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  1. "Virtua Fighter 2 is a fighting video game developed by Sega. It is the sequel to Virtua Fighter and the second game in the Virtua Fighter series. It was created by Sega's Yu Suzuki-headed AM2 and was released in the arcade in 1994. It was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995 and Microsoft Windows in 1997." Although this game got a port for Windows, the older versions don't work with newer Windows versions. However, I did find a version with rereleased by Dice Multimedia that works straight out of the box, has versions 2.0 and 2.1 built in and it's basicly the definitive edition of this game. This version can be downloaded here (edit: Backup disc is required, this will be worked around soon): [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Trash_Bandatcoot


    Holy crap, I tried everything to get it injected, but this is so much better.
  3. The US version and Japanese versions are found, but the European version is still missing. You could only obtain the demo by sending a Wii message to your friends in the full version of the game. This demo has all the Wi-Fi online features, and it even creates a unique friend code for you. All the single player features, as well as the Germ Buster mode are all locked. Unfortunatly, the demo was taken down somewhere between August 2018 and November 2018, and there has been no trace of this *.wad. If someone has it, please send me a message with the link so we can end this hunt.
  4. Trash_Bandatcoot

    [MEGA] Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (Wiimmfi Patched - PAL)

    Hmmmm, I have been searching for the demo version instead. Apparently, it's undumped.
  5. Trash_Bandatcoot

    Looking For Encrypted DSi .tik Files

    Can these tickets be from any application? If so, I may have some.
  6. Trash_Bandatcoot

    [Rare] iQue Rom Collection + Systems info

    Edit: Due to a post overhaul, this post is now in the wrong catogory. If someone can move this post, that’ll be great. For those unaware, iQue is responcible for selling Nintendo products under a different name, without Nintendo's rights. They managed to avoid copyright for the longest time, until December 31, 2016 when the company had shut down. They really didn't re-release that many games, but some of them can be hard to find. So here they are, all in 1 place. The iQue Player was released on November 2003 only in China. This was during a time when China did an attempt to ban video game consoles. iQue quickly solved that problem by designing a controller with Nintendo 64 buttons. It could be plugged straigt into the TV, as this was sort of a portable Nintendo 64, with all the games being on a memory stick. All the games that got released around the world are the same here, except now they're simplified Chinese. All the games got released during a timespan of November 2003 up to June 2006, with a proper romdump finally made in April 2018. These are the games that got released (14 games, organised on release date): -Super Mario 64 -The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -Star Fox 64 -Wave Race 64 -Dr. Mario 64 -Mario Kart 64 -F-Zero X -Yoshi's Story -Paper Mario -Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth -Excitebike 64 -Super Smash Bros. -Custom Robo -Animal Forest Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] (Link not hosted by me) On June 2004, iQue released the iQue GBA, also know as the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in the rest of the world. This model is the exact same, now just with the text "iQue" on the faceplate. There are 3 models released: Black, a purple one with Mario & Luigi on the faceplate and a silver one. On October 2004, iQue released the GBA SP, aka the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP over the rest of the world. This one had 15 different models released. Then on September 2005, they released the Game Boy Micro as well in the form of the iQue GBM. Only 2 models were released: A silver one with 5 faceplates and a 20th Mario anniversary model. During the timespan of June 2004 up to August 2007, 8 games were released in China. Other accessories were also released, like the GBA link cable. These are the games that got released (8 games, organised on release date): -Super Mario Advance (Chaoji Maliou 2) -Wario Land 4 (Waliou Xunbao Ji) -Metroid Zero Mission (Miteluode - Lingdian Renwu) -WarioWare Inc. (Waliou Zhizao) -Metroid Fusion (Miteluode Ronghe) -Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (Yaoxi Dao) -Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World (Chaoji Maliou Shijie) -F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Jisu F-Zero Weilai Saiche) Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] The iQue DS was released on June 2006, and just like the iQue GBA, it's the same as the Nintendo DS, but it says "iQue DS" at the bottom instead of "Nintendo DS". It also has iQue GBA backwards compatibility and for the first time, it has a region lock on all DS games that got released. If you try to play these games on a Nintendo DS, a message would appear preventing you from playing the game: 3 models got released for the Phat model, a "First Touch" model which came in a big case, bundled with a necklace, a display stand and the game Polarium. The DS is the silver model, but the text "iQue" is gold, a regular silver model and a silver DS promoting 7UP. Then on June 2006, the iQue DS Lite was released and is yet again the same as the Nintendo DS Lite. The models that got released are white, navy, pink, black, silver, a top-red console with a dragon on it, a top-red console for Mario's 25th anniversary, top-blue and regular top-red. Another difference is that unlike the regular DS's, all the iQue DS's could not connect to the internet, due there being no games with internet capability. During a timespan of July 2005 up to July 2009, only 5 games were released for the system. The only game that was cancelled for the iQue DS was Big Brain Academy. Only 16 seconds of footage exist on Youtube, as well as Nintendogs footage on the iQue DS, but that game got later released for the iQue DSi (with a kiosk demo cart found and dumped as well). These are the games that got released (5 + 1 games, organised on release date): -Polarium (Zhigan Yi Bi) -WarioWare: Touched! (Momo Waliou Zhizao) -Yoshi Touch & Go (Momo Yaoxi: Yun Zhong Manbu) -Super Mario 64 (Shenyou Maliou DS) -New Super Mario Bros. (New Chaoji Maliou Xiongdi) Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] (You can remove the region lock by going to 0x1D in a HeX editor and changing the value from 80 to 00) On December 2009, iQue released the iQue DSi, aka the Nintendo DSi. The iQue DSi can play all iQue DS games and it has an online feature where you can download games via the DSi Shop. Every iQue DSi came bundled with Nintendogs, and there are camera features as well. China only had the DSi, nothing like a DSi XL worldwide. There are only basic models: White, pink, blue and black, the same ones spread worldwide. Over a timespan from December 2009 all the way up to September 2011, there was some DSiWare released (31 to be exact), with one of these applications being the first-and-only application iQue made, with Nintendo not being involved. Only 2 of these DSiWare games had internet functions as well, making besides that the DSi Shop the only internet-enabled application on the system. Weirdly enough, the latest system version for the iQue DSi is 1.4.6C, not 1.4.5C. It basicly blocks even more flashcarts on this version, nothing more. These are the games that got released (31 + 1 games, organised on release date): -Nintendogs (Retian GouGou) -Paper Plane -Bird & Beans -Mario Clock -Animal Crossing Clock -Photo Clock -Mario Calculator -Animal Crossing Calculator -WarioWare: Snapped! (Zhao Zhao Waliou Zhizao) -Dr. Mario Express -Sparkle Snapshots -Touch Solitaire (Zhipai DSi) -Metal Torrent -Game & Watch - Ball -Game & Watch - Helmet (Game & Watch - Anquan Mao) -Game & Watch - Donkey Kong Jr. -Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack (Yixia Xia Ming You Daquan - Jingdian Chong Wen) -Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites (Yixia Xia Ming You Daquan - Qingsong Xiuxian) -Game & Watch - Manhole -Game & Watch - Judge -Game & Watch - Chef -Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (Yixia Xia Ming You Daquan - Zhiyong Shuangquan) -Brain Age Express: Math (Yixia Xia Nao Nianling DSi Duanlian - Suanshu Pian) -Game & Watch - Vermin -Game & Watch - Mario's Cement Factory -New English Training - Learning with Tempo: Beginners Edition -New English Training - Learning with Tempo: Advanced Edition -Spotto! -Sujin Taisen - Number Battles (Shu Zhen Duizhan) -Zaojiao Leyuan wo de Tonghua Huiben - Xiaohai tu de Gushi (Game only released in China) -Tales in a Box: Hidden shapes in perspective! (Liti Yincanghua - Tonghua Xun Zong Ji) Download: [hide]DSiWare: [Hidden Content] Nintendogs (bundled): [Hidden Content]] On December 2012, iQue launched their last console, the iQue 3DS XL. They never released a regular iQue 3DS, only the XL. The big difference between a regular Nintendo 3DS and this one is that there's no Nintendo eShop and no cartridge based games. All you can do is play iQue DS carts and 2 built-in games. Further more, no games were released after the release of the console. There were 3 models availible: White with Mario icons and Mario's face on it, Black with Silver with a Mario and Luigi emblem on it and Black with Red and a Mario and Luigi emblem on it. No system transfer was possible as well, so you couldn't transfer over your DSiWare. These are the games that got released (2 games): -Super Mario 3D Land -Mario Kart 7 Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] In total, iQue released 61 games through their lifespan as a company, as it stopped production on December 31, 2016.
  7. Edit: It turns out these channels are called "Shortcut Channels", and indeed, 2 of these were undumped as of 15-11-2018. -Internet Channel (Europe) (v768) -Today & Tomorrow Channel (Europe) (v256) They can be checked out (soon) at [Hidden Content]. As of now, these can be downloaded right now: -Everybody Votes Channel -Mii Contest Channel (aka Check Mii Out) -Nintendo Channel For those unaware, these channels are on some game discs and were added around update 4.2x. These are just little ads that redirect you to the Wii Shop Channel to download these free applications. They can be interesting in some ways, and can be downloaded at [Hidden Content]
  8. Trash_Bandatcoot

    [SO] Sonic Mania Plus NSW - LiGHTFORCE

    Wait, is this a LEAK? Good job on keeping your stuff peronal, SEGA.