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  1. R1nzler

    Pool panic keys+nsp

    Bro same here! I'm good.with tech but the downloaders won't work at all. I tried like 4 versions of.them haha
  2. R1nzler


    Just waiting for Pool Panic
  3. R1nzler

    Pool panic keys+nsp

    What are you using to install? Dev menu? If you have the NSP can you upload. No one has uploaded it yet.
  4. R1nzler

    Pool panic keys+nsp

    Tried the downloader. It doesn't work. I click download an nothing happens. Tried another CDnsp downloader and gives error. It's pretty stupid
  5. R1nzler

    Pool panic keys+nsp

    Not yet. It's not on any site yet
  6. R1nzler

    Pool panic keys+nsp

    Is it possible to download NSP's right to android? No PC and everything has been used with my Android device haha
  7. R1nzler

    New SNES Classic Hack now play N64 GBA Genesis

    This thread needs to be moved. Not related to the Switch. The User needs be be grounded.