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  1. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS4 Review] Horizon Zero Dawn

    Introduction Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 4 in early 2017. Made by Guerrilla Games who are known for the Killzone games and they try something really different here, but one thing that remains is the quality of their work. Graphics/Sound The graphics are amazing, really good. everything from the scenery, characters and the machines. I'm blown away by them many times throughout the game. Def. close to being (if not) the best on PS4. Everything is high detail. Nice range of characters and scenery which does and shows different things but all done really well. Gameplay I really enjoyed the gameplay the combat it is excellent with different ways to approach. With various weapons many which are different to each other unique and fun. Also with the possibility to stealth or try to override machines is great also. Combining the great graphics and sound this game is for sure a treat to play. There is plenty of exloring to do in the vast world of Horizon Zero Dawn. One minor issue I had is sometimes it is hard to see what you can climb up on (not clearly visible) Which lead me wandering around and around getting a bit frustrated. Story Story is excellent although it did take me a bit to get into. Also I felt while the many side quests are great but I felt that some of the cutscenes during the side quests were not with the same care as other cut scenes. That would not be too bad but then adding that some scenes lasted why too long and it ended up feeling like a bit of mumbo jumbo and ended up slightly distracting from the main story. But please note that there are multiple side quests that have great side stories. Overall great but there parts it could have done without or just trimmed down a bit. Play Time/Replayability Fantastic game length I spent many many hours playing this game (50+). This is a game where you do not need a guide to 100% it which I really welcome and I always felt motivated to try and complete everything. Also the trophies are good as they are not awkward to get but simply need to complete the game. I believe there is a fantastic amount of play time value. Although it is not a game I would probably replay any time soon but do not let that distract from how great this game is. Final Recommendation If you can not tell by now i really enjoyed this game. Is it perfect? No but it is a pretty damn good game and a must play for the ps4. My Score for Horizon Zero Dawn is a 9/10 After a slightly shaky start, this game really excels in many areas. It brings a new and unique experience with amazing visuals and gameplay with a pretty good story to back it up. If you have a ps4 seriously go buy it if you have not already
  2. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [WiiU Review] Wii Sports Club

    When this game was announced I got excited because I thought finally an online game for the wiiu But the first thing that kind of bothered me was the price was 9.99 $ but also 9.99 euro.... So people in europe will have to pay 2 euros more per sport.... So to consider that it'll take 50 to get them all (once they're out ofcourse) right now there's only bowling and tennis Anyways it came out recently so I downloaded it and decided to give it a try since there's a 24hr free try pass for first time users so I started the game By the way the 24hr countdown of your trail starts as soon as you enter the main menu so beware plus its 24hrs from when you start not 24 hr access so your gonna try it out make sure you do it for a free day So onto the games we have tennis and bowling which were probably my two favourites from the original wii sports I enjoyed both of them but that I was a bit disappointed about certain things Okay the graphics are HD and yes better than original but not by much, although I wasn't like expecting it to be Gameplay In tennis pretty much the same basics but except with every sport its now motionplus controls It does feel different at first but once you get adjusted to the motionplus you'll be doing the same shots like in the original Although one nice addition is the smash because you have to do a smash like movement or else you'll hit the net and that sort of goes for overall too you can't flick the controller like in the original here you have to do a bit more realistic movements Really enjoy playing tennis online had lots of fun but sadly there's connection issues at times random games seem to have 1 red bar signal and it lags so bad.... like really bad Cheating yes it exists.... 1 didnt like it when i was 4-1 up then my opponent didnt serve and forfeit the match and then i only gained 10 points and he only lost 10 points but if i won it it wouldve bee at least 60 so..... also played against a guy called nico twice he got disconnected both times which pissed me off because i was winning 5-1 playing my best wiiu sports tennis, i was even amazed at myself hitting them perfect but anyways i noticed something if you turn it off you dont loose points at all..... against a star 5 player who was really good but I'm just epic one other niggle is liked i said before motionplus its a requirement so if want to play multiplayer offline mmmm.... so what would mean 4 player then you need 4 motionplus would've been nice if it allowed 4 normal controls even if its limited to offline play But overall I had fun the comment system is awesome miiverse too and liked i said about improvements before and the online play so I think this is one sport which will be a must have but just a bit sad about the connection problems kinda a let down In bowling there's no real difference just minors changes with getting used to the motionplus controls but then again afterwards you'll make the strikes or spares look easy like in wii sports One minus is that ofcourse there's no wii fit test or anything yet which was one of my favourite things in wii sports I'll probably buy the tennis fulltime pass but not sure about the others unless they drop in price My Score : 6.5 / 10 + Having Wii Sports with some new improvements + Online Gaming - Online connection problems & lack of online game modes stuff like mini knock touraments wouldve been nice - Motionplus required - Price & Lack of new stuff other than online Its not like its a bad game, its a good game I enjoyed the tennis and bowling was fun too But the price and the issues the game / s has me sort of 50 / 50 I probably end up getting the tennis but I may pass on the bowling since I haven't completed one game online with it during the 24hr free 1st try pass To be honest I think it should be all free for one to reward the people who bought a wiiu two to attract newcomers that they could download a free game but no.... you must pay 10 per sport when you can play the original wii game that isnt too different
  3. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [XBOX 360 Review] Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    An amazing game! Been looking forward to this one for a while, was disappointed when microsoft got the time exclusive deal because I didnt have an xbox one but luckily they brought it out for the xbox 360 aswell I have to say quality was still great for xbox 360 and you get to enjoy the experience So its great for people who have a x360 and just not quite ready to commit or for people who have a x360 and a ps4 but just not willing to wait until the end of next year honestly i feel that its pointless for ps4 because by then the price will be next to nothing I'm relieved because we've all seen ports or the last gen versions of other games but poor or buggy This version for xbox 360 is good quality and not buggy at all only two very minor glitches in textures but nothing that disrupts the experience I'm glad to say the quality is good much like the first tomb raider game Overall it's more of the same with a few tweaks its hard to get into it because its very similiar to the predessor Story I think is fantastic, characters are good Combat I like it's different because if you focus on being too direct you could die easily instead look whats around you or around your enemies and use whatever you see to your advantage although bows seem to be more powerful than bullets when it takes 3 shoots of a gun when an arrow is instant kill Some animals seem to take many more hits than humans bears wolfs 20+ bullets / arrows I like Survival instint and finding maps because you can find pretty much everything within the game without a guide puzzles are great and rewarding experience Things I could criticize on would really be nitpicking because its minor things and no game is perfect but only can be perfect for what the game is and wants to be like story maybe goes at too fast of a pace and doesnt build up certain things for more impact combat is not the absolute best sidequests are great but gets repeative and a lot you cant do till later when you get certain gear then backtrack via fast travel quite a few cheap deaths Which in this game it is My Score: 10/10 Amazing game, one that everyone should play for sure. I'm really glad that the xbox 360 is a good solid version for anyone without a xbox one
  4. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Beyond: Two Souls

