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  1. 02/21 8-BIT ADVENTURE STEINS;GATE [0100E9F00B882000] Alchemic Dungeons DX [01000E800CC26000] Alvastia Chronicles [0100F0700CD8E000] Arcade Archives FRONT LINE [0100496006EC8000] Astrology and Horoscopes Premium [010034800B75E000] Car Mechanic Simulator [0100F2D00C97E000] Cinders [01009AC00D5F4000] Dies irae Amantes amentes For Nintendo Switch [0100BB900B5B4000] DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders [0100ED200B6FC000] Dungeon Stars [0100E79009A94000] Ghoulboy [0100A9500C606000] Guess the word [01005DC00D80C000] Hexa Maze [010066900BDE6000] Iron Crypticle [01005EC00BEEC000] KYUB [010063D005B32000] LOVE [0100B6200D204000] Mindball Play [01002CD00C7C8000] Modern Combat Blackout [0100D8700B712000] NEKOPARA Vol 2 [010012900C782000] Nice Slice [0100EDD00D530000] OlliOlli Switch Stance [0100E0200B980000] Pet Care [010082A00D80A000] Pizza Parking [01006C700D2CE000] RICO [01009D5009234000] Rotating Brave [01003A300B7A6000] Slime-san [0100112003B8A000] Space Lift Danger Panic! [01000EB00BE02000] STEINS;GATE ELITE [010042800B880000] Strikey Sisters [010060600CFDE000] Surfingers [0100CEB00CD6C000] Tales of the Orient - The Rising Sun [01004DC00CFD2000] The Golf [010014A00AC5A000] The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince [010064B00B95C000] Tokyo School Life [0100E2E00CB14000] TOUHOU SKY ARENA -MATSURI-CLIMAX [0100F42007752000] Trine 2 Complete Story [010064E00A932000] Warhammer Quest [01002B000C4AA000] 籠庭のクックロビン [010005000B244000] 逆転裁判123 成歩堂セレクション [0100CB000A142000] (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy)
  2. I'm sorry but I don't make the xci's, just distribute them.