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Everything posted by Scatman007

  1. Scatman007

    [MEGA] Just Dance 2019 EUR MULTi6 WiiU-PUSSYCAT

    thanks for the game
  2. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Slender: The Arrival EUR [BSAP7X]

    thanks for the horror game
  3. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] The Swapper EUR [AXZPUB]

    looks like a great game. Thanks cybernatus!
  4. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Knytt Underground [WBCPCY]

    almost forgot to download thanks for the release
  5. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Puddle EUR [WDLPNK]

    thanks for the physics game
  6. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] CastleStorm EUR [WCSPY4]

    superduper ... thanks for the game
  7. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] The Bridge [ABCP6D]

    thanks for the bridge
  8. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Tetrobot and Co. EUR [ATCPNK]

    thanks for the game
  9. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] The Fall EUR [BTFP1D]

    looks interesting i'll give it a try thanks
  10. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Bombing Bastards EUR [WBXPSS]

    thanks for the game
  11. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Swords & Soldiers II EUR [BS2PRG]

    thanks for the sequel
  12. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Swords & Soldiers EUR [WKSPTW]

    thanks, looks like a fun game
  13. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] RUSH EUR [WCFPTW]

    thanks for rush
  14. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Runbow EUR [ARNP0P]

    awesome, thanks for runbow!
  15. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Grumpy Reaper [AGQPUP]

    thanks again
  16. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Shadow Puppeteer EUR [BPWP8G]

    yay new dump ... thanks
  17. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Spy Chameleon EUR [BC9PUP]

    thanks for all the wiiu eshop releases
  18. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Olympia Rising EUR [AR7P1A]

    thanks for the game
  19. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Chompy Chomp Chomp Party! EUR [BCHP49]

    looks like a fun game. Thanks!
  20. Scatman007

    [GamerzCorp] Human Resource Machine EUR [AHMPEX]

    Thanks for the game.