    I've already played the demo before playing this game My initial impressions were that it was better than Heavy Rain Its like more active in the gameplay Plus the way you have to control switching from Jodie to Adien and back There just seems to be more that you can interact with and you have to think how to progress through at times maybe sadly not enough (like in advanced experiments dlc because that was a great level) Because in Heavy Rain most of the time it was actions then the consequence of those that change the story In Beyond a bit different that how you got through and There's a bit more exploring to do in Beyond much more on a different level to Heavy Rain Menu is nice changes depending on which Chapter your on (You'll see Jodie's face at different ages in very high detail) I haven't encountered any major problems while playing Beyond which is great As when I played Heavy Rain there was a bug that it would wipe out the save i lost 4 hours of progress back then and it took them a while to fix But luckily in Beyond there are no such issues the only real issue I encountered was in a level (submarine) where a scene meant to happen but didnt i was walking around for ages until it happened and I walk over that specific spot many times Anyways ofcourse maybe the biggest thing in this game is that actress Ellen Page and actor Willan Dafoe are in the game Where you control Jodie for the whole game Graphics are amazinly beautiful One complaint is that In beyond there's only a white circle dot when you can interact with something (using the right analog stick) When in Heavy Rain its hightlighted by a square box because sometimes in Beyond its hard to see when it blends in the background But when you need to press other buttons during a sequence theyre highlighted but they dont when its a tiny white circle Had a lot of fun in an early level called the party where they'd made funny of Jodie for the gift she gave at a birthday party They locked her up, you can decide to leave or take revenge So I decided to take revenge like you can do anything you want Its changes back and fourth in the story from child to teenager to young woman to child vise versa a bit all other the place but I liked how it was because you understood scenes when you get along through the story My Review Score : 8.5+/10 Even though its not really a proper game more like an interactive mini series But story soundtrack actors are all perfect in this game and overall they improved things from Heavy Rain + Ellen Page's best performance, to be honest I don't think this game would work without her and her performance throughout the game + You get to control Ellen Page in a bra and panties for a bit (ofcourse this is a plus) - Small white circle hard to see, One awkard time to progress through where a scene didnt happen when it shouldve - I liked how'd the story was layed out but there were a few times when i was confused when things weren't explained - Never really explained what the monsters were and throughout
  5. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 K-Dramas That Would Make Great Video Games

