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  1. Thanks for backing these up! Licensing can only last so long, after all.
  2. Aw yeah, more Taiko! Thanks a bunch to you and the original uploader!
  3. Nice collection ya got there. Thumbs up from me!
  4. Wow, less than a GB? That actually makes sense for how little content is in the game! Thanks, though!
  5. The Wii version's still better. Thanks for the files!
  6. Hm? What's all this for? Guess I'll see for myself. (EDIT: Ahhhh, I see now. I could actually use a number of those loading screens for wallpapers, so I can find some use for this.) (EDIT 2: "Checksum error in XML_META\0005000E1010F700\meta\Manual.bfma. The file is corrupt")
  7. Gotta have me my Batmans. Hopefully this one works unlike the other one I tried downloading. (EDIT: Bah, of course Umodel doesn't work with the game. Everything else seems good though. Danke.)
  8. MEGA

    Beauty. Now I can send the model files to some chums of mine. Thanks!
  9. MEGA

    Finally a working link. Thank you.