original 360 version i do have to admit controls were a bit frustrating a then i was only a bit into it just around 2 hours and then the directors cut was annouced so i decided to wait it out and it is very different biggest frustrations are gone its no longer a bother to play the game only 2 things i would argue is no quick select for weapons and the map wished those were improved so with the improved controls the game was really enjoyable to play i didnt feel any frustration for most of the game the things that bothered me are 1 When you have run away and escape from the raincoat man it wasnt as intense i felt like controls should've been normal for those sequences so you have more control hence that it would've made it more intense 2 dead zombies respawn alot more later in the game causing for me just to runpast them rather than shoot/fight because they instantly re-appear which i feel thats a bad thing because you can't fight through them so you keep running instead 3 first biggest frustation was the mission where you had to tail nick in the car he drives so slow and if your too close to him mission failed im not joking when the mission started he barly moved for the first 5 mins...... mission took a very long while when if you were driving there wouldve took 5 mins or even less that part shouldve been replaced with a cut scene because its stupid 4 bumping into nothing on flat ground crash the car while turning not a huge but was annoying when you doing the trail races and then you crash into nothing so the last thing about the graphics i know graphics weren't gonna be amazing like other today games because it is an upgrade so i know not everything is possibile anyways im content with most of the graphics im not over the top impressed but they're good a slightly better than the 360 version although im dissapointed about the ground texture its blurry and looks outdated and terribile compared to the rest trees sky characters they all look good but then walking on terribile ground texture i know theres a lot of ground in the game but still it should've been better and in the video intro its really blurry and actually made me feel kinda sick so thats the only real issue of the graphics that the ground can be really blurry in certain parts of the game story wise yeah there are a few more scenes but nothing that changes the view of the game maybe if they do a sequel but right now it doesnt make a difference its only the last video/ending and then on the main menu after completing the game that changes things so... big complaint is dlc because some of them seemed kinda cool but.... i already finished the game before any of it was out they're not worth buying because i already finished the game plus most are clothes cars etc... best one probably the house but is it worth after finishing the game since none of them adds any extra story to the game dont think so but i loved this game it has great story and with none the major frustrations from the 360 game it was really easy to get into this game i even played the last 5 hours of it at once because i was so into it the story but thats what this game is about the story the personality of the game is the product here not the gameplay although i did expected certain things to be improved that weren't which is dissapointing i know this is a cheap budget game but this game already existed for 360 then ofcourse ps3 jap only before this directors cut so it was a same let down that didnt put the extra bit into that couldve made this into an almost perfect game so final score 8.5 / 10 i just enjoyed the story so much and since the controls were improved it was easy to get into the game and enjoy it alot more its a long game too which is great but just a pity that a few certain other things weren't improved because the score could've been even higher maybe even a 10
  15. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Binary Domain

    I finished the game not too long ago and i have to say its a great game Graphics are great maybe not like the best graphics I've seen but its still fantastic quality especially the cut-scenes but then that's expected because its the same people who made yakuza story line is top class with lots of twists during the story and I really enjoyed it story mode is fair length but ofcourse I would've prefered it to be longer but there's many games that are shorter than binary domain although it would've been nice to know what happens to your team mates when you split up at certain parts of the story, a good chance missed especially some of the plot twists comes from them re-grouping and don't know how they got it or how'd they reacted, its fun blasting the robots to pieces but the only thing which I found frustrating is the bosses sometimes they seem they won't die then other times I kill them quite easily but when I felt like I've done the exact same thing... the other minor things one is that the button sequences i find them pointless because if you fail your placed back only 1 min max and its only 1 button press, plus the one when your at the tower and its going down was a very difficult one i think like a multiple quick button press or just a video would've been better second is the (loyal point) conversations after battle they get very repetitive at times after a certain point Multiplayer is disappointing it magnifies I felt weird To be honest I think they shouldn't had multiplayer in the game and it would've been better to focus on single player But overall its a fantastic game with a fantastic story I'm hoping for a squeal because I feel that's its in a perfect place for one although sales were bad for the xbox 360 but for the ps3 it sold much better probably because of yakuza fans etc... since all yakuza games are ps2/psp/ps3 exclusives Plus its cheap now I got mine for £10 a while back So for £10 I think this game is a complete bargain Pros: + Shooting robots into pieces is very fun. + Fantastic Story + Nice paced campaign Cons: - Bosses can be frustrating (glitches). - Annoying button sequences. - Multiplayer kinda magnifies the games issues My Score: 8.5+/10
  16. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Was Fairy Fencer F Inspired By Shadow Hearts?

