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  1. iTools

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 47.12 MB The Best iPhone Transfer Software. iTools 4 designed with a user-friendly interface including simple and fast navigation controls. 90% of tasks need only one click to complete the processes. User-Friendly Interface iTools 4 designed with a user-friendly interface including simple and fast navigation controls. 90% of tasks need only one click to complete the processes Media Manager The iTools has the ability to manage all kind of media such as images, videos, audios, text documents, PDF, movies, podcasts, iTunes music and etc. For iPhone, iPad, and iPod iTools 4 is compatible with the iDevices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tools 4 Backup, Restore Feature The iTools back and restore data tool allows you to backup and restore your iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch data. All you need to do is select the files and folders that you need to backup and click the backup button on the iTools 4 menus. Also, you can restore the backed up data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the restore button on the iTools menu. iTools 4 AirPlayer You can play games, watch videos, browse the web, edit or view documents, preview images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod through your windows or Mac PC with the iTools AirPlayer. You can share your iPhone screen between your partners when you are in a meeting or with friends if you are in a party. iTools Image Tool You can preview images with an original resolution of images with iTools 4 and also you can share your images between Mac and Windows PCs even between more than one iDevices. The image tool has the ability to organize the image order, create or delete albums, move images between folders, edit delete or copy images. iTools Battery Master The iTools battery master guides you about the battery with following details. Battery health, Battery Mfr, Fully charged cycles, Design capacity, Boot voltage, Electric current, Actual capacity, Battery temp, Battery SN, Current voltage. You can decide the behavior of your devices' battery and control the usage of your battery and increase the health of the battery. iTools Data Migration If you need to share your old iDevices' data to the new one, the data migration tool is the best tool for doing that. You can migrate your images, videos, audios, text documents, podcasts, PDF and etc. on previous iPhone, iPad or iPod touch data to the new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iTools Ringtone Maker The ringtone making tool allows you to create your own ringtone even with your own recordings as original mobile ringtones. If you are bored with the default ringtones on your iPhone, make any song, sound clip, voice clip or recordings as your ringtone of iPhone with the iTools ringtone maker. iTools File Manager The iTools file manager is the tool that manages all of the files and folder on your iDevice. You can add, remove, edit, and copy any file or folder with this iTools file manager tool. The iTools 4 allows you to use the drag and drop functionality for removing and placing data between PC and the Devices. iTools Icon Arranger The iTools icon arranger helps you to manage icons on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen. If there are hundreds of icons on your screen, you can manage them through your PCs' wide screen. If you need you can remove any icon from the screen with this icon manager tool.Release Notes:- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. System and Hardware Requirement: - Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) 8.1/ 8/ 7/ 10/ Vista - CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel - RAM: 256 MB or above. - Disk Space: 40MB -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  2. GraphicConverter 10.6 3058 macOS

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 182.72 MB GraphicConverter has more than 1.5 million loyal users worldwide - from amateur photographers to professional designers. The Press has dubbed this program the equivalent of the "Swiss Army Knife" describing it as the "Universal Genius for photo editing on the Mac" Import and export functions - Import of approx. 200 & export of approx. 80 graphic formats - Catalog generation (web, print, picture) - Picture import direct from the camera (also RAW) - TWAIN interface for scanners - direct support of the photo services Google+, Flickr, Locr Picture organization & workflow management - Graphical file and picture browser - Slide show functions - Batch conversion - Support for AppleScript Picture editing - Express picture enhancement function - Enhancement and creation of pictures for use in the internet - Basic functions for editing pictures - Advanced functions, effects and filters for picture manipulation - Plug-in architecture - Color management with ColorSync and ICC profiles - 3D image support Compatibility - Supports the latest technologies of the different MacOS versions - Support for the JPEG2000 format - Multilingual - with 12 available languagesRelease Notes:New features • Convert AVI to MP4 with keeping the data/time original tag • Browser context menu: Copy IPTC Keywords to Caption • Browser edit: option to advance to next item after change of rating or label • General prefs: option to open browser instead of document upon drag and drop • import of ORA (OpenRaster) added • Browser context menu: Copy IPTC/XMP, Label and Rating from JPGs to RAWs • Menu and batch actions: scale with crop and blur • Action: Grayworld • Action: Use original name • Menu: Skin Tone effect • Menu: Skin Smoothing effect Updated features • browser sort popup: added sort by caption and title options • updated ExifTool • updated dynapdf • added option-key + left mouse click onto toolbox in addition to double click • added histogram display to adjust operator • label and rating change will applied to RAW/JPG pairs if prefs is active under browser/edit • core image filters: added option to avoid alpha channel adding • First steps dialog improved • Apply LUT: supports now lookup_xxxx.png files Bug fixes • fixed possible detection error with 32KB Atari PIC files • fixed possible issue with triangle in keyword palette after adding items • fixed possible issue during decoding mime data • fixed issue with function selection during switching from browser to convert & modify and back • fixed possible crash during import of psp file • fixed possible crash during import of bmp with bitfield • fixed bug in storing 1024x1024 icon variant in icns • fixed import issue with some RSB files System Requirements: • 64 bit version for Intel Macs • Requires macOS 10.9 up to 10.13.4 -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  3. Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2018.1 HLx Editions | 17.18 GB Xilinx has unveiled Vivado Design Suite 2018.1 HLx Editions. This release includes numerous advancements to improve quality of results and runtime reduction of UltraScale+ devices. Vivado 2018.1 also has additional ease of use improvements to ensure you can increase your overall efficiency and get your products to market faster. Now available in the Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions 2018.1 Release - April 12, 2018: - Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC and Virtex UltraScale+ HBM devices - Increased productivity via ease of use improvements in IP flows and IP Integrator - New helper IPs and device support for Partial Reconfiguration - New capabilities and functions in Model Composer - Improved UltraScale+ Implementation: 5.5% higher Fmax, 1.6x faster compile times - Production devices introduced in this release . Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: XCZU11EG (-3), XCZU15EG (-3), XCZU17EG (-3), XCZU19EG (-3) . Kintex UltraScale+: XCKU3P (-3), XCKU5P (-3), XCKU11P (-3), XCKU13P (-3), XCKU15P (-3) . Virtex UltraScale+: XCVU3P (-3), XCVU5P (-3), XCVU7P (-3), XCVU9P (-3) . Artix-7 and Spartan-7: XC7A25T (-2LE(0.9V)), XC7A12T (-2LE(0.9V)), XC7S100 (-1,-2), XC7S75 (-1,-2), XC7S25 (-1Q), XA7S25 (-1I,-2I,-1Q), XA7A25T (-1I, -2I, -1Q), XA7A12T (-1I,-2I,-1Q) - New Spartan-7 devices enabled: XC7S6, XC7S15, XA7S6 and XA7S15 - New devices enabled in WebPACK . Artix-7: XC7A12T, XC7A25T . XA Artix-7: XA7A12T, XA7A25T . XA Spartan-7: XA7S25 About Xilinx Vivado Design Suite. Vivado Design Suite is a software suite produced by Xilinx for synthesis and analysis of HDL designs, superseding Xilinx ISE with additional features for system on a chip development and high-level synthesis. Vivado represents a ground-up rewrite and re-thinking of the entire design flow (compared to ISE), and has been described by reviewers as "well conceived, tightly integrated, blazing fast, scalable, maintainable, and intuitive". Unlike ISE which relied on ModelSim for simulation, the Vivado System Edition includes an in-built logic simulator. Vivado also introduces high-level synthesis, with a toolchain that converts C code into programmable logic. Vivado has been described as a "state-of-the-art comprehensive EDA tool with all the latest bells and whistles in terms of data model, integration, algorithms, and performance". In 2013, Xilinx completed a 1000 person-year development of its Vivado Design Suite, replacing the 15-year old ISE. About Xilinx Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions. Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions include Partial Reconfiguration at no additional cost with the Vivado HL Design Edition and HL System Edition. In-warranty users can regenerate their licenses to gain access to this feature. Partial Reconfiguration is available for Vivado WebPACK edition at a reduced price. The new HLx editions supply design teams with the tools and methodology needed to leverage C-based design and optimized reuse, IP sub-system reuse, integration automation and accelerated design closure. When coupled with the UltraFast High-Level Productivity Design Methodology Guide, this unique combination is proven to accelerate productivity by enabling designers to work at a high level of abstraction while facilitating design reuse. About Xilinx. Xilinx is the leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs, and 3D ICs. Xilinx uniquely enables applications that are both software defined and hardware optimized - powering industry advancements in Cloud Computing, SDN/NFV, Video/Vision, Industrial IoT, and 5G Wireless. Product: Xilinx Vivado Design Suite Version: 2018.1 HLx Editions Supported Architectures: x64 Language: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: * Size: 17.18 GB * Microsoft Windows Support - Windows 7 SP1 Professional (64bit), English/Japanese. - Windows 10 Professional Creators Update (64bit), English/Japanese. -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  4. Engineering Dynamics Corp HVE 13

