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  1. biocohem

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    Can confirm - everything is working just fine! English and Japanese voice On the loadingscreen it says there a 6 languages available (you have to set your switch accordingly) Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
  2. biocohem

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    From another forum: [Hidden Content]
  3. biocohem

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    Dont take my post 2 serious
  4. biocohem

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    And you didnt buy it? Shame on you
  5. biocohem

    [REQUEST] Octopath Traveler

    YES YES YES - I know it is not released yet. I've seen some pictures people posting getting their copy earlier than they should... maybe someone is around here and able to dump it? ^^
  6. See my post above: It doesnt work on Mac with parallels if the CDNSP-App is located on a mac partition. You have to copy it directly to the C:/ partition (you may add this to the 1st page maybe? For all Mac-people around). Could you help me out with the question above regarding the update and dlc files?
  7. I figured my error / mistake. Since I am on a Mac with Windows running on parallels you have to copy the script folder to C:/ (mine was in the download folder of my mac partition). Python seem to have problems with that. Download is working now. Edit: 2 more question: - lets say I install the copied .nsp file on the SD card through the dev menu - does the .nsp file also become the game file that is required to run the game or does it make another copy of it somewhere? - by downloading a game with this cndsp-app that includes updates and DLC files: I install the main game .nsp first, then the update file of the main game, then the DLC (and if theres an update for the DLC this comes last). Is this correct? Am I allowed to delete everything but the main NSP game file after installing all the updated and the DLC file?
  8. Yep, downloaded 2.1, extracted the the required files (keys etc) and run the script. I get to the GUI with all games listing. After clicking download I get the error.
  9. Sorry for that stupid question but I need to sort some things out. This app (CDNSP GUI v2) downloads any game on the eShop and saves it as an NSP file? For installing it I have to follow the dev menu guide with pokemon quest as donor - is that correct?