    Warning SPOILERS! As I will mention about certain parts of the stories and endings of Fairy Fencer f and the 2 Shadow Hearts games. Personally each one is just a coincidence but all put together it seems a bit too much. 1. The Cover When I first came across the game just by chance, Fang looks like Yuri, Tiara looks like Alice and Eryn looks like Karin. If there was ever a anime version of Shadow Hearts it would kinda look like this. Keep note about appearances for later. 2. Similar Bad Guys? Another character called Sherman sort of resembles Nicholas in his all white get up. Also very similar roles since he is a bad guy. 3. Tiara drinks tea / acts British And Alice Elliot is from London and this already adds together with similar colour schemes. 4. Overall story tone. It is somewhat similar there is the serious side and the goofy side. Fairy Fencer would be a bit more on the goofy side compared to Shadow Hearts. But in tone quite similar but just a bit different. (A little bit less of this and a bit more than that / different quantities on the scales but the same ingredients.) 5. Fairize (fairy fencer f) is similar to fusion (shadow hearts) what the title says not much to add here. 6. God / Goddess Pulling out swords to get abilites is somewhat like graveyard in Shadow Hearts. They are both somewhat graves and you gain different abilities. Probably the weakest point here but still a tiny tiny bit similar and when you think about the rest, was this point weak after all? 5. Who was needed for a bad guys scheme? Dorfa wanted Tiara for their scheme which is like in Shadow Hearts part 1 when Dehuai wanted Alice for his. 5. A wish to save your love? In Fairy Fencer F game about midway through, Tiara dies and Fangs wish was to go back into the past to save Tiara which is pretty much the good ending in Shadow Hearts Covenant where Yuri makes a wish to go back in time and saves Alice. 6. Feelings between Fang and Eryn compared to Yuri and Karin. Erin says to Fang that she was falling in love / is in love with Fang But Fang didn't really say anything like in Shadow Hearts Covenant where Karin said that she loves Yuri but then he doesnt say anything either. Fang ends up with Tiara and Eryn becomes a mother like figure watching over him. Eryn develops feelings for Fang but Fang did not feel the same way but still cares for her. Similar to what Yuri and Karin went through. Although saying that I don't know what changes you can do in the story I felt like I didn't do anything to get a specific ending Only time where you get a choice in conversations is when one night fang was hungry and you get to choose who to disturb Unless if its about party members or if i have to ignore conversations or maybe even something else *Also please note that I have not played fairy fencer f advent dark force*
  17. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] My Princess

    Kim Tae Hee I have to say she has just simply the most amazing smile I really enjoyed the two main characters development in this drama more importantly Park Hae-young at the start as you never know what's he thinking, what's going on in his mind before when he's about to do something, simply just unpredictable especially at the start. But sadly can't say the same for the rest of the cast Story started out great at a nice pace but I do admit it started to get a little bit boring, mainly because of Oh Yoon-Joo and Lee Sul's sister, it was repeptitive because it was always oh yoon-joo meedling in getting inbetween and it got annoying when park hae young was thinking in a later who is doing this well the person who've been doing it throughout the entire drama aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It was always her trying to get in between Lee-Sul & Park Hae-Young so it was getting a bit repetitive I wish they had other challenges like one time because of his grandad And the other issue may be that the supporting characters didn't overly have an impact They had their moments ofcourse, even one or two good ones, but I just wished that they would've used the supporting cast better But then that was all forgiven with a strong final episode and a fantastic ending My Score: 8.5/10
  18. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS4 Review] The Order 1886