    A few rules - Does not have to be the best kdramas it has to be kdramas that would make the best games. (so kdramas that i mention may have flaws) - I try to make a unique list with different game play ideas when possible as i think most kdramas could make great visual novels. - I have to have watched the kdrama so if i have not at least seen a few eps then the drama will not be listed here. - i may update the list in the future maybe i'll add Honorable mentions etc... - Forbidden Love You have your powers your healing sword fights etc... mythology of nine tail fox and possibilities to put choices in which would affect the outcome. - About Time Even though the drama ended up being average but i felt like it wasted the great concept it had with life clocks and being able to see how much time everyone has left that would work wonders in a game where you can make decisions that would affect people's lives. - Signal I have to say even though I think that Signal is a bit overrated but I do think that it would make an excellent video game with using the walkie talkie and the past and present scenarios and having to solve cases in both timelines could be very interesting. - City Hunter Good be a great game similar to hitman but with less killing but with the same kind of stealth and a bit more fighting. - While You Were Sleeping Would go perfect with any quantum dream style games. Having dreams of bad events in the future then doing what you can to stop them. you have a prosecutor, news reporter and a cop so def. different game play style possibilities to mix in. - Fight My Way Imagine a mma fighting game but with a very good story, (well take out the whole mother mystery crap.) but that could be a great game and get people playing a mma game who probably would not normally. - Circle I always think about games like Deus ex, the style of those worlds decision making choices chance for stealth hacking, cop and more. - The K2 It would make a great action stealth game, the action was top notch in this drama and a lot in. so it makes since, i sort of imagine a james bond type game but with a bit more hand to hand combat. - Healer I think gameplay from mirror's edge would fit perfectly with Healer then with fighting kinda like batman arkham games but with much less gadgets - Drama world It would have been epic if it was a visual novel and you get to customise your character, so that you would be the protagonist. It would be every kdramas fan dream and it would fix the biggest problem of dramaworld that it could not represent everyone. Honorable Mentions: The Bride of Habaek Killer K Come And Hug Me
  6. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Gods Gift 14 Days

    Intro "Kim Soo-hyun is a mother whose young daughter Han Saet-byul gets kidnapped and murdered. Discovering a miraculous ability to go back in time exactly two weeks before the event, Soo-hyun is determined to expose the kidnapping plot and save her daughter before she dies all over again. Helping her is Ki Dong-chan, a former cop turned private investigator out to prove the innocence of his mentally challenged brother, who is falsely accused of murdering Dong-chan's ex-girlfriend. As Soo-hyun and Dong-chan race against the clock in the allotted 14 days, new light is shed on the crimes, and they uncover secrets far more treacherous than Soo-hyun could have ever imagined." Review I have to say the 2nd ep was probably the best and one of the most heaviest episodes that I ever have seen It was really intense It was really good because it was convicing from all the cast and it was very important for this kind of drama The suspense was fantastic soundtrack brilliant fits very well in the different scenes I do say first ep was a bit slow/boring but it sort like had to introduce the main characters and to show how they are with each other Plus maybe the subplots were a bit confusing at the start as it didn't really explain who's who and why someone was here or there etc... Although after the second ep in the 3rd it was a bit slower which was sad because the pace espically when it got really intense and was what made the series fantastic Like after the 2nd ep every other ep pretty much felt like a 40 min build up to 10 mins of awesomeness i think they'd streched it out too much it would've been better as a mini series like 5 eps etc.... and the ending was... ugh........ even with it sort of dying off it had the chance to redeem itself but sadly it did not, its still a decent series but not an amazing one at the very least watch the first few eps especially the 2nd My Score: 7/10
  7. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] The Vineyard Man

    This is the worst K-Drama that I have seen to date Before I go on I never like watch dramas that I know they're terribile I don't look into reviews for kdramas I only go to see what's recommended Basically came across this drama because of Yoon Eun Hye Same person from coffee prince or lie to me And... she's the only good thing in this drama her acting and the character that she plays Every other character is just boring day dream sequences were too many, too long and boring and there was also starts of scenes of her walking saying that i felt that every scene was too long for what it was like I feel it tries to be funny but it just fails to do so Okay so I began watching this drama because of course Yoon Eun-Hye And I have to say she was definitely the best thing in this drama I'm not saying this is a bad, its a good drama but it's ain't a fantastic one... I have quit when I was in the 4th ep It was a bit boring and most of the characters were annoying except for Yoon Eun-Hye Part of me wanted to continue but it was too tuff to do so My Score: 4/10 Worth it to see for Yoon Eun-Hye performance but nothing else.
  8. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [TV Show Review] Teen Titans GO

    WTF seriously wtf ! there was already big issues within four seconds yes a matter of seconds Raven is a fantastic DARK character guess what is playing within a teddy pony and unicorn while watching tv of them at the same time your thinking no i've made a mistake and i meant to have said starface nope your wrong i repeat raven playing with teddy unicorn & pony ............................. facepalm seriously wtf i was actually sad in a matter of seconds which for me never ever happened before and i rarly felt sad watching a series or movie but this show is the closet thing to making me cry! moving on first of all lets talk about the graphics of the show as you most likely know its different from the old series like in the short previews for me i would've prefered for it to stay with the old graphics but the new ones aren't awful or anything that would've completely stopped me from watching Raven looks the best robin looks almost the same not extremely starfire aswell decent one minor issues i felt beast boy and cyborg looked very childish looking although liked i said its not a deal breaker opening tune... not really good but its only a matter of seconds rather than a minute so it goes away quickly compared to other series for me the aim of the show its not a bad a thing (dealing with situations that happen outside of saving the world) but IF they had continue on certain things were the old series left off BUT GUESS WHAT minor spoiler ahead they dont in any form since one of the early parts of ep 2 or 3 no one knew who raven's father was and raven had to explain to them this is one of a couple examples where it cleary shows that its disregarding everything that happened in big awesome eps of the old series lets read a line from the wiki page "The show is a follow-up" ............... no comment it isn't a follow up it acts like all the big events that happened in the old series never happened in the new series its a big slap in the face to all the fans why are cn doing this do they hate us ? probably also the old series is what 8 years old.... another mistake on why they made this new show tt go the way it is i was only early in my teen years when i first watch very first ep of the teen titans but ofcourse now im older but im saying that the fans huge audience of the old series wont be interested in this new one and those that did will quickly loose interest the best and only real good thing is series is that the main cast reprising their respective roles. i think thats what even maybe made it a bit addictive at the start even though i know its terribile they all do good decent jobs in the voice acting but sadly the other jobs are................. <---- not going to say anything about that other minor good thing was they way theyre doing the eps 2 stories in one ep i would've liked this alot if the eps werent as bad people a few parents were complaining about the old teen titans saying that the 3 episode arch of raven was too dark and scary... okay maybe they have a point fact is its on cartoon network but isnt the new series worse/ bigger problems ? minor spoilers ahead - cyborg gets his arm ripped off - beast boy get his teeth bashed in okay in the old series cyborg did get his leg ripped off but still.... also in a later ep in teen titans go minor spoiler cyborg is headless........ oh and probably the biggest one are the ready ? Robin in the laundry episode part is fully naked yes you see that right yes i say again fully NUDE okay not completely you cant see his thing but other thing which i thought was wrong is girls fans of teen titans taking of Robin naked but wait also the phones were aimed at his..... thing..... is this a kidz show ? liked i said for me thats worst and parents should complain more about that becuase thats just wrong okay im gonna rap this up now When i first heard about the show i was so excited i was smiling heck even jumping as one of my favourite shows when i was younger making a return BUT it only took a matter of seconds for cn to give me a big slap on my face its a big disgrace to show a beloved show / franchise and i wish someday teen titans will make a return either on anime or a videogame so the score out of ten i give 3/10 and its only 3 because of the main cast reprising their respective roles. without i probably would maybe even only give one out of 10 although fans that had so much hope may get a bit addicted to the show despite well i was gonna say its flaws but shorter would be almost everything it doesnt compare to the old series which i would give a 9/10 and a must watch approval but this new teen titans go SUCKS note you've been warned SCORE: 3 / 10 "A BIG Slap in the face from cartoon network" And I thought them cancelling scooby doo mystery incoporated was as bad they can do... well i guess im wrong now....
  9. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day

    Introduction Not really sure what to say this game kinda left me speechless. This game is certainly made by Suda 51. And I think this game tops any of their madness before! Graphics/Sound Graphics are great nice anime look, good effects in the gameplay and cut scenes as well looks professional as if it was an actual anime Gameplay I really liked the different game play elements at certain points of the game like usually during boss fights. "Most stages of the game involve Ranko running to the right of the stage, being chased. On the level's path are various enemies that can be defeated, which charges up Ranko's ammo in her sniper-violin, which can be used to shoot her pursuer if they get too close." There are different paths to take which is nice but other than affecting the difficulty it does not really do much else. Story Story started off really well it was about a girl named Ranko. Secretly she is an assassin who plans on killing her evil father to avenge her mother's death. Then she was being chased by a group and having to do a different job then it all kicked off from there. Like it really started promising but then the story got really bizzare confusing and weird it is by suda51 afterall so you can always expect it to be a bit bizzare but this... this reaches a whole new level by miles) then it suddenly went on to the final boss, Far too short of a game and I wished the story continued how it started without that... not even sure what to call it. madness! Play Time/Replayability 1hr and there isnt much replay value with previously mentioned alternative paths do nothing. Only real replay value is to try and get the trophies but even then aparently it would only take 5 hours and it was not worth it for me to try, especially with how the game ended. Final Recommendation At the start it showed promise but then.... it went.... a-wall My Score: 4/10 Game was fun until it left your heading scratching....
  10. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Natural Doctrine

    Introduction Natural Doctrine is a 2014 tactical role-playing game by Kadokawa Games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Life lesson folks sometimes it may be best to check reviews before jumping right into a game even though sometimes I got lucky with Shadow Hearts which is an amazing game, but then there are other times like Trappi which was shit and you should know where I'm heading with this one.... Graphics/Sound Graphics are terrible, now I'm not one who tends to focus on graphics but I do believe in standards per console, this... looks below par ps2 graphics they probably should have gone more anime rather than more realisitic, even if this was a launch title it would still be bad but it is a 2014 game. Sound nothing to complain about and nothing to praise about. Gameplay Game play was interesting but flawed and with the rest of the game is not great or worse then the game play does not really matter as it is certainly not amazing. It tried taking gameplay elements from likes of xcom and fire emblem series. I would much rather play any of those games rather than this. It is an alright strategy rpg game which of course you need to have good strategy to win but I just do not care. Story Story & characters are not interesting at all. In rpg games story it is kinda a must. Here it is almost non existent as the game seemed to be more focusing on getting you to the game play. Then its with characters that I feel like I don't really know them... The setting is within a universe where humans fight other races with magic and swords. Within a world of chaos, humans built the fortress city Feste as their home, and fought against other species. The protagonist, Geoff, is a guard soldier set out to clear out goblin dens to grant access to resources important for humankind. That sounds actually kinda interesting but it never gets into it and a wasted chance as it never build from it as it is just a short excuse for each battle and never goes in deep of what could have actually been a good story. Play Time/Replayability Does this really matter, do you want to suffer? I tried 2 hours but I just did not overly enjoy my time. Final Recommendation Battle system is interesting but not great and that alone is not enough. My Score for Natural Doctrine is a 3/10 there's much better strategy rpg games than this.
  11. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Signal

