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  1. KingP

    Deltarune NSP

    It is possible, people on GBATemp have done it but it had some control issues.
  2. KingP

    Deltarune NSP

    Can someone port Deltarune to the switch with game maker studio and make an nsp out of it?
  3. Dude those 2 are already in the game just not unlocked, i was asking for new chars like base goku and vegeta.
  4. I already tried it and nothing happened....
  5. I’m not talking about vegeta and goku blue they are already in the game, I mean vegetto, bardock, broly etc...
  6. KingP

    Dragon Ball Fighterz

    Omg yes PLEEEEEASEEEE, I want to play this game so badly!
  7. KingP

    (REQUEST) SX OS V1.6

    Thanks! Seems like my license file was corrupted, but its all fixed now!
  8. KingP

    (REQUEST) SX OS V1.6

    Hey uh i updated to 1.9 and now it keeps telling me my license.dat file is invalid, if someone could please send me v1.6 it would be highly appreciated...
  9. Hey I Need the MHA update, I think its Version 1.0.1.
  10. Im bumping this thread again because there is now a way to translate the game, if you don’t know what I mean [Hidden Content] I would do this myself but I have no idea how to.
  11. As some of you may know in the games files there is text for other languages including english, could someone make some sort of .nsp update to change the language? The one guy that I know whos working on this doesn’t want to make an nsp because its illegal with the current tools.
  12. KingP

    [REQUEST] My Hero Academia One's Justice 

    Has anyone tried the game yet? Is it completely japanese or are there english subs too?