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  1. Version 6.0.0 is up like @Moko0815said, but it is not meant to be used for downloading, you will just be risking banning you cert. This update is mainly for getting game images, info and version without needing a cert
  2. snip.li is currently having some DNS problems, updating titlekeys does not require the cert If you use a VPN you will most likely still be able to update the titlekeys, just double check you can access the titlekey URL on your browser first If you manually entered titlekeys into the titlekeys.txt file, then you would need to refresh the list by scanning your games, it can be any directory (even a directory with any games) that should refresh the list
  3. You can also find the GUI on Github now! I will be releasing official release there as well as here, you can also submit an issue or submit improvements on Github! [Hidden Content]
  4. Just added the official release of v4.1 of my GUI, check OG post! Thanks @Moko0815 for uploading it for me as well
  5. Thanks for everyone's support! Sorry I am unable to reply to each of you individually, but I am glad to have such a supportive group of users !
  6. For Xenoblade 2 DLC downloads, it is recommended for you to download the v0 of the DLC (and then you can update through your Switch, only update if you're already banned). XC2's DLCs is a special case where different versions of the DLC have different titlekeys
  7. Delete the GUI config file ------------------ I have updated the script in the OG post just now, fixed some game name errors !
  8. Will upload v3.5 shortly after I fix the "Unknown title" bug ! Sorry for the wait guys !