    - The Order 1886 The Order: 1886 is a single-player third-person shooter video game developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2015. A tuff game to review because this could have been something special it could have been one of the best, but sadly some things holds it back there are good things in the game but there's also bad things ALRIGHT let's begin First of all you'll notice that the graphics are absolutely amazing probably the best ever on consoles it's that good Everything from the smallest detail like any objects, scenery to facial expressions wow. The combat is good, basic but fun and I liked the weapons, the m86 thermite rifle was awesome Issues 1 there isn't enough combat in the game, 2 the combat feels like it's in shooting gallery sections rather than throughout a chapter and 3 the half breeds are dissapointing too predictable and easy There's quick time events which I don't mind if they're done well and for the most part they are but there's ones (not really quick time but still button presses) where the story can't continue without pressing a button and you can leave it there forever and nothing will happen it forces you to do things as there's no alternative action, those I didn't like and found them to be completely pointless. Story wise I found the universe the setting very interesting and I want to know more about it But what I didn't like was that it felt incomplete, Not talking about game length and I don't mind sequels but here it felt like there was no ending and everything pretty much left unanswered so it didn't feel like one story in a possibile of many but actually it felt more like a small part in one bigger story yet to be told. What slightly annoyed me was that certain places doesn't let you run or walk faster its somewhat understandable like in the intro when your injured but not when your just walking through places even game even makes fun of it with little interactions and when I'm looking for collectables I walked down corridors or alleyways that lead to dead ends then having to walk back its a tad annoying and feels like padding Game length it's not that bad 7-8 hours but the problem is there's isn't a lot of gameplay liked mentioned probably 50% or more of the game are just cutscenes and even certain chapters are entirely cutscenes... in a row! also there is no replay value, no multiplayer, no alternative ending/paths or even no dlc planned. Standards have changed in gaming and this game has brought up these questions and thoughts yet again For me it's down to one's budget and how much time you have to play games Like if you can only spend and get 1 brand new game a month or every other month or even longer Then I can't recommend it, but if you can get games whenever then I'll probably say yeah maybe you should try it. Overall I enjoyed the game but also left disappointed too mainly liked mentioned story felt incomplete, next to no replay value and wished there was simply more of the game My Score for the order 1886 is a 7/10 Barely passes the 7 out of 10 as I was enjoying the game up until it ended it was like a slap in the face I do hope there will be a sequel in the future even if now it is next to impossible Alright that's it for now until next time!
  19. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS4 Review] Batman Arkham Knight

    Introduction Oh boy this is actually a tough game to review Its does many things right but some big things wrong too... First lets say whats great about the game Minor spoilers but since this game was out a while ago you would've find out anyways by watching trailers or doing any research on the game. Graphics/Sound Graphics are amazing it feels and looks that its made for next gen consoles Everything from Batman, Bat Mobile, weather, the rain and other effects all look incredibile. Sound aswell is amazing its the typical batman but also has that finale feeling to it all which suits it very well since apparently it is rock steady's last batman game Gameplay The batman formula is as great as ever, Gotham being bigger and better. Not going to go too much into it as it's like the previous games but just a bit more refined with a few extras Its a pretty decent length of a game Batmobile is pretty cool its denfinitly. So whats the problems the freakin bat mobile!!! Its cool but its just forced upon you constantly and at times it feels like the game should've been called Bat-Tank Arkham Warfare! and it makes the game feel like that it isn't a batman game at times. what the bat mobile shouldv'e been is just a cool gimic for you to use to get from a to b quick etc... but going through tanks gets boring real fast and it doesnt really change through out the game Boss fights, what boss fights? Some said origins boss weren't great but I thought decent and at least a move in the right direction but bosses in the game are mostly yep tanks..... ugh seriously whats the point of him even being in the game.... Story What I liked about the story is that it got some more characters involved into the game which I felt was maybe lacking in the previous, With many different sidequests there's stories for different villians or allies. Scarecrow most people guessed it with the easter eggs etc... and I was looking forward to scarecrow being the main villian but meh it was disappointing and executed poorly, I never felt any impact from scarecrow like I did for with the Joker in the previous games, scarecrow was very behind the scenes and just never really intimidate batman Joker was the the best bit story wise in the game but overall everything else was honestly not that interesting Nothing compared to the previous Batman games Joker shouldve been