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  1. KingP

    Deltarune NSP

    It is possible, people on GBATemp have done it but it had some control issues.
  2. KingP

    Deltarune NSP

    Can someone port Deltarune to the switch with game maker studio and make an nsp out of it?
  3. Dude those 2 are already in the game just not unlocked, i was asking for new chars like base goku and vegeta.
  4. I already tried it and nothing happened....
  5. I’m not talking about vegeta and goku blue they are already in the game, I mean vegetto, bardock, broly etc...
  6. Just tried this on 5.1.0 using Bayonetta as donor, can confirm it doesn't work. It just freezes on the loading screen. EDIT: I am using a different dump, maybe thats the reason?