    File size: 417 MB HVE is a complete 3-D simulation environment providing vehicle design engineers, safety researchers and accident reconstructionists with an extremely sophisticated (but very easy to use) tool for their routine work. Using advanced, state-of-the-art physics programs specifically designed to take advantage of the capabilities found in HVE, you can effectively perform studies to evaluate the dynamic handling behavior of existing and prototype vehicle designs, design and test the effectiveness of vehicle braking systems, study driver response to transient effects caused by tire blow-outs or irregular terrain, simulate vehicle-to-barrier and vehicle-to-vehicle crash tests, simulate real-world crashes and identify potential sources of occupant injury resulting from those same crashes. A series of editors within HVE allow you to move freely between model set-up (human, vehicle and environment), event management and results. Additionally, HVE offers an extensive feature set available in several HVE-compatible simulation programs. These features allow for advanced simulation of vehicle control systems, driver reactions, tire or brake system failures and 3-D collision modeling. Each HVE-compatible physics program (e.g. SIMON, GATB) is an independent program running inside the HVE simulation environment. More information about each physics program can be found below, or by using the links along the left hand side of this page. Using HVE, you can . . . Simulate vehicle rollovers including exterior damage. Simulate the response of multiple occupants during a rollover collision including contact between the occupants. Simulate a crash sequence, change the initial conditions to study avoidability and route both results directly to video showing multiple views including the driver of each vehicle. Use virtual thermocouples to monitor brake lining temperatures on a downhill grade. Use virtual accelerometers to monitor the velocity and acceleration at any location in the vehicle. Simulate the transient response of a vehicle before, during and after a tire blowout. Study the effect of occupant positioning on restraint system effectiveness. Create a complex 3-D terrain mesh and drive a vehicle on it. Use the HVE Path Follower to simulate the driver steering inputs required to negotiate a complex curve. HVE means different things to different people. To a vehicle design engineer, HVE means a way to improve the design process. To a vehicle safety researcher, HVE means a way to study real world issues involving highway safety. What does HVE mean to you? HVE is a Virtual 3-D World - HVE models humans, vehicles and the environment as sophisticated 3-dimensional objects and allows you to study their interaction. HVE makes virtually no simplifying assumptions. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  5. Languages: English | Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Add-in | File Size: 92.51 MB Strategy professionals use Mekko Graphics to deliver insights and action plans. Marketers rely on Mekko Graphics when communicating results and recommendations. Financial professionals use Mekko Graphics to translate complex data into simple but powerful charts. CREATE UNIQUE CHARTS Choose from 30 chart types to find the best chart to tell your story. Mekko Graphics includes the unique chart types preferred by strategy consultants. BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Save time and avoid the frustration of unnecessary formatting. CHART ENHANCEMENTS Add enhancements to showcase insights and make your point with fewer charts. New in the Latest Version: Smart Color • New options for applying colors to your charts • Color before or after sorting • Color by bar or segment Gantt Charts • New interface for creating gantt charts • Easy task and timeline input • Full range of customization options Formatting • More control over settings in the Preference Manager • Customize the relationship between bars in a cascade • Right click format of similar labels and fonts by series -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  6. Comic Life 3.5.8 lmacOS

    File size: 71 MB Turn your photos into amazing comic pages or create an entire comic book with Comic Life. Start with fully customizable templates or build your own pages with speech balloons, comic lettering, and photo filters so slick they can make your grandmother look like a superhero. Comic Life isn't just for creating comics. You can retell a family vacation or capture a special day using your photos. It's simple to do: just drag photos onto the page and add your text in speech balloons and captions. Filter your images and add in some halftones or speedlines for more action. Whether it is photos of friends or hand drawn comic characters, Comic Life is the ultimate app for turning your images into a comic. Want to recount your holiday adventures or tell a life-story in an engaging