    When I was looking for a kdrama to watch, I saw signal on mydramalist which had a 9.2 rating score highest ranked kdrama and also it was is either a 9 or 10 on most other places so I had to watch this kdrama, so how was it? well it was good but not quite carling. The concept was fantastic really clever in my opinion the communcation between the past and present worked very well The first ep almost felt a movie it was very entertaining and most cases are like an ep and a half which works great when its a good case but then in others it felt dragged out and very repitive ep 4 was a masterpiece great emotional ep which built up lee jang really well It was well acted and also perfect picked cast, everyone suited their roles well and they all gave top class performances all round everyone showed good emotion Park Hae Young is one dimensional character other than him suffering from the loss of his brother what else is there who is Park Hae Young? There was a girl who was helping him deciding on which university to go to, she appeared in like 3 scenes then never to be seen again.... I am not one who has to have romance in series etc... but I really feel that this k-drama needed it especially with cha because she just seems to be crazy ott over her crush It could have been a sad tragic story but waiting for that moment it never came Later eps lagged a bit one ep almost felt like nothing happened but luckily by then theres only 4 eps left This could have been the best kdrama ever but a couple of things really holds it back The ending and the writer when I spend 16 hours watching something I want to have an ending Also even though a season 2 is possible In my opinion wait to least when season 2 is confirmed if not then only watch this when you have nothing to watch 6.5/10
  12. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [WiiU Review] Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

    For what it is and how well it does it, It's a really good game This game & Mario games in general are games that you can play in any mood Always relaxing and enjoyable Ofcourse if you want an action game (or with a bit more) then you won't overly enjoy this This game is a more slow pace easy going game Captain Toad is so adorable, The graphics are great and its what to be expected, Soundtrack is great too and sets the mood for playing Has a good amount of unique levels too including bonus ones if you have a Super Mario 3D World save Also replay value with time trials and the Toad amiibo plus completing the secret objectives and getting all the stars So overall its a decent package The only real issue that I have is the camera view It didn't bother me when playing through the first time because I was taking my time completing the levels BUT for the speed runs it starts to become annoying where in a lot (but not all) courses require to do perfect movement straight to the star as you only have maybe 2 to 3 seconds tops to spare so at times it can be tuff to do some of those courses and getting the best time But overall its a great game that always have that mario style charm My Score: 9/10 While I'm talking about sorry to go slightly off topic @Nintendo where is the captain toad amiibo mario kart 8 character and smash bros character? come on nintendo make them!
  13. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [XBOX ONE Review] Quantum Break

    before i begin my review i want to ask like Who is this guy? [point at cover] seriously... wait a minute let me check on my phone here.... on wikipedia here... ah got it jack joyce okay then on with the review so it was meant to be the big one for the xbox one but it pissed me off its a real shame because for me the game sounded really promising it was a interesting concept a game + a tv show with decisions affecting both (or at least it meant to...) and it was from the creators of alan wake which is among my elite favourites of games so obliviously i was very exited... But this game sadly has some major flaws Biggest issue with the game is that even though it has an interesting universe BUT mostly with weak characters and none of them are developed properly throughout the game Like again... ah shit forgot his name [point at cover] eh does not matter never played such a forgettable main protagonist before... TV Show isnt bad its quite decent and i wished i couldve spent more time with them but the main character of the game or any other important character in the game barely features in the tv show its like almost 2 separate things that rarely connect with each other What worse is that there are no conclusions or endings to any of the characters in both and overall game and the tv show breaks the immersion to each other with what i have mentioned it would have been nice to have more background story on Joyce yes i remembered his name a prologue episode could have been great I did not care much for Joyce and honestly I cared little about the other characters too some of the tv characters were possibly interesting but not enough time with them to make me fully care. enough negatives lets go over some of the positives Its a decent 3rd person shooter with a twist with the time abilities sometimes a mixed bag but overall i did enjoy the game play - Pretty game despite it being only 720p It is a technical spectacle The time based abilities are cool but after the tutorials for each ability although i ended up just using the same power over and over again freezing / slowing down the enemies then shoot them that part of the gameplay kinda feels like a syfy edition of alan wake you know with the torch to slow down enemies but that is the only part that they resemble As things started to get interesting when i was really getting into the game and enjoying it but then it bothered me... choices are a great concept but sadly they never really grew into anything does not affect the game or the ending in any real way even though you can change the tv show part a bit a slight bit but you can not change joyce's journey throughout the game in any meaningful way its strange... then sequel baiting and a possible romance from out of nowhere last thing f*** the final boss words cannot explain probably one of the worst boss fights that i've ever faced especially when i was doing well and then it crashed twice then i had to try multiple times dying from frustration Overall great concept great universe and reasonably good game play it was enjoyable Graphics are absolutely incredible, the physics were simply amazing technical wise its outstanding but other than that its a bit of a let down and leaves me wanting to play alan wake more do not mean to say alan wake multiple times but this feels like a incomplete game and a tv show that got cancelled mid season it simply left me wanting more. 7/10
  14. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] The K2