the main villian and alive rather than hallucinations I thought it was weird they didnt go that way considering there were easter eggs to suggest joker was alive in arkham city, he was in the other games alive so why not arkham knight? The overall story and the ending were honestly disappointing, With arkham aslyum and arkham city being both amazing, Arkham Knight what makes it worse is the dlc handling with the season pass the batgirl dlc is cool but does not make you feel different about the game its just 1 hour that passes by and thats it red hood dlc which came with a specific version which forces you to spend extra to get it not worth £20 plus but I managed to be lucky in a bid for £30 for the game plus dlc when other places were £50 for the game plus dlc overall its bad and i dont like the direction warner bros is taking with its games like this arkham knight and mortal kombat x game is decent length 12 hours side quest being near to 12 hours maybe even more or less depending if you use a guide and ending specifically didnt feel like a finale it didnt end with a bang it so meh and what the f that you must 100% complete the game to see the true ending which isnt worth it, doesnt make me feel wow thats different or worth it My Score:8/10 In part I kinda wanted to give it a lower score because of some of the things I've mentioned but overall there are many good things but still this game is not in the same class as arkham aslyum or city
  20. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Life Is Strange

    The only 'strange' thing here is that it's from Square Enix This is a very good game and one that you should of course give a try, espically if you like the likes of 'Heavy rain', 'Beyond', 'Gone home' or 'Telltale games' etc... I do like the twist in this game with the rewinding / going back to the past and changing / finding out things - its cool! Overall the experience is unique, it's something different in terms of storyline. Graphics are decent too, although no major differences between ps3 and ps4 they aren't amazing but I like them, I think it suits Life Is Strange. Also I think if the graphics were too realstic it would take away part of it's charm. Soundtrack fits the game perfectly it's enchanting, a little bit country but very easy listening. Gameplay is more like an interactive experience kinda like the games that I mentioned earlier. The story is good so far, it feels realistic something that more games should be like, in my opinion. The characters are concrete, they're more life-like something we can all maybe connect too. Even though of course the going back into the past isnt real but everything else outside of that can happen in real life and our choices matter. Even though the characters aren't the most memorable or the most likable but.... it's Max's journey that's memorable. There were some references in the game with plenty of real photographers their pictures and also Square Enix stuff like 'Final Fantasy Spirits Within' Max spoke about them when looking at an HDTV of 'Tomb Raider in Chloe's home Despite some glitches for example - voices that sometimes stutter for a few seconds or skip an occasional word and minor graphic issues but not often. Another couple of little pointers - I had to hide in a closet after I went back in time, but after that scene i was still in the closet the game thought and acted however as if I was outside of the closet. And another time when I was hiding from guards, got caught had to rewind, but then afterwards i couldn't move my character and got caught again. But the lucky thing about these issues were when I got stuck there was usually a check point right beforehand so I never had to re-play for more than 30 seconds. Second was the lip sync although I do have to say it has improved a lot with updates but certain parts can still be quite bad. Even though some of these issues are and can be annoying, but in saying that they're nothing game breaking or too bothersome. I don't know if these issues exist or not on other platforms etc... It would be interesting to know? Biggest issue for me with this game is the lack of diveristy in the dialogue, so far during the choices I have made. I feel that the exact same thing happens and has the exact same animation for a large percentage of the game. The only differences have been a few words of dialogue but I haven't overly felt the effects yet of my choices and to date I've played through the 3 eps twice and noticed very little difference during second playthrough. I'm interested to see what happens in episode 4 because episode 3 had various endings. One of which ended in me needing to make a very strong cup of tea! It's tough to review the first couple of eps as not all the 'choices' you make have subsequent effects Although it does look really promising for the next eps and I'm really looking forward to playing them. My Score: 8/10 Life Is Strange delivers a unique experience and hopefully it'll continue to do so!