style? Comic Life is the answer. What about creating an original story featuring you and your friends? That's easy with Comic Life. It's the app with everything you need to make a stunning photo comic. Fonts, templates, panels, balloons, captions and lettering art. Simply add your photos and some words and very quickly you'll have a finished story. Comic Life is also great for doing school projects, how to guides, flyers for your business or group, storyboarding, lesson plans, book reports, Internet memes; and that's just to name a few! Creating an original work is easy with the script editor. From script to comic page it's never been easier with the new Script Editor in Comic Life. When you're ready for a photo shoot, you can use the panel descriptions as a shooting guide! Then put it all together in Comic Life with the easy drag and drop feature for elements and lettering. It's your story from start to finish. Photo filter effects and customizable lettering options really make your photos come alive. It really makes turning your pictures into comic artwork a snap. When you're done you can share your masterpiece with your fans in a variety ways. What's New in Version 3: 30 New Beautiful Templates! We went back to the drawing board and created a fresh set of templates that highlight the incredible tools you have at your fingertips in Comic Life 3.5. These templates take advantage of Comic Life design features including full color halftone, page texture, 3D lettering, custom panels, and speedlines. We built these templates to make every page look like a professionally created composition. The best part is we have new templates for every comic category! Script Editor! Got a story idea that you want to make into a comic book? Write it out in the script editor so you're ready to take or find the photos you need to make the story come alive on the page. And taking your words to the comic page is easy with the SmartScript recognition system. Now with Comic Life 3.5, for example, dropping caption text from your script on top of a caption element on the page replaces the text instead of adding a new caption. Advanced Filters! New parametric filters make your photos even more amazing than before, including awesome new options like Rotoscope, Retro, and Sketch. Instant Alpha! Use the instant alpha tool to quickly knock out the background of your photos so you can place your characters in new locations or on dynamic comic book style backgrounds. New Graphic Options Brush strokes give your elements a hand drawn look. 3D lettering for stand out titles. New fill options for full color halftones, speedlines, textures and more to liven up your panels and lettering. New Editing Controls Parametric balloon shapes for more variety. Bendable connecting tails for extension bubbles. Rulers, alignment and spacing guides. Two up page display including facing pages. Master page for elements that need to be on every page. Compatibility: OS X 10.6.5 or later 64-bitRelease Notes -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  7. File size: 11.3 MB EmEditor Professional - professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Editor features such as search and replace in files using regular expressions, auto-detection coding, highlighting the links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure the button bar, menu, font and color elements. For each language, you can create a separate configuration. The program also has the support of powerful macros written in javascript or VBScript, allowing you to capture virtually any action, used often or occasionally. This editor is an ideal tool for editing HTML, PHP, JSP and XML files. When you specify a web browser as an external application, you will be able to view HTML files during editing. Supports syntax highlighting ASP, C #, C, CSS, HTML, Java, javascript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other programming languages, function Drag & Drop, opening files size up to 248 GB the possibility of connecting additional external applications and plug-ins. In addition, the program allows to work with macros written in javascript or VBScript, and based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, allows you to automate virtually any action. Adjustable backlight HTML and scripting languages makes it easy to detect spelling errors and typos. Features: • Support for file sizes up to 248 GB • Edit binary files • Optimized search and relocation • Improved design plug-ins • Ability to display panel functions • Optimized speed when each row has a greater length • Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel • Supports Drag and drop • Specify the temporary folder in the program settings • Import INI files in the registry • Unicode • Syntax highlighting for ASP, C, CSS, HTML, javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other • User-friendly interface with customizable toolbar EmEditor Professional Features List: * Large File Support * Unicode Support * Macros * Vertical Selection Editing * Tabbed Windows, Drag and Drop * Lightweight Design * Regular Expressions * Binary Editing * Crash Recovery * Grab Text -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  8. Red Giant Trapcode Suite v14.1.0