    I think the k2 is a fantastic kdrama very under rated Although for me it did not have the greatest of starts especially the first 2 episodes It was like the drama was trying to be cool with some beautiful scenery, really cool fights scenes and a sexy scene etc... but without providing any emotional context initially which made it all meaningless it didnt grab me at and it was a bit boring to be honest Im glad that I did not drop it because I was pretty close to doing so After when I learnt and understood Kim Je-ha & Go An-na character their motivation and the story behind them the drama then suddenly became more enjoyable because most scenes fights or situations then meant something to me because I felt for them even though episode 3 was not great but it showed promise then from episode 4 i started to enjoy the drama and then I really got into it. So lets go over some of things that I really liked The acting is probably the best thing in the drama it was top notch everyone done a fantastic job Soundtrack was very solid and I really liked the instrumentals it added an extra emph to each situation very well I really liked in the drama that there were two revenges stories going on it was intersting once I knew what was what liked mentioned before. go anna appreciated kim je ha more when she saw him suffering a nightmare while he was sleeping in one of the episodes it made her feel like shes not the only one Now some minor issues that the drama had maybe was 1st go anna's sudden personality change from being scared, seemingly uncapable of anything and a shut in to a very capable chatty and clever woman they didnt build up to Kim Je-ha & Go An-na relationship that much even though their chemistry was really good, their scenes were cute and enjoyable and they looked like a couple. in my opinion it maybe needed more time but then also they were both suffering and found comfort together so it is understanable And they didnt show enough of Jang Se-joon's humanity like they did with Choi Yoo-jin maybe there Jang Se-joon only im not saying i wished that there were loads of scenes but one here and there it then brings The drama had a really strong finish it kept up the quality of the fight scenes it had really high stakes, intense So my score for the k2 is a 9/10 Now if you excuse me Im going to subway and get something to eat Actually I am back because I want to talk about so spoilers so if you want to stop here then do that right now your still watching? okay then anna did not need to go to 9 then anna's father dying and her mothers name never cleared in part i wouldve understood if her father liked saved her life by taking a bullet or something else like that but he did not have to die, it was complete suicide
  15. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Healer

    Healer K-Drama story was simply epic, characters were good with great chemistry. some pretty awesome fight scenes here and there and a very nice memorable soundtrack aswell pacing was pretty good but at times i felt they could only focus on one thing at a time and didnt really blend things in here and there. like past but only the past romance then only the romance mission then only mission etc.... Only other thing is even though it was not really bad the end game was kinda lackluster, I felt maybe they maybe have played it too safe and it didnt end as high as the drama felt throughout the series Which was disappointing because this drama was near perfect of being Legendary but regardless of a few minor things it still is legendary. My Score: 10/10 I almost gave it a 9 or 9.5 because of the two minor issues I said but its still for 100% sure its legendary although not the best legendary everything else was fantastic
  16. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Goblin

    Goblin probably had one of the best starts to a kdrama the 1st ep felt like a movie and the prodution values of it also felt like one whih helps getting hooked onto the main pragtagonist Kim Shin aka Goblin Best part of this drama is definitly the haraters espeially the bromance between the goblin and the grim reaper it was almost like a comedy act they were fantastic together best bromane in a kdrama hands down in some ways the bromane atually out does the romane Personally i never felt or saw Kim Shin & Ji Eun Tak as a ouple until very late on whih i do have to give redit to the drama for to hange my mind on them. all of the characters were also very solid aswell they managed to build great connections with eahover and i cared about all of them One weird thing about this drama is that despite really enjoying each ep there were quite a few times when i look back and i thought what actually happened sometimes not much its like two steps forward then two steps bak on oassions outside of the first ep whih was exiting thrilling movie like but then every other ep was a bit slow at times but yet nearly all eps were entertaining i was never bored so why is that? again the bromane and the haraters beause it was usually that i referene rather than the story i had maybe slight mixed feelings towards the end due to that the bromane had to die down a bit due to the plot but then plot piked up and finished really strong with not typial kdrama ending but a really good one something that is different but still good in my opinion There are more positive things than negative i havent even mentioned the senery and the soundtrak yet simply breathtaking with the senery there were different loations inluding Quebec City, Canada for me that adds something extra speial espeially when it was done well then the soundtrak was great too and some of the traks are very rememorabile espially the tune that played when they went through the tunnel well thats pretty muh everything that i had to say about Goblin so with that i will tell you that my sore for goblin is a 9/10 so lose to being among my top favourites but doesnt quite make it although saying that it definitily has the best bromance
  17. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PS3 Review] Fairy Fencer F