  21. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [C-Movie Review] So Close

    This was movie that started my whole Asian drama movie craze. I remember renting this movie from a local place. It was 3 for 5 for 5 days. So I had to pick one movie, was not sure what to pick and I didn't want to pick another romantic movie that the rest of my family did, I honestly looked at one stand and picked one cover looked cool and on the back it sounded interesting so I just went for, what a movie I picked. I watched the movie 3 times during those 5 days and when I returned it, it was actually my birthday so the owner of the shop gave the film to me as a gift. So as you can tell I really loved this movie and I definitely would recommend it and you probably already know that I'm going to give it a ten out of ten. What did I love about the movie? It was a well made movie well paced filled with wonderful action well shot, amazing action scenes, it had a good story especially with the chemistry of the cast. What I really liked was that it looked simple yet complicated the movie had a good flow, the fight scenes blended in well with the story. Plenty of times the story was told through the fight scenes and which makes it slightly hard to do a full review other than saying the action was legendary .The story was simple but with stellar fight scenes and at times Chan Oi Kwan played by Zhao Wei the story always centred around her the evolution of the character. At the end this is a well made package and with 3 very big names attached to it. Also with Corey Yuen as the director, he fantastic with directing fight and action scenes and this may be his best movie of directing. Overall it was simply awesome, A sad but yet beautiful movie. Great to watch. 10/10
  22. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS2 Review] Shadow Hearts: From The New World

    From The New World Its not like it was a bad game it even almost improved on every aspect from covenant quality wise but it just didn't live up to the previous titles it was more like a gimick rather than spiritual sequel or spin off it should've either been a spirtual continuation or completely new game although the areas they were almost all bright sunlight... (they should be dancing with sunflowers blah blah blah) they ripped off they're own characters a bit frank = joachim being the worst they looked very similiar it was much more light hearted none of the characters had an interesting back story and i didnt like the main characters i prefered the baddies guy & lady/grace they were better more interesting more emotion between them the best scenes had them in it no asia entire game was pretty much in america in shadow hearts 2 covenant the areas were all unique evn in (1) and very different styles when here were quite similiar and grand canyon was plain and boring looking it could have been a sequel think shadow hearts 1 ending & america mmm.... ---> Haley and Kouldelka why on earth weren't they in the game Haley could've made a great main character like i thought when new world was annouced i thought johnny was haley but when i knew his name i was dissapointed and it could've brought in others like a combined cast of 1 & 2 with a few new characters and the ones that aren't in the party make cameos including yuri & alice sadly in game there is no yuri & alice cameo only very minor cameo's of other characters or minor references to alice & yuri i would've still kept the killer and lady story it was the best part (in terms of story) in the game i would've liked a slightly darker tone to the game liked i said it was too light hearted for most part well if the tone changed i think that would've fixed most of the character issues but i just didnt like mao didnt like he was a big talking cat okay i know theres a big pink cat boss (well at least a non talking one ) in covenant i know its fiction but for me mao was too much just felted he didnt fit in the game at all and he more and more annoying later in the game but there was many good things in the game combos were more important the combat / gameplay was good it added another layer in it liked i said combos played more of a crucial part in the game good amount to collect, nice sidequests although doesn't feel as deep(add much to the characters) as covenant's sidequests graphics were better everything from characters cutscenes background areas monster everything was better liked i said quality wise problems lay where the story or characters weren't grabbing my attention only lady and killer which aren't the main characters quality alone i would give it a 9/10 but story / characters wise drags the score down for me so overall ---> Score 7.5 / 10 "If you had (1) or covenants story / style with the gameplay and quality from new world i would've given it a perfect 10!"
  23. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS2 Review] Shadow Hearts

    Shadow Hearts (1) is actually somewhat an averaged game judging it by itself on how it looks initially "But wait a minute but you said it was your favourite rpg game" Yes but I ask you this question what made shadow hearts as shadow hearts the series we all know Answer is shadow hearts 2 covenant Also look at other people's review scores of shadow hearts (1) and compare them - Before release of covenant average of 3 out of 5 some even 2.5 - After covenant most 5 stars near perfect scores so what changed a view of a game without actually changing the specific game from average to fantastic simple answer yuri & alice Covenant had fantastic voice acting it brought life to the characters and the story where ofcourse shadow hearts (1) didnt have voice acting which makes you think and shows that how vital voice acting is so after experiencing covenant i just had to play shadow hearts (1) i wanted to find out everything about yuri and alice and it made the issues of shadow hearts (1) vanished as if they were never there i was reading every single word of text in shadow hearts 1 with the life that covenant i almost imagined yuri's and alice's voice and basing on its story alone i think shadow hearts (1) has one of the best stories ever in a videogame, best couple for sure i was annoyed when i read in a mag top 10 couples in a videogame.... yuri and alice not even listed... if i could choose one game that would get remade i would pick shadow hearts (1) for sure there is no other game that deserves it more so overall before i say anything else i would recomend playing covenant first before why because you'll appreciate and enjoy it more like i would give shadow hearts (1) a 9/10 and a must play but if it wasnt for covenant i would give it around 6/10 First easy thing to see is that graphics weren't up to standards initial cut scene was good but when ya get into the game you do see it as outdated, i think its wrong to compare game saying its outdated but i do believe in