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Everything posted by ScottyTheVideoGamer

  1. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    xMxExTxAxLx's Vids For COD Black OPS!

  2. ScottyTheVideoGamer


  3. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    You Are A Pirate!

  4. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Oh, America

  5. we were ready ages ago... does look great hopefully I'll play it but haven't touch my wii other than wiimc and customs... wii needs more quality games as there is but not many
  6. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    NES Satellite! Wireless 4 player adapter!

  7. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Red Vs. Blue Funniest Scenes!

  8. legend wait for it... dary LEGENDARY
  9. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Mario: Game Over

    Watched this ages ago on youtube, it's funny
  10. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    (Resolved) ps3 hack?

    Answer has been answered loads of times around many sites, for now there nothing you can do on 3.56, there was no need for 3.56 until 2 days ago when sony finally patched the dns trick so there is reason now for it so people may work on it now but will take time, you know sony has put in a rootkit in 3.56 DO NOT try to downgrade from 3.56 because you'll get stuck forever if you do ignore youtube vids ofcourse most will probably be fake mean never do surveys just go on trusted sites like here on darkumbra or psx-scene or ps3hax dont follow youtube videos unless if its a trusted source/person
  11. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    Intersting story

    cool thanks for sharing
  12. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    It's a Girl!

  13. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3] Open Playstation 2 Loader(OPL)

    My opl thread I updated my thread I had Added a mediafire folder where ya can get opl pre-compiled so you can use covers etc... I'll add intructions a bit later