    Introduction Fairy Fencer F is a 2013 fantasy role-playing game under Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG brand for the PlayStation 3. Actually kinda surprised about this game it's very good. It's an easy game to get into, Story for the most part is good, gameplay and length is also good overall a very solid game, and one that you should probably try out It's not like other compile heart or NIS games where the voice is ott with a weird and confusing story (but ofcourse there's always those moments) It's a game that pretty much kept my attention from start to finish 8.5/10
  18. Introduction Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. I was really excited to play this game when it first came out as it was probably maybe (or at least very close to being) my most favourite psp game brought to the ps3. Graphics/Sound This is of course the most important part of the remix of Birth By Sleep, since it was adapting a psp game to the ps3. For the most part I was really impressed, I thought it looked great although there are a few minor things that I wish were fixed/ bit better. Certain scenes and textures may have minor things that do not look right. (not all the time just certain moments) For example around the characters eyes, they sometimes look weird when zoomed in you can see lines underneath and also ocean can look static or have other odd parts that did not look hd/ps3 quality etc... Anyways for the most part, the game looks and the sound is flawless the , so it gets the main things right that it needed for being on the ps3. GameplayPlays fantastic and it is much nicer using a dualshock rather than playing it on the psp, I probably won't be able to go back to playing it on the psp anymore as it feels right at home on a console. Gameplay it is Kingdom Hearts! A really fun to play action rpg. Of course comparing it later titles may leave a tiny bit to be desired. But the gameplay here is really solid and I think that is the main thing. Story Best part of the game even though I like all Kingdom Hearts games but I never was really into Sora Riku etc... there were good characters but I just not great or wow before for me it was always about exploring and the gameplay with this game though it changed things. In this game with Aqua, Terra and Ventus I just like them much more, they were great characters that looked to have much more depth. Better character designs compared to Sora Riku and Kairi. The story focused a good bit for their friendship and it was usually visible even if only one of them are on screen, you see how much they cared for each over. For me it was really easy to get into the story. Play Time/Replayability It is a very long game, to properly enjoy it, it would take at least 25 hours which is very respectable but then extras could take it up to 40+ hours, to get it 100% completed and all trophies maybe even double that. So there is plenty to do if your a completionist but even not 25 hours is still really good. Final RecommendationI have to say it is very close to being one of the best hd remastered games for the ps3. This does feel like an upgrade but sadly with a few minor graphical errors on odd occasions which keeps this from being perfect but it is still really enjoyable My Score: 9/10
  19. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [PC Review] Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

    Wow this is a really good game, fantastic story which was unique and fun. Characters were all different even if some were a bit bizarre but the important thing was that it was very easy to get invested into all of them. Even if there were one or 2 characters that i did not really care about but they were still solid characters that holds their and serve a purpose in the story I always felt an impact on when one of them was killed, who it was and the murderer as well, the story and the characters are definitely the strong point of the game Game play, it is a visual novel with an added a bunch of different game play elements like the class trails on finding out and deciding who was the murderer which was and enjoyable fun and other place where the game shines you also get to walk around talk to people, give gifts which an lead to additional dialogue to give more depth to each character. One disappointment is that there are no choices and no real alternative endings which could have been the cherry on top of the cake, it would have added much more to the game but maybe that was too much to ask. There is not that much voiced dialogue in game which is disappointing During the class trails there are more voices is to be expected since it is a big part of the game. But one of my pet hates in games is people saying a catchphrase when it is not anywhere in the text, does that bother anyone else? In my opinion the pc port is lacking real improvements or additions it is pretty much a port but it is nice playing it on the pc and i do not want to be critical but it would have been legendary if this game had gotten additional content and more improvements Despite the game not having choices or alternative endings which is usually standard in visual novels but this game excels with its story characters the lass trails and its overall uniqueness it is a cult hit incredible experience and one you definitely should try My score: 8.5/10
  20. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 K-Drama / K-Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

    Note list will include drama, move or web drama 10. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Had a very good range of songs all very memorable 9. Wednesday 3.30pm Really loved the main song, it was sang very well 8. Goblin The tunnel scene that says it all! 7. Sassy Go Go Great songs to cheer up with. 6. Just Between Lovers Fits the tone of the drama perfectly 5. Something About One % Feel good songs 4. Go Back Couple Great mix of songs especially everyday which gets my hyped up! 3. Fight My Way Great mixture of music ones to get hyped up then the other calm music. 2. Healer Eternal Love really made this K-Drama stand out such a memorable song 1. Wonderful Radio Two really inspiring tracks "Again" and "So Bitter" play them almost every day Honorable Mentions: One Step Marriage Not Dating Go Ho's Starry Night
  21. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

    10. Assassin's Creed Revelations Everything was done well for Ezio's sendoff 9. Mirror's Edge Staying alive 8. Alice Madness Returns Don't we all like a little bit of madness? 7. Final Fantasy VII One winged angel 6. Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Always remember the intro song before playing the game. 5. Deus Ex Human Revolution Loved the soundtrack for this game fitted in very well. 4. Kingdom Hearts Utada Hikaru was already a fan before I played Kingdom Hearts 3. Super Mario Bros. The original mario tune so addicting. 2. Alan Wake To add to the atmosphere of the game but also the ending credit song to each chapter. 1. Life Is Strange Loved the sound track really easy to listen to. Nice mix of indie folk and a tiny bit of rock too. Honorable Mentions: Ghostbusters Bioshock Infinite Uncharted
  22. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    My Top 10 Mario Games Of All Time

