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  1. 1.9 works perfect all games I'm on 5.1 I'll emunand 6.0 when they have it on micro.
  2. lpcdog

    NBA2k19 Update Not Extracting

    7zip works perfect for that problem it's free too.
  3. All 2.0 freezes a lot of games so never update to 6.0 switch yes all games work under 1.9 sx hope they fix that in 2.1 but there slow.
  4. lpcdog

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Confirm works on 1.9 switch 5.1.
  5. lpcdog

    Any leak mega man switch

    Coming out in October 2 any leak of mega man be great.
  6. lpcdog

    Valkyrie Chronicles 4 EUR - freeze

    6.0 and sx freezes a lot of games sorry only works on 5.1 switch.
  7. lpcdog

    super mario party when leaked

    Only works on your tv so sx owners it won't work on tv it freeze.
  8. It was downloading on mega then stopped said invalied.
  9. lpcdog

    [1F] Gone home - nsp

    1f gave virus to my laptop be careful guys it was red said stealing bank accounts only trust google are mega.
  10. Mega failed invaled it said I'm good thanks anyway.
  11. Google is saying to many users can someone just upload the update to mega are media fire thanks.
  12. Can you post the update only if USA Fifa 2019 thanks.
  13. Update update mega if USA Fifa 2019 you can do that today thanks.
  14. Post update mega if USA Fifa 2019 thanks.