    File size: 763 MB Trapcode Suite 14 - The industry-standard package for motion graphics in After Effects. Red Giant Trapcode Suite is a set of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects. Organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more (New!) - GPU Acceleration with Speed boosts of up to 4X, or more, over previous versions. - Build particle effects visually, in the powerful Designer - Uses After Effects' 3D camera and lights - Use 3D models and sequences as emitters Immortal Particle Grids and 3D Objects (New!) - Build particle grids visually, in the new Designer - Create stunning MoGraph with 3D models and sequences - Drive animation with sound - Dissolve text and logos 3D geometries animated along a path - Generate Geometric shapes, ribbons and more - Create geometries from Masks, Paths, and Motion - Works with After Effects' 3D camera and lights 3D Surfaces, Terrains and Wireframes in After Effects - Flowing surfaces and abstract shapes for motion graphics - Shaded surfaces can display as polygons or vertices - Works with After Effects' 3D camera and lights Ultra-fast, 3D light ray effects - Volumetric light rays for your text, mograph or footage - Simulate clean rays or fractal smokiness with depth - After Effects 3D camera-aware After Effects Lights Made Visible - Create 3D Volumetric point and spot lights - Add Drama and realism to your 3D Comps - Fully customizable and Camera-aware Organic 3D Shapes and Lines from your masks - Logos, text and paths take on lives of their own - Preset shapes give you starting points - Get pinpoint control over shapes, colors, looping and more Instantly clone and offset animated layers - Automate complex, multi-layered 3D animation with ease - Control layer instances, without writing expressions - Create dynamic 'falling domino' or 'follow-the-leader' Animations Stylized glints and glows for motion graphics and text - Add Glimmer to your Highlights - 49 Presets to get you started - Fully customizable and easy to use Instant Audio-driven Motion Graphics in After Effects - Visualize your audio for motion graphics - Use any audio to drive animation and effects - Isolate audio bands for total control Infinite Backgrounds for After Effects 3D - 360 degree Backgrounds for AE 3D - Use image maps or create a multicolor gradient - Fully AE 3D Camera-aware -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  9. File Size: 483/519 MB progeCAD, is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2019! The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usages. progeCAD's original format DWG ensures complete compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without loosing any critical information. progeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF drawing file formats. progeCAD offers the interface complete with the "AutoCAD® - Like" Classic icon and Ribbon menus and "AutoCAD® - Like" commands. progeCAD Professional is general-purpose 2D and 3D design software useful for CAD field & concept sketch. It offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD® and Direct Modeling in native .dwg. progeCAD is so much more than an alternative! progeCAD offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT at a fractional price to AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD® or Microstation®. progeCAD 2018 new features: DWG 2018 support Opens AutoCAD® 2018 DWG drawings New Render engine based on Artisan New integration with Artisan Renderer (free included). The Render allows you to create a photorealistic image of your model quickly using a wide range of pre-set materials and lighting setups combined with the ability to create custom lights and realistic materials. ESRI-SHAPE Import New commands to import SHAPE (ESRI) files with geometry and its attributes into DWG drawings. Superhatch Command Create hatch patterns from images, blocks, external references (xrefs) and wipeouts In-place Editor for Text and Multiline Text The new multiline text editor allows you to edit multiline text in place. However, not all multiline text features are implemented in the new editor. PDF Print with Layers Create high quality PDF files from drawings (with layers!). progeCAD Professional prints PDF files with the same Layer structure of a drawing. The layers can be set on/off in the PDF document using Adobe Reader. Improved PDF Export Export to 2D .pdf files now includes new compression modes, image clipping and gradient hatches Improved PointCloud import (.pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz) Perspective image correction Thanks to the new plugin, photos insertion is easy and intuitive, with the ability to correct their perspective through the multi-point system. New Array dialog XREF and Locked layers Fading Controls the dimming for Xref entities and entities on locked layers Fade control with RefEdit command Now progeCAD supports the XFADECTL system variable, controls the amount of fading within a reference being edited in place. New interface for RefEdit command 3D Connection SpaceMouse support progeCAD now supports the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse. The 3D Mouse allows to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate models while selecting with your traditional mouse. This unique two-handed workflow makes design work more comfortable and efficient. Click on Options in Command line String options on the command line can be selected with the mouse. Maximixe Viewport The command allow to maximize and minimize Viewports. With this command you temporarily expand the current Viewport to Model Space and when you go back to Paper Space the position and the scale of the objects in the Layout viewport remain unchanged. Default Layers Predefined layers for dimensions and hatches Hatch Transparency Define the level of transparency for new hatches. 