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Everything posted by ScottyTheVideoGamer

  1. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] Windows 7 48 copies ISO

    thanks hopefully this'll still work
  2. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    DarkUmbra Live Wallpaper (Current Version - 1.2)

  3. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    RVLution Wii - WBFS

  4. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] [Android] Top emulators created by yongzh

    Wonder how well would the n64 one performs on my mk808b plus Might aswell try it out, would be great if it works
  5. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [4S] Official Dark Umbra Android App

    May try this out thanks
  6. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    3DS flash cards for 9.4.0-21U

    you cant use gateway because your on higher fw only option would be sky3ds but ofcourse price is higher because it plays 3ds roms ds flashcards are now really cheap except for a few with more features etc... but even then its still cheaper but then ofcourse you cant play 3ds roms on the other flashcards like the one in the ebay link i spent a good bit on gateway but being able to play any 3ds rom is worth it theres a great amount of games to enjoy its really your decision now i would probably go with sky3ds so you can play 3ds roms even though its dear
  7. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    3DS flash cards for 9.4.0-21U

    probably decent enough but note that it is ds rom only not 3ds roms
  8. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    3DS flash cards for 9.4.0-21U

    kinda forgot about that one although its weird not too many talk about it ofcourse it lacks features compared to gateway although ofcourse main thing is the games but its part that maybe people afraid they'll ditch it again like they did with their first batch if nintendo blocks it sky3ds probably cant do anything even though for now example gateway doesnt work past 9.2 but theres emunand so wouldnt loose latest fw or rom support sky3ds users did have trouble using zelda majoras mask and monster hunter 4 initially but now seems they have no problems its simple then if your only solution is to get a sky3ds then get it if you can get gateway then get it its weird nintendo havent blocked sky3ds yet a pretty big failure on their part
  9. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    3DS flash cards for 9.4.0-21U

    right now cfw, gateway or downgrade all are only up to 9.2 fw who knows in the future but right now your out of luck im afraid like larsenv said you can try ds carts on 3ds but 3ds specific ones on your fw is a no no
  10. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS4] Purchasing Digital Content from Other Regions

    Cool may try this out at some point
  11. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [DL][Tutorial update the PS3 Rebug 4.65.1 REX Edition]

    This is the cfw to be on Very glad that team rebug are back with with two new members Joonie & Habib both great devs And to top it off Deank back with an update for multiman Lots of good stuff in many scenes recently for ps3 xbox 360 3ds
  12. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [DB] How to Check Minimum Firmware Version

    As long as the ps3 can be downgraded to 3.55 or below your good to go with a flasher if it's 3.56 or above your only option would be an ode disc drive emulator It's a pup that you use in the xmb system update which doesn't do anything else other than showing the original fw It's completely safe I think I had it in one of guides
  13. ScottyTheVideoGamer


    Nice! Posted 23 September 2014 - 05:54 AM I've done a savefile for fifa 15 in which I've done the english transfer deadline day deals [Hidden Content]
  14. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [XBOX 360 / PC] Dead Island V1.9.0.0 Modding Application

    Cool I may check this out at some point if I ever go back and play Dead Island I played it a good bit but then I got to a place where I was stuck and then other games came out then I never played since
  15. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [WIIU] Basic Dos and Donts of vWii modding

    Cool thanks for posting
  16. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MEGA] DUSMB: Anniversary Edition (Mar 05 rev5 WBFS)

    If you want, pm me the music and I'll sort it out
  17. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MEGA] DUSMB: Anniversary Edition (Mar 05 rev5 WBFS)

    Since this doesn't have any music at the moment I made a few tracks Its just the sound files [Hidden Content] * Add the sound folder to add/files * * Then run the bat from the dusmba to make/update the wbfs * Hope its okay to post here if its not you can remove this post I done it quite quick but I think its good and its nice to have different music rather than the retail music *Added Sounds* (Includes Speed Ups too!) TitleScreen Overworld I'll maybe do more later if you would like @JasonP27
  18. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [DB] New(er) SMB Wii Custom Games Covers & Banners

    I think everyone would know what I'm about to request New Super Mario Bros Wii 20 The End For Now ID: ENDP01 It would be great if you can make a nice channel for it Thanks In spoiler I place the logo and background of w1 you can use anything else you see fit with them
  19. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [Request] Minecraft PS3?

    Not mine but here [Hidden Content]
  20. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [Torrent] Epic 3D

  21. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [Wii] Riivolution & RiiFS Tutorial (includes downloads)

    Bump Anyways this thread should be sticky
  22. Actually i already had it in a wbfs file its world 1 of the omega custom and ofcourse with othe different levels to fill worlds 2-9