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Everything posted by ScottyTheVideoGamer

  1. Just a heads I released an updated version of nsmbw 12 sunshine paradise which includes summer sunshine, koopa country some wii u style levels and some of another to fill gaps also the glitches in 2-5 and 5-2 are fixed of summer sunshine in sunshine paradise so get it in my main big custom thread
  2. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] NSMBWii2: The Next Levels: DarkUmbra edit

  3. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] Koopa Country - (NSMBW) Riivo Hack

  4. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] Iris Manager v1.46

    Yeah i do like iris manager the new usb game launcher for psn stuff is nice hope that part gets categories would be awesome but still without covers etc... still needs more anyways 1.46.2 is out as a bug fix for the psx discs [Hidden Content]
  5. If anyone wants a battery pm me i have one for FAT 1XXX works also on some early 2XXX Slims which i dont need anymore since i have the psp go so if anyone wants it pm and we'll talk
  6. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] Rain's UltraLite MMS Maker

  7. Thanks gonna check this out Edit: dead links can you reup please Thanks
  8. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [Wii] WWE '13 - Early Request

    only leaked for the xbox 360 so far you'll probably have to wait till its released for wii
  9. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    September 27th, 2012

    Wow that's a tough one Its silly because Bayonetta 2 it was dead sega cancelled it nintendo simply saved it so they have to be thankful because if not then bayonetta 2 would never exist It's valid because to play the game you'll have to get a console which costs about 400 euros when the first game came out for ps3/x360 So there's two valid points but since people dont seem to remember that it was indeed cancelled it and nintendo brought it back so overall its silly because bayonetta 2 could have never existed and if there's someone to blame it should be sega for cancelling rather than the devs or nintendo who made the game possibile
  10. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Laptop just froze when opening video with windows media player

    Not exactly sure what your asking but anyways Well first of all always use vlc media player or k-lite codec pack (with media player classic) for playing videos Second use winavi its probably the best one Always rip to avi and if you want to encode it after then use megui etc... Although if your laptop is freezing its probably a different issue nothing to do with videos or dvdfab
  11. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] DVDFab 8 Full w/Patch

  12. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Square Enix Essentially Confirms A FFVII Remake Is Impossible

    I would prefer a sequel.... In FF7 Dirge Of Cerberus At the ending *spoilers* where you see Genesis, there's still a story to be told why are people more focused on a remake and not a sequel
  13. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    trying to uninstall 3.56 spoofer. Anybody got the original file.

    You could also re-install a cfw/fw through recovery mode if needed (if through xmb doesnt work) Or try what jj posted if you used the rebug spoofer i think any version can uninstall the spoof (not 100% sure)
  14. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Truelovetat's custom haircut.

    Legend... wait for it awesome darkumbra haircut DARY LEGENDARY!!!
  15. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Playstation All Stars

    Well I just don't think anyone can own a type of game console or game It would have to be more copying the story or character Anyways game looks awesome I do def. think it'll be much better than brawl because they can do so much with it other than it being the first time with all great playstation characters in 1 game also there's no limits on what they can do in the characters they can have and maybe even dlc to add future characters plus on the vita aswell is great but good thing is that it raises the bar so the next smash needs to raise the bar aswell
  16. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Activision 'crazy' to drop True Crime - Square Enix exec

    I was thinking the same thing since i saw that square enix picked it up that activision were crazy for dropping it its looks like an awesome game trailers look amazing really looking forward to it pity that it got delayed till august but it'll probably be worth it...
  17. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Another TB clone! OH nooo!

    Anyways true blue has released dongle fw 2.7 True Blue (aka) JB2 - Releases v2.7 Firmware NEWS UPDATE: May 24th, 2012 -- 'True Blue' has released v2.7 dongle firmware! The 'True Blue' team has updated to their dongle firmware to v2.7, besides adding more v4.xx game support, it also will now inform the user if they are using a real or clone of the TB dongle. 24 - 5 – 2012 True Blue dongle firmware v2.7 has been released. Changes include: True Blue dongle authenticity status displayed on PS3 XMB system information screen Fixed yet another important game compatibility issue affecting recent 4.xx games The authenticity status display can be used to determine if your True Blue dongle is either authentic or a clone. For further details, see the information page.How do I know if I have a TB clone? Q: How can I verify that my True Blue is authentic and not a clone? A: Install True Blue dongle firmware v2.7 or later. Then in the PS3 XMB, navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information. Next to the "System Software" version will be information relating to your True Blue dongle. If your dongle is authentic then it will display something like "True Blue v2.7" (this will vary depending on the version of the dongle firmware you have installed). If your dongle is a clone then it will display "True Blue CLONE" as shown in the following image:
  18. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Another TB clone! OH nooo!

    I know true blue isn't the best but its the only way 6 months of pretty much nothing then true blue came I just glad it exists, but they should still keep releasing eboots despite this because you can only get this clone on non-trusted sources.... i mean who would actually buy this clone ? i only heard of 1 site so far that sells that look a like clone truthfully ps3hax are a little bit too anti true blue its the drama and ungrateful users that are the death of the ps3 scene and people not releasing stuff or not as talented as geohot if it wasnt for true blue i would've updated my ps3 by now for sure and i think many other people wouldve aswell so people should be grateful for true blue that people can play newer games but it is annoying with these delays of eboots but they've always come back so far they released quite alot of eboots on the 13th may and the dongle fw is at 2.62 at the moment with another update probably coming this week so maybe there will be eboots this weekend who knows...
  19. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Devil's Third in purgatory at THQ

    Pity... Because the trailer looks awesome hopefully someone will pick it up.
  20. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [MF] Super Mario 64: Star Road (N64 Hack)

    Wow it looks asome indeed may give it a try later on thanks
  21. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Mass Effect 3 Fans Whining About Ending

    Yeah but ofcourse it did took alot of people to do so too bad people cant do the same for megaupload....
  22. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Mass Effect 3 Fans Whining About Ending

    I just finished mass effect 3 i really dont see whats the problem the endings arent bad i think they're actually good although i do think that there should be more options at end because mass effect 3 is about choices and that doesnt overly matter at the end i think what you do during the game and others shouldve had a bigger impact at the ending
  23. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    PS3 HDMI to DVI not working

    Could you try connecting a scart lead aswell to the projector, and do the video/cable setup so its displays the video in hdmi etc... Could that be the problem ? Sadly if the video/cable setup is properly setup then it must the dvi connection then...