3D solids Sub Entity selection Selection of Faces and Edges on 3D objects with the CTRL button and click. TEXTFRONT Command The command brings all texts to the front. Improved compatibility with Microstation files Directly open your DGN files Import & Open new Microstation file formats (.dgnlib,.rdl,.cel) Object Snap on Underlay files (PDF, DWF and DGN) Improved Underlay objects: For .pdf, dwg, and .dgn underlays, new support includes monochrome, fade, background color adjust, show, and show clipped properties Lock the location for Floating or Docked Toolbars Contextual Ribbons for Text, Multiline Text, Image entities and the Refedit command Pin Lock for Ribbon panel Workspaces options management Commands ISOLATEOBJECTS and UNISOLATEOBJECTS - HIDEOBJECTS ISOLATEOBJECTS temporarily hides the display of all entities except those you select. The entities are displayed in the current view. All other entities are temporarily hidden. HIDEOBJECTS temporarily hides selected objects in the current view. All other objects are visible. UNISOLATEOBJECTS displays entities previously hidden with ISOLATEOBJECTS or HIDEOBJECTS Possible to associate a Default Template to the QNEW command New CACHEFILES will externally cache layout data to enhance layout switching performance and memory usage CHANGEBLOCK The new command for editing single block instances CENTERMARK command (Express) New XDWGFADECTL Controls the dimming for all DWG Xref entities. Add Slope linetypes for topographic drawings (Express) Improve LOFT command Rename Command The new Rename command with an advanced interface Improved ETRANSMIT command DIMBREAK command Breaks or restores dimension and extension lines where they cross other entities Whats New: Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  10. Autodesk EAGLE Premium 9.0.0 (x64) | 119 MB PCB design made easy. Make anything with EAGLE PCB design software. Powerful, easy-to-use tools for every engineer. Speed through complex board layouts with modern PCB routing tools. Quickly reuse subcircuits that remain synchronized between schematic and PCB. Escape your ball grid arrays (BGA) in seconds, not hours. What's New in Autodesk EAGLE: PCB layout software for every engineer Bring your electronic inventions to life with a complete set of PCB layout and schematic editing tools in EAGLE software. Modular design blocks (New!) Reuse existing blocks of circuitry in a snap. Multisheet schematics Keep designs of any size organized and in order. Electrical rule checking Have confidence in your schematic design. Real-time design synchronization Stay in-sync between schematic and PCB layout. Easy-to-use schematic editor Transform your ideas into reality with intuitive schematic capture. New routing engine (New!) Design beautiful PCB layouts fast. BGA fanout (New!) Escape from your BGA in seconds. Simplified selection and editing (New!) Select, group, and edit your design, your way. Assembly variants Make one design and assemble many with variants. High-speed design Design with the latest technologies, including DDR4, PCI Express, or USB-C. Design rule checking Ensure your boards are ready to build. Powerful PCB layout Bring your design to life with intuitive PCB layout tools. 3D models Unite your PCB and enclosure together. Complete components The one-stop shop for reviewing your component needs. Manufacturable parts Reduce worries about parts availability. Accessible library content Thousands of ready-to-use part libraries. One-click make Generate your CAM outputs with a single click. One-click MCAD Fast track your designs to your mechanical tool. User Language Programs (ULPs) Improve your design tool process. EAGLE Premium Includes 999 schematic sheets, 16 signal layers, and unlimited board areas. System Requirements: - Microsoft® Windows® 7 or newer is required. - EAGLE 64-bit requires a 64-bit operating system. -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  11. Readiris Pro / Corporate 16.0.2 Build 11398 / 11397 Multilingual | 385/396 Mb Readiris 16 for Windows is an optical character recognition (OCR) software package that converts an image, a PDF file, or a scanned document into a fully editable text file. Thanks to the power and accuracy of its recognition engine, Readiris 16 for Windows extracts the text from your documents with precision while preserving the layout of the original file. Convert your PDFs Readiris 16 for Windows converts your PDFs into Word, Excel, text or even fully editable indexed PDF, while preserving the original layout. List of output formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, ePub, Audio, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, PNG Create indexed PDF files This format is identical to the original PDF file except that it adds a