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  1. I'm installing my Wii into a vehicle as an entertainment system. Not so much for Wii games that require motion, as that isn't very practical in a moving vehicle, but for emulator games, videos (thanks WiiMC!) and perhaps some Wii games that don't require a sensor bar (rayman, mario kart, etc). I was considering building a Raspberry Pi for the project, but it turns out a Wii is better suited, believe it or not! It already has the proper RCA ports and wireless controllers, and with the help of homebrew it does all the things I'd make the Pi do. The problem is the interface is lacking- the standard Wii menu relies on point and click with the sensor bar, and all the custom launchers including HBC seem to get close but not quite the way I'd imagine my ideal UI for a car to be. They get close, but I understand that most of them were not written for what I have in mind. I studied CompSci in college but haven't coded anything substantial in over a decade. I'm not sure if I'm getting too ambitious here, but I feel like making a simple custom launcher app that I can set to boot from priiloader shouldn't be terribly difficult. But I'm also realizing that I have no idea where to even start. Is the Homebrew community still alive?
  2. LOL, thanks- I know. I'm using a wii embedded into a minivan as an entertainment console. The screen technically works as a sensor bar because it has IR emitters for wireless headphones on both sides, but there are line of sight issues in a vehicle. If everyone ducks, there is one seat in the rear that can point and click using the screen in a pinch, but my goal is to have a setup that never requires pointing to anything ever, so that the unit can be used comfortably no matter what seat you are in. So far I have a UI that works well without pointing (grid view) and one that has big icons that are easy to see (cover flow style, this one) but needs to point and click to launch. So close, I feel like this should be possible.
  3. Is there any way titles can be launched without a sensor bar (ie, without using the on screen hand pointer)? I'd like to use this in a setup that involves a small display so I like the idea of large easy to see album art to browse and launch the games, but I still need to use the wii remote as a pointer to actually select the title and press A to launch it. Is it possible to have the title shown auto-selected so we can just press A without a pointer (similar to how it works with covers off)?
  4. BTW, this took waaaaaay too long for me to figure out. There is no cover option or directory in settings, only screenshot. You have to pretend screenshot is covers for it to work. I didn't understand that at first and it doesn't implicitly say it anywhere in the directions, so I'm not entirely sure how anyone was supposed to know that! It works now for me, but I realize this isn't quite what I was looking for either. List view is good because I can start the title without a sensor bar (no pointing needed), but I wanted bigger icons like the cover grid one since it will be playing on a small screen (car entertainment sized screen- hard to read text easily). Problem is the cover flow grid style ones don't seem to work without a sensor bar. :/ Yes, I realize now that this works, I was complaining about the larger cover flow style grid, which is the other version. This is the grid one with screenshots. Posted in the wrong thread I guess!
  5. Is there a way to select and start the game without a sensor bar? Without cover mode I can do this. With it on, it doesn't seem to let me select unless I get a pointer on screen and then hit A. UPDATE: I now realize I'm posting this in the wrong thread. This is for the list view version that can display cover art like screenshots. This version can be launched easily without a sensor bar, but the preview cover image is very small. The version that has large cover art is the one that seems to have trouble without a sensor bar.