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  1. Updated it again, xci will come in about a day
  2. Just updated cdn set, up to date as of yesterday. I've been busy with stuff as of late but I'll try to update this more often. Have fun with it
  3. I had an issue with fichier and updating it, but I just replaced it with an updated set now. sorry for the downtime
  4. Sorry about that, I just changed the links & password for it. Hope it's good now
  5. Either not in my source or 1fichier didn't allow it because of the file size. The solution would be to rename long file names but I don't think that's practical
  6. Hey folks, sorry for taking so long to update this but it's finally here (and in the course of the next couple days) Base is done, next will be updates, then dlc,then xci. sadly custom xcis are no longer being made. Old links will still work until I need to remove them. Have fun.
  7. Use JDownloader