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  1. CDNSP GUI v3.2 - Bob (Beginner Friendly, read the text file, then simply double click the Python GUI file to launch!) Changelog: Changed the way game images are saved! (If you have previously downloaded some image I recommend you to delete your "Images" folder) Fixed DLC download (finally, sorry guys) Fixed error relating to name (name containing "*", or "(", ")", and so on) (Thanks to Big Poppa Panda) Option to download all game images (Makes going through the games easier and faster) (Considering each image is around 0.08MB, and we have close to 900 games, it will take around 70MB of your internet bandwidth and storage) Other minor bug fixes Check OG post for download link!
  2. Nah it's not an usual error that people usually have. From what it says from the CMD it say it doesn't have permission to write the "Don't_delete.txt" file
  3. Looks like it is having permission error creating the Don't_delete.txt file, do you have write permission to that directory ?
  4. I really should bundle them in my script and check if the user has them or not, if not downloads the files for them automatically The needed files are packaged with the main ZIP file itself is because those files are copyrighted by Nintendo, so I place them in a separate download Edit: HAHAHA just saw your comment when I replied to your older post too
  5. Version 3.1 update! See my OG post. (Now support game image loading!) p.s. Sorry will fix DLC downloading in the next release
  6. New Version 3 of the GUI is out! Check OG post Resume download is supported!
  7. Feedback noted! Update will be coming with option to manually select the update/DLC version to download. Btw different DLC may have different titlekeys depending on their version. E.g. v0 of a DLC has the titlekey "123" and v65536 of a DLC of titlekey "456" that's something the current database can't handle, different versions having different keys, therefore my program is defaulted to download v0 of the DLC and user have to update the DLC through OFW (CAN RISK A BAN, ONLY DO IT IF YOURE ALREADY BANNED) But yeah, will figure out a solution and update it thanks for all your support
  8. Thanks for your support! Definitely noted down your the points of improvements ! Will look into it, thanks Yuppp looking on that, need to check out if it is possible with the module I am using to build my GUI I think something with shift and control key support would be the goal!
  9. Seem to still be working fine for me in PQ and Fornite, I will try upload the devMenu files for PQ if I can find it, maybe it will help Running in SX OS btw
  10. Have implemented the feature to update title keys in the new v2.3 GUI ! Sadly there isn't a way to tell what the language is, might be possible in the future tho !
  11. Did you read the text file and download the required files ? Or then are you running this on a Mac or Linux ?
  12. Hi all, CDNSP is not working like it used to anymore since Nintendo changed some stuff, see my latest GUI which fixed the problem and is still able to download games ! Thanks for all your support !