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  1. CDNBACKUP + FULL CUSTOM XCIs Updated 02/14/2019 No ads or redirects. Split into base, dlc, and updates for NSPs. All clean (unmodified) eShop, no XCI to NSP converts or "unlockers". Custom XCIs contain base game + all unlocked dlc + latest update. NOT UPDATED, you can make your own using [Hidden Content] To block ads in general, use uBlock Origin + AdsBypasser [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Use JDownloader2 if you need a download manager (make sure to get the ad-free installer) Feel free to reply with any comments or just to say thanks! [Hidden Content]
  2. I'm sorry but I don't make the xci's, just distribute them.
  3. Leaving the “ethics” aside, my suggestion would be to ban or limit to one, any redirect links that force a captcha to the user. Allows you to use a downloader if you choose, and still gets the uploader some amount “for their efforts”
  4. I used 1F due to it’s rather lax policies on file removal. I also made it explicitly clear how to never see any ads on 1F. Nobody is telling you to pay for 1F premium. Also, if you’re using vanilla chrome for the ad links, I feel sorry for you - they’re the number one vector for drive by downloads. And it has not-so-subtly been mentioned multiple times that there are plenty of places with ad-free GDrive links, this just doesn’t happen to be one of them.
  5. You mean, enforce no ad or single ad links. There’s no requirement to post uploads with ads, it’s just the majority do, and a few take it to an extreme.
  6. You can use uBlock Origin plus AdsBypasser most of the time. In JDownloader, you can use captcha killer plugins. —— However at the end of the day what people are hinting at in not-so-subtle words is that all of the content *is also* available on elsewhere, including, yes, ad-free gdrives, so why would you reward such behavior here? Obviously, you can’t force people to do anything, and this thread has devolved into lots of defensive sock puppeting rather than a productive conversation. —— I am glad that at least the rules were changed to disallow donations and external site redirects.
  7. Addressing this point specifically, this is a classic false dilemma ([Hidden Content])and what I believe people are trying to say is that, no, there is a third option, that is - for DU to ban ad redirects for the sake of their community. I make no claims as to if that is good or bad for the community here, just that it’s not valid basis for your argument.
  8. Certainly I’m not doing anything for the meaningless internet points. I want to affect change in this community. I think Waifupls’ post sums up my sentiments quite well. (I have no affiliation to any discord, to be clear) I will also wait and see what the admin and mod response is to this thread, I’m genuinely curious. I did appreciate mastershoes’ reply in the chat box (Ad links. - No one says you have to click 'em.) but I also appreciate the points made by others in this thread. Cheers.
  9. h2806580

    REQ: Evoland

  10. BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition Details: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] Other games: