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  1. Trash_Bandatcoot

    Looking For Encrypted DSi .tik Files

    Can these tickets be from any application? If so, I may have some.
  2. Trash_Bandatcoot

    [Rare] iQue DS Roms - The Complete Collection

    Edit: I found out Big Brain Academy also has a port for the iQue. No rom dump has yet been found, with the only proof of existing this video: [hide][Hidden Content]] Now that Emuparadise is taken down, I thought I drop off these iQue roms here. For those unaware, iQue is responcible for selling Nintendo products under a different name, all with Nintendo's rights. Only 5 games were sold in retail stores (with 1 kiosk demo that later never got a retail release) and the rest went either pre-installed on the iQue iDS (Nintendo DSi) or went to the Nintendo DSi Shop as DSiWare. List of games: i000X - Rentian GouGou (Demo-only, full version pre-installed on iQue iDS) (Nintendogs) i0001 - Zhigan Yi Bi (Polarium) i0002 - Momo Waliou Zhizao (WarioWare: Touched!) i0003 - Momo Yaoxi: Yun Zhong Manbu (Yoshi Touch & Go) i0004 - Shényóu Maliou DS (Super Mario 64 DS) i0005 - New Chāojí Maliou Xiōngdì (New Super Mario Bros.) Mega.nz [hide][Hidden Content]] PS: All the roms have a region lock, preventing these games to be played on other consoles. You can get around this by opening the rom in a hex editor, finding 0x1D and by changing 80 to 00.
  3. (This is just a copy-paste from GBAtemp, because I'm not allowed to host copyrighted stuff, but here you go, Darkumbra people.) I never saw them archived anywhere, so I decided that I can dump them! I temp-modded the Wii and this is the end result: They look like normal channels, that is uppon opening the channels... They reveal themselfs as little ads. You can then read everything and then go ahead download the free software. These channels came around I think update 4.2X and 4.3X. If you're interrested, go ahead and download them here: (The modified versions are region free a changed TitleID because the regular channels share the same TitleID) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Trash_Bandatcoot

    [SO] Sonic Mania Plus NSW - LiGHTFORCE

    Wait, is this a LEAK? Good job on keeping your stuff peronal, SEGA.