    10. Mario Tennis (GameBoy Color) Honestly it's still my favorite mario tennis game to date. It much closer to actual tennis rather than all these power ups in newer mario tennis game. RPG elements mini games to train up earn exp etc... It's simple but fun. 9. Mario Kart 64 Still a very fun game if your playing local co op with 4 controllers all sitting on the couch, its still a blast. From the regular grand prix which for never old when playing with friends and family. But also battle mode which nintendo has never really done it right since this game. Sadly not much for single player but with friends it is something special. 8. Super Mario 64 This one holds dear to me as I remember getting this game with the console as a kid on a treasure hunt ( damn I feel old now XD ) Anyways it is still a very fun game to play even today. I really wish for nintendo to port the ds version for the switch that would be awesome. 7. Super Mario Maker Loads of fun and challenge to be had with 4 style to either play for create. What is there not to love. Nintendo made a really smart move with this as the 2d was sort of going out of fashion From having not been overly impressed with new super mario bros. u. But with this brings infinite posibilities and I can't wait for super mario maker 2 for the switch. 6. Super Mario Galaxy Fun game something different, plenty of unique levels and also great visual looking. 5. New Super Mario Bros Wii This brought a new era to the 2d mario, when it came out it felt fresh it was awesome. And thats not all but there were many mods for this which was awseome. 4. Super Mario 3D World Awesome mario game. Again many unique levels. It bright and a lovely visual looking game. Great fun with friends or family as it is up to 4 players. Good amount of levels to complete and things to collect. CAT SUIT! what else do I have to say? 3. Super Mario Odyssey 3d mario games I dont know how nintendo does it. they always find a way to have unique levels with every 3d mario game. This game is epic went up to the next level visually the sound too. gameplay also with many stars to collect from the very easy ones to the tough ones and the cap was fun to use as well. 2. Super Mario Sunshine I really loved this game, as I felt like it brought something different to mario games. It was not the typical peach gets captured go save her as per usual. Here it felt like there was some kind of a story. I liked the level designs, reasonably good challenge as well and it still really holds up. A really good fun solid mario game. Something in my opinion is a bit underappreciated. 1. Super Mario Bros 3. It was the mario game which was in my 10 top games list of all time, so of course it was going to be number one here. I just like the simple pick up and play arcade retro style game and I just love this game. And it is always the one mario which I go back to regularly hence why its number one for me.
  23. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Prosecutor Princess

    What I didn't like Ma Sang Tae is a murderer even though it wasn't intentional but he framed Seo's Father and that was intentional and Seo died in prison so isn't a Sang still a murderer since he knew he was inisent and that? I think so So I disliked that part My Score: 8/10 I think its great drama although its a bit confusing and maybe takes 10 eps to see what's actually going on It can be confusing and you asking what why etc... even though you can think and probably guess some of it maybe that it was revenge But you wouldn't know until ep 10-11 I think it maybe should've revealed some things earlier It's like your in Hye Mi's shoes during the drama
  24. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] Personal Taste

    It just got really heavy in the last half of the series It was as if it changed genre from romantic comedy to romantic drama Which was actually a bit disappointing because I was really enjoying the comedy side of the drama Was laughing a lot in the first half of the series, even though it was still good in the last half of the series but it just wasnt the same I missed the comedy it had My Score 8.5/10
  25. ScottyTheVideoGamer

    [K-Drama Review] City Hunter

    City Hunter K-Drama Review Synopsis Source: wiki.d-addicts The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and becomes a "City Hunter." This was the second k-drama that I ever watched and I want to have my input into it If you do any amount of research on this drama you'll know that it's gonna be good and that its awesome That's why I watched it because it was on top of everybody's list Its even on netflix Anyways lets get to it What I like the most about this series is almost everything - Its a full package, there's everything from a serious interesting story, there's action romance comedy - Quality of the fights and the quality overall, Its just top class and pure awesomeness, everything looks amazing scenery - Soundtrack was great too but it was nothing that stood out for me like from other dramas or games etc... - The cast was fantastic also they all done a great job - Twists and story telling its epic maybe it takes an ep or 2 to explain things but its still very good and after that its awesome its simply a masterpiece So after a near perfect drama there was one thing that really annoyed me The ending..... the ending.... (minor spoilers) It was one of the most lazy assed endings I've ever seen, a real let down as I would've said that this was one of the best no actually the best k-drama or even best series overall that I've ever seen if it wasn't for the ending Not because that there was plot holes or that it didn't make sense it was just lazy I actually liked the end game it was great it wasn't like how it ended but it was just the final scene The worst case of slow-motion staring at each other awkwardly.... "Couldn't they come up with something better...." I just don't understand how someone can make a fantastic series but then do such a lazy final scene.... I just don't get it My score : 9/10 Even though a part of me wanted to give it less like a 8 or 8.5 but in the end I couldn't do it because the rest of it is a masterpiece that you should watch and I would still recommend it despite the most lazy final scene ever