standards of that specific console and when comparing to games that came out around the same time theres a big difference in terms of graphics graphics in this game is like a mix between ps1 and ps2 like slightly improved graphics if you were comparing to kouldelka its prequel for ps1 although saying that even though the backgrounds were 2d but most them still looked really good which i think is a plus buildings and other details are a bit mixed although it did suited the game in way the dark areas especially character textures aren't not that great yuri doesnt look as good as other chracters felt he was a bit rough when other characters actually seemed to be more smoother than him which it would be my only real complaint about the graphics the yuri texture he doesnt look as good as the other characters My biggest complaint about the game would be the lack of cut scenes I think theres only about 8 of them opening cut scene was awesome yuri even kick ass but i do have criticsize that yuri never shows that ability regenerating his arm again even in covenant for that matter, then a very short but again kick ass one after first boss then a big gap between them then a woman playing a violin which is a bit pointless then after that halfway and around the time you meet the real roger bacon yuri as a child / explaning fox face endings / credits which are exact same only difference is the very end final line is wheather yuri speaks or alice speaks so its dissapointing because pretty much all of the few cut scenes that there was were awesome and i just wished there was much more cut scenes and audio dialog it would've been a massive plus if there was because the story of the game was fantastic The battle system was much more simple like a traditional rpg but with a new twist called a judgement ring but the big fault is that the judgement ring wasn't fully visibile the red part (perfect) is quite hard to see and its even more annoying in the time events or mini games when the red gets smaller but i did like the judgement ring as i think it adds something new keeps you active and hitting those perfects can make a difference sometimes soundtrack is great cant fault it at all its either amazing awesome or beautiful only one track i could fault is the one in the maze / at the trail felt repetitive and short a bit loud too multi tracks or tracks for each section would've made it better as it can be quite a long level especially without a guide multi endings its a good thing and a bad thing good being that its multiple side quests collecting different stuff etc... even getting different text scenes one extended cut scene bad being that shadow hearts covenant completely ignores the good ending well at least at during the game anyways and some of the best yuri and alice (that they actually got alot closer) moments were during on getting the good ending ***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*** RE: Endings Spoiler: shadow hearts 1 is most expensive game i have ever bought near 100 euros brand new and sealed okay to top it off its a great game i got what i wanted was to see yuri's & alice's story and after ignoring that the game was maybe a bit outdated (comparing to pretty much any rpg for ps2 even ones out in that year or month) it was a great game lots to do different areas sidequests great story soundtrack but just lacked voices / cut-scenes then ofcourse graphics weren't at the standard so overall at the start its My Score : 9.5
  24. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS2 Review] Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Shadow Hearts Covenant Review Introduction Shadow Hearts: Covenant, also known as Shadow Hearts II, is a role-playing video game developed by Nautilus and published by Aruze in Japan and Midway in other countries in 2004. It is a direct continuation of Shadow Hearts; its story starts a year and a half after Shadow Hearts in the midst of World War I. Graphics/Sound Graphics are very much improved from the original Shadow Hearts game and it is probably very close to being the best on ps2. Many cut scenes where simply beautiful which adds to the wonderful story. Soundtrack is great too continues from the previous game, fantastic very unique does not feel typical rpg music but it also does not feel out of place. Gameplay Covenant pretty much built from the unique game play style from Shadow Hearts and improved upon plus fixed the issues that it had. Brighter judgement ring which made it much more visible. There are different customisation options with different options with equipment or crests and skills which is a very much welcomed addition, although you do not learn any skill from levelling up but rather from side quests or equipping a crest etc... Battles now have active combos which is a good improvement which includes knocking enemies up then down or forwards etc... so there can be more tactics involved. Only minor criticism that I can have is that the game can become a bit too easy if you do all the side quests and get equipment whenever possible. But then that would only be so if you have had already played the game or are playing it with a guide. Story Wonderful story about Yuri's journey where you meet many new characters and go to many different places. The story is incredible it is a work of art, it is like original shadow hearts in terms of style you have few goofy moments but you also have have many serious, emotional, exciting and wow moments. This game packs everything. One of the things that I really like about the Shadow Hearts series is that it is a bit more realistic than other rpgs, still fiction of course. But with its real locations (not exact replicas but it does give you a good feeling that your in that place in terms of style) which was done very well and even fictional versions of real people (outside of main party) it is a very nice touch which helps everything to feel more relatable. Honestly I do not want to talk more about the story as I do not want to spoil it. Play Time/Replayability A great long game which spans across 2 discs. Even rushing it would still be about 30+ hours plus it would become difficult as you may be under powered for certain fights completing the whole game would be very close to 70 hours and that is even with using a guide. Important thing is that it is a good 70 hours, it ain't like walking ages for 1 item etc... these are all pretty good side quests there was not anything pointless. Final Recommendation Overall this game has great graphics and soundtrack, a fantastic story with plenty of beautiful cut scenes and it is a lengthy game. Is there any more else to say? My Score for Shadow Hearts Covenant is a 10/10 I can't say anything bad about the game because its pretty much very close to a perfect game. there aren't any major faults or anything that i didn't like with the game, it is simply a masterpiece.
