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  1. Another Report from me On installation of the 'Super Mario Oddyssey Update [v196608]' and on the 'Xenoblade chronicles 2 [DLC01]' I get the error message that the NSP can't be read And if anyone could upload the following games onto GoogleDrive as XCI I would be pretty glad AstroBears Enter The Gungeon Masters of Anima Adventure Pals Moonlighter Wizard of Legend nvm. they are all eshop only Kind regards, Sno0t
  2. Hey OP its me again Just wanted to report that Mario Tennis aces is 404 not found. Mario Odysseys' update also is a 404 not found Just wanted to notify you Big thanks again for this thread
  3. Sorry for the late response m8. Actually as time flew by I switched over to using the brazilian usb method with which i have no problems at all. As for your problem, Neither I nor any of friends that installed my patch files ha dany lag issues. Maybe your sd card has bad r/w times? Sorry I couldn't help you.
  4. Sno0t

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

    Its actually quite easy m8 Get JNUSTool and install java 8 open cmd prompt and type" jnustool TITLEID -dlEncrypted " Then put the modified .tik into the downlaoded folder. Downlaod WupInstaller Y Mod Put on SD (wiiu/apps/wupinstaller) Create a directory 'install' on the SD root. Put your downloaded Game folder into the install dir Start WiiU, Start kExploit, Start HomebrewLauncher, Start WupInstaller Select the game via d-Pad right Start installation on HDD via the X Button.
  5. Sno0t

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

    Hi, it does work Unfortunately, DU sometimes wont parse the links correctly..simply copy and paste the link . kind regards
  6. Sno0t

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

    I just checked and mega shows it as available...please try again.
  7. Hi everyone, I know that there are some threads providing some tickets and some with even more tickets I am providing here. However, I decided to give as much as I can and therefore present you the tickets I have collected over time... There are some for NTSCU and some for EU. Each has an unmodified as well as a modified tik inside and therefore can be used for all your needs. Download: [hide] [Hidden Content]] If you have questions, please contact me over at gbatemp, as It is hard too keep up with posts in these threads on DU as they get easily flooded. If you find working tickets not green in this cetgory, pleas write me a message so i can edit them to working. Following a list with games inside: Green: Tested and working Red: Not working (needs to be checked again) White: unconfirmed
  8. This issue is known when the bgm is not within the newly build cpk. Therefore i created the third (recommended) package. Unfortunately you seem to be the only one having issues when downloading. Did you try to redoanload via another device e.g. a PC instead of your mobile?´Just redownloaded and extgracted it myself..didn't get any error.. Sry, can't help you much with that... Nope, these are only the fixed update files. Kind regards.
  9. Why's that? Is the explanation not good enough? Maybe I can assist you? What is unclear and may have confused you? Regards.
  10. Nice to know, thank you for your report. Updated first post. kind regards.
  11. Sno0t

    Yoshi's Woolly World EUR WiiU VENOM

    nice thx <3
  12. Hi 1) I did not test this, so I can't verify nor deny this. You could try it though an report back. 2) The update is included in both *cpk file packs. You can either create the groot/updates/v16 directory or simply add the meta,content,code directories to your dumped structure, overwriting existing files. I recommend this, as I did not experience any stutters at all doing this. 3) If you're using 3rd pack, yes, delete the whole sound folder 4) Nope, the final structure should either contain '/update/v16/myPack' or 'groot/myPack' ,overwriting existing files (groot means game root btw ) If you still have any questions feel free to ask. (PM would be better, as I get notified on them;) )