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  1. xzillax

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    Thanks for upload, tinfoil gave me shit about missing ticket but installed and ran fine
  2. Have you tried saving to your drive account then downloading from there?
  3. Yes as I said in post its been converted from EUR cart
  4. No worries, got sick of waiting myself for it to be dumped lol Thanks
  5. Let me know if it works properly
  6. xzillax

    Alwa’s Awakening

  7. xzillax

    [REQUEST] Alwa's Awakening NSP or XCI

    Grab Alwa here
  8. Alwa's Awakening VC4 DLC Contains couple tanks, and JAP audio
  9. xzillax

    [REQUEST] Alwa's Awakening NSP or XCI

    Thanks, should hopefully have it dumped for you guys soon, along with VC4 DLC
  10. xzillax

    [REQUEST] Alwa's Awakening NSP or XCI

    Bought game but no idea how to dump it
  11. xzillax

    Alwa’s Awakening

    if all of us chipped in we'd get it, its only £7/$10