  25. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Forbidden Love

    Sometimes I pick things just because of the cover sometimes I get lucky like Shadow Hearts one of my favourite games and many others not just games then other times complete shit like trappi and last there is the so so let's just call it average. So where does this lie? At different times all three. So read my full review to find out Just to give a heads up there are very minor spoilers throughout and big spoilers near the end I always want to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possibile but its just difficult here with the things I want to say about this series alright so let's begin Story Great Start with the first 2 eps as they almost felt like a film in the sense that the pace was really good, started off with some cool fight scenes and it was a story that didn't really need much introduction. also the story and the concept grabbed me from the word go, and it started off perfectly. But sadly after ep 3 things seemed to go incredibly slow and repetitive and it dragged on which was a pity because the way it started the pace it had was one of the things that made it great and entertaining. It gets more and more frustrating as it goes on. The main frustration is how long that everything takes to happen but also they made it obvious beforehand like The Traitor it took so many eps for the characters to really know who it was despite me the viewer knowing from ep 2-3 (in 3 for sure) I felt that there were too many signs right in front of the other characters So you can understand when at ep 10-11 it just kinda lost its impact that it could have if it was done a bit earlier or if they haven't shown as much to you or at least the other characters. Then for the main two characters to find out that they knew each other took so long too when there were 1 or 2 signs big signs in ep 4-5 ep 6 was like awck come on plus you learn in ep 1-2 about them. Its in ep 8 but would've been better slightly earlier like in ep 4-5 or 6 latest it just would've had more impact and for it to be brushed aside quickly was a bit disappointing Also about the title "Forbidden Love" Where's the love? The title should actually be No love or next to no love, it never creates any drama or feeling of two main characters and them never desperately wanting to be together, it needed to be more like romeo and juliet, chuck and blair (the only good thing from gossip girl) where it was obstacles and so fourth because throughout it was always Shi-yeon saying no to anything which got boring - The drama practically spoils the ending before it actually happens.... *Spoilers* (Doesn't spoil the ending kinda try to explain it but in a different way) For one it pretty much gave away the ending in the final two eps early on "Someone to be sacrificed but had to remain untouched / a virgin" but then a scene of the 2 main characters getting together running away together but then not actually getting together sat on a bed held hands but then went apart for no reason it just didn't feel right in those scenes and for me it gave the ending away kinda spoiled it the ending itself wasn't bad even though it was like a 20 second final scene no epilogue etc.... but it was before the final fight the guy got stabbed (which very much looked like in the liver) but then in matter of 2 mins he stood up and was able to fight and somehow didn't dissapear someone dying then suddenly didnt look like he was that was strange, it wasnt a bad scene it was good but again didnt fit plus even if it didnt hit his liver, early on second ep when she got hand cut she recovered quickly but it took overnight to recover but he got stabbed through and was struggling and then was perfectly fine moments later and was able to put on quite a fight.... Acting/Cast Kim Tae Hee, don't need to say any more but even despite her I recognised many of the other cast members and some are very popular Music Simply stunning brilliant soundtrack, one of the best I have ever heard, for me its one with the most impact like it fitted in perfectly within the scenes wheather it's a fighting, dramatic, sad or the very few romanitic, all the tracks were very powerful Overall Many parts of this series I would've given (close to a 10 or even a 10) for cast, soundtrack, and it started out really well but for certain parts to take so long and a so so ending just drags the score down a good bit. It's not a must watch but if your a Kim Tae Hee fan or of one of other cast members then maybe give this a try then. - Overall Score : 6.5/10