layer of indexed text. This means you can easily search for the information you need in a document or a large volume of archived documents. Designed to operate with any scanner Readiris 16 for Windows has a scanning module that can drive any Twain scanner without using external software. This module facilitates the importing of documents into Readiris 16 for Windows and guarantees that documents optimised for archiving, sharing, or editing will be created every time. Process batches of documents Convert large volumes of documents at high speed using batch processing in Readiris Corporate 16 for Windows. This feature shortens document processing times by splitting tasks in a multi-core workflow. Readiris Corporate 16 for Windows is the ideal tool if you need to process bulky, multi-page documents. A simplified interface: 1. Import Import your PDF, image, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files hosted on your computer, or scan your documents using the scanning utility that is included. 2. Convert Simply click the export format of your choice to launch the conversion of the imported document. 3. Organise Add, delete and organise the page order of your document using the drag-and-drop feature" 4. Adjust Optimise the quality of your document using the optimisation and correction tools. About OCR "OCR" stands for "Optical Character Recognition''. This is the process whereby an image of a paper document is captured and the text is then extracted from the resulting image. Readiris 16 is an OCR software package that automatically converts text from paper documents, images or PDF files into fully editable files without having to perform all the tedious retyping work! The optical character recognition (OCR) technology used in Readiris 16 allows very accurate document recognition whilst preserving the original page layout. What's new in Readiris 16 for Windows? - New version of the recognition engine - The ability to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into indexed PDFs - Access to document conversion by right-clicking with the mouse - New user interface - Addition of a quality indicator for imported documents - Improved tool to handle pages within a document - Automatic detection of IRIS scanners - New version of the image pre-processing engine - Improved perspective correction module Minimum required configuration for Windows®: - 1 GHz processor or more. - Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista® or XP. 32 or 64 bit - 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) - 400 MB available had disk space -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  12. Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2019

    Autodesk Vehicle Tracking v2019 ISO (x64) | 532 Mb Vehicle swept path analysis software. Vehicle Tracking transportation analysis and design software is built for vehicle swept path analysis. Engineers, designers, and planners can evaluate vehicle movements on transportation or site design projects. -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  13. File size: 7.9 MB Computers run hardware devices, such as printers or graphics cards, using software called drivers. Without drivers you wouldn't be able to print a document, read this webpage or connect to the Internet. All hardware elements in your PC, including your graphics and sound card, your motherboard, your hard disk, your modem or even your keyboard, come with drivers. Initially these may have come preinstalled with the operating system, or you may have installed them from the manufacturer's CD. However the manufacturers will since have improved these drivers by removing bugs and adding extra features or functionality. This means that unless you update your drivers regularly you may face any of a range of problems, from the relatively minor, such as hardware that seems buggy and poorly performing, to the more major such as hardware failures, conflicts and complete system crashes. One mouse click is all that it takes to download and then to install updated drivers to your computer and release the full functionality of your system! Old or ancient drivers may cause a range of problems, from diminished hardware functionality to conflicts and system crashes. As Windows requires specialized drivers to run practically every piece of hardware on your PC, keeping track of what needs to be updated, downloading and then installing the right drivers can be tricky and technically troublesome. Although drivers can be updated manually, identifying outdated or superseded drivers can take a long time. Moreover, pinpointing just the right driver from the manufacturer's website, then downloading and installing it can be laborious and technically risky. Built with simplicity in mind, DriverScanner 2015 scans your computer to provide a list of drivers that need to be updated. With single click convenience, DriverScanner 2015 will then safely install each update on your PC. Updating drivers ensures that your hardware runs at its best. Although benefits depend on the specific driver you choose to update, driver updates generally deliver one or several of the following benefits: • Better hardware compatibility and reduced system conflicts • Refined and improved device performance • Removed bugs and device errors • New device capabilities or unlocked features • Better computer performance and stability Amongst other features, DriverScanner offers: • A new driver scanning-engine for fast and frequent driver updates • Quick and secure driver downloads • Automatic restore points for maximum safety • Single click driver installations • An elegant, easy to use interface • Reliable technology from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  14. File size: 43.1 MB VSO ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate (aka Video Converter) is an all-in-one video converter which ensures the top image quality and fast conversions. It allows you to convert any video format into DVD, AVI, MKV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox, PS3, Playstation, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, Xvid, Android phones and tablets. VSO ConvertXtoVideo is very simple to use. It has 1 click conversion feature with advanced settings, that allows you to convert video files with impressive top quality results adapted to the output device. During conversation, VSO ConvertXtoVideo lets you edit video files, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation for video file, cut segments, merge video parts, create chapters, rotate the video image, add subtitles and synchronize it. Features: Convert videos into any format convert to all format Convert videos to and from any format: MKV, AVI, DVD, Blu-ray, FLV, MP4 converter, ISO, WMV and more ... Compatible with any device and includes predefined conversion profiles: Nexus, iPad, Xbox, PS3, Android, iPhone, tablets, smartphones and more ... Create AVCHD and Blu-ray discs Create custom profiles with your choice of codecs and resolutions Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264, Xvid, and up to 1080p, 4k NEW Many audio outputs available: stereo, multi-channel, AC-3, dts, AAC, Mp2 Complete with a comprehensive editing tool: no need for any other program! Convert video to mp3 or other audio formats Burn your conversions to disk (CD, DVD and Blu-ray) with integrated burning engine ,create ISO files or save file to USB Easy to use esay to use converter 1 click: insert video and click on "Convert" Timeline display for clear overall view and ease of use Automatic detection of main movie and right angle for Blu-rays Includes a live preview for audio and subtitle tracks selection Custom settings for advanced users, see below Quality top quality Impressive quality results adapted to the output device Luminosity, brightness, contrast and saturation control for outstanding image Image quality enhancement wizard NEW Advanced Image Filter to convert images down from HD to SD if needed H264 encoder included Exceptional HD video converter Editing tools for customization extras Add subtitles: advanced editor and preview, various formats supported including soft, hard and forced subs Cut off any unwanted part(s) of the video Merge files together to create one unique video file Combine photos and videos in one stream to create a slideshow NEW Capture video stream live from webcam NEW Offset option for ultimate audio/video/subtitles synchronization Image rotation Adds a menu for DVD conversions Watermark editor: add a copyright (image or text) NEW Custom profiles: create your own profile with your favorite codecs, resolution and bitrate and existing files Remux profiles for MKV Sound effects Chapter support: keep original chapters or create new chapters Audio normalizer Padding and cropping features Interface customization, more than 20 designs Hardware decoding+ multi-core + h264 cuda converter Encoder optimized for multi-core processors convert 3x's faster DXVA2 hardware decoding: NVIDIA, Intel and ATI technology Uses Hardware encoding: NVIDIA CUDA (including new NVENC API), Intel Quick Sync Processes simultaneous conversions -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!
  15. 3d-Coat 4.8.15D Multilingual

    File size: 771 MB 3DCoat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. Today 3DCoat is available to learn at 240 Universities, colleges and schools worldwide. Key Features: - Possibility to attach Smart Materials to layers! Materials managing becomes even easier. - Improved Curvature calculation. This is crucial for Smart Materials to be looking even more realistic. - New Primitives in Retopo room: cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral, etc. We are getting closer and closer to a low-poly modeling! - Possibility to change resolution of textures, attached materials will automatically be re-sampled! - Smart Materials usage history. - Render scene in Renderman. Yep, you heard it right! - Proxy Slider. Set your proxy degree with an easy slider movement. - Baking Scan. Paint baking depth with brush. Now you can define with an ease of a brush stroke how big the depth of scanning will be. - 4K monitors support. Now UI elements and font size will automatically fit your screen resolution. - Rotation mode quick switch - around Y or free rotation. See navigation panel. Need both modes at hand? Now you have the quick swap. OS: Windows 10 | 8 | 7 | Vista -:DOWNLOAD FROMLINKS:- RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NitroFlare [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Don't forget to say Thanks !!!