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  1. LP76

    Dolphiilution problem.

    No, there is no Riivolution for Switch. This is Wii software, hence RIIvolution.
  2. LP76

    Dolphiilution problem.

    How do I work with the Dolpiilution application, when Dolphin 5.0 has no 'user' folder? [Hidden Content] <--- Dolphiilution Download link. Dolphiilution basically patches ISOs for custom game hacks. It's WIT powered. The application requires the "User" folder for some apparent reason. I think this was made when Dolphin 3.0 or 4.0 was the newest version, so it may be a different folder now. Trying to patch custom levels and textures into a Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii ISO, btw.
  3. I'm trying out the CTGP-U MK8 mod for the Wii U, but when I try to patch it using SDCafiine, it's just normal Mario Kart 8. Please Help! P.S. My Wii U is on system version 5.5.2 and I'm using Haxchi to load the Homebrew Launcher.
  4. Found a few of Treeki and ZementBlock's Newer SMBW programs, if anyone wants them. Anyhow, here's the link to all the Newer SMBW Game files that are compatible with Reggie Next, and tons of extraction and decompression programs for Wii game files and whatnot. [Hidden Content] Edit: You actually don't convert the .arc files back into .arc.LH files. They will work as .arc files, but only if you replace all the .arc.LH level files in your SD card with the decompressed level files found in the .zip file above. Here's the template XML: [Hidden Content]
  5. LP76

    How to open arc.LH files?

    Hello, and I was wondering if there was any program at all, besides ZementBlock's program which seems to have completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. If so, can you link it, or possibly get a backup of ZementBlock's program? If you can, it would be much appreciated!
  6. Here's the link and a few screenshots: [Hidden Content] The download for SMBX is currently down, because the site is under maintenance. It should be back up tomorrow. [Hidden Content] (I don't own this site by the way.)
  7. I can't like a post for some reason. Maybe I need to be higher up in the community or something, I don't really know though. I don't see the heart everyone's talking about either.