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  1. wildchildbcn

    [REQUEST] Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Edition

    That would be amazing
  2. wildchildbcn

    [REQUEST] Undertale

  3. It was releasing today... I guess it depends on the eshop you look at it will be available at different hours?¿?
  4. wildchildbcn

    [Request] Hyper Light Drifter

    today is the day hope we can get it
  5. wildchildbcn

    [REQUEST] 6.0 update

    can't you install devmenu.nsp with tinfoil?
  6. wildchildbcn

    [Request] Hyper Light Drifter

    Kinda soon to be requesting this, but would be great to have .nsp of Hyper Light Drifter as soon as possible Thanks in advance!
  7. wildchildbcn

    [Request] The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

    when installing with tinfoil it gives an error while instlaling the nca 0x0000805 when instlaling with devmenu or sx menu it installs completely, but when i try to run the game it says that the software closed unexpectedly (probably due to a bad tik) and then it says corrupted data
  8. wildchildbcn

    [Request] The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

    tried to install it with devmenu and sx menu and it won't boot :_ tinfoil gives an error trying to install the nca could you please reupload or provide titlekeys to download it with bob?
  9. wildchildbcn

    [Request] The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

    as the final season is the current season for every other platform, they did a simultaneous release. switch will get season 1 today and seasons 2 and 3 during the year.
  10. wildchildbcn

    [REQUEST] Into the breach

    Yes, please
  11. Looking for The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season .nsp (or .xci, but i think there is no physical release) Thanks
  12. is there